Mend Armor

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Mend Armor
Type: Nature
Level: 1
Prerequisite: 1 Magic Power Point
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch
Target: Worn armor or shield
Flag Required: None
Dispel: n/a
Brief Description: Repairs physical armor.

Mend Armor

The mend armor spell will repair a damaged suit of armor or shield. When cast on armor it will repair any physical armor points lost from battle, restoring the armor back to its full value. This includes any bonuses the armor may have from being enhanced by magical effects. If cast on a shield that has been destroyed by "acid" damage, mend armor will return the shield to working condition. When cast this way you must role-play repairing the shield.

Mend armor also repairs natural armor points if a character has them.

Related Rules

Natural Armor

Natural armor is a trait that some creatures have and is granted by some very rare magic items. By default natural armor behaves like magic armor: namely absorbing damage anywhere, not just locations covered by physical armor. Some specific creatures have their own rules for where their natural armor applies much like physical armor.

Detailed Interactions

Mend Armor and Magic Armor

Magic armor may not be repaired by mend armor, once spent it is gone. A new magic armor effect can give you new magic armor however.

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