Memory Loss

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Memory Loss
Type: Compulsion
Level: 3
Prerequisite: Level 2 Compulsion Spell
Duration: Permanent after next event
Range: Tag bag
Target: Character hit
Flag Required: None
Dispel: Yes, until next Event
Brief Description: Creates a dart that causes 'memory loss'.

Memory Loss

The memory loss spell creates a single tag bag that inflicts 'memory loss'.

Memory loss can also be used to cure another individual of someone else's memory loss effect once it has been identified with the diagnosis spell. You may cure memory loss effects you have caused without requiring diagnosis.

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Memory Loss Calls

A character struck by a memory loss call instantly loses all recollection of the previous ten minutes. This effect lasts indefinitely and will become permanent (uncurable and undiagnosable) if not cured by the end of the next event after the effect takes place.

Nothing physically happens to a character when they are inflicted with memory loss, wounds remain the same, gear remains the same. The target will simply concoct some reason why things are the way they are. No amount of logic or reasoning will ever make the subject remember the lost ten minutes. Players who are failing to play in the spirit of this spell will be directed by a game master on how to better role-play their loss of memory.

In order to cure memory loss the effect must first be diagnosed with the spell diagnosis. Once it has been diagnosed the effect can be removed by either the dispel magic or memory loss spells. If one subject has been affected by several memory loss effects, they can all be diagnosed at with a single casting of the diagnose spell but each memory loss effect must be cured individually.

The memory loss call never inflicts damage.

Unless modified by another call (such as poison) memory loss is a compulsion spell effect.

Tag Bags

Tag bags are used as a form of attack for spells, items, and occasionally for monster abilities. When a tag bag hits a friendly target it still has its full effect. Tag bags that miss still expend a use of whatever attack was being delivered. Only the first object hit is affected by a tag bag, so if a tag bag bounced off the ground and then hits a target, that target is not affected.

A player can only throw one tag bag at a time unless an ability allows them to throw more than one. When an ability allows a player to throw more than one tag bag, a player that is hit by multiple tag bags at the same time only takes the effect of that attack once no matter how many tag bags hit them.

A player may not carry tag bags in their hands unless they have cast a spell within the last minute that has a range of tag bag. This is meant to ensure that if you see someone holding a tag bag, it is clear they have an active spell (they are "armed" with a magical ball of eldritch energy). Tag bags created by a spell become inert after 1 minute if not thrown.

In order to deliver a spell with a range of tag bag you MUST throw the tag bag, you may not reach out and touch the person with the tag bag.

Spells and some items use tag bags. If a tag bag makes contact with anything worn by a player it counts as hitting that player where ever that item makes contact with the player (so arm for a melee weapon, torso for a cloak). Tag bags never hit too light. Although tag bags should not be aimed at the head if they happen to hit a player's head the player should take the hit to their torso.

If a shield is struck by a tag bag what happens is based on what kind of attack struck the shield. When the tag bag represents a spell or other magical effect you take any effects the tag bag would inflict to the arm holding the shield. When a tag bag deals normal damage with no additional calls it may be fully blocked by a shield preventing that damage with no further effect. A shield may fully block any attack that makes the poison call, preventing any effect to the bearer. When a shield blocks an attack with the acid call it prevents the effect of that attack to the bearer but this has an effect on the shield, which could become destroyed.

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The diagnosis spell allows the caster to discern all ailments and internal effects acting on the target, including poisons, disease, madness, magical afflictions, compulsions, pregnancy, or other sicknesses. If cast upon a corpse, it will reveal the cause and method of death. Diagnosis will detect the presence of the target's own spark. While using diagnosis the caster is protected from catching any harmful afflictions from examining the subject. Effects such as memory loss must be diagnosed before they can be successfully treated.

Diagnosis is intended as a means to examine the internal conditions and magical workings of a target, as opposed to identifying the nature of external injuries which are the purview of the first aid skill.

Medium's or someone casting the spell diagnosis may also identify if a person is currently in possession of their own spark.

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