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Type: Restoration
Level: 5
Prerequisite: Level 4 Restoration Spell
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch
Target: Character
Flag Required: None
Dispel: n/a
Brief Description: Brings a willing target touched, back from the dead.


Revive can fully heal the body of any character that still has a spark, even curing death. When cast revive will heal a character of the poisoned condition, any body damage, limb wounds, and any torso wound, even if the target has bled out and is dead. A poisoned condition is healed at the same time as everything else and doesn't prevent any of the other healing effects.

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Each character has a spark that represents the essence of their life force. A character without a spark can't benefit from any healing effects including but not limited to alchemy, scrolls, potions or spells. This means that a fatally wounded character without a spark cannot be revived.

When a spark is stolen the character who has lost their spark is said to have been "reaped". A character can only hold one reaped spark at a time unless they have a special ability allowing them to carry more. If a character holding a reaped spark dies, it will release the spark back to the person originally holding it. After 60 minutes a reaped spark automatically returns to its owner.

Only mediums are able to see that a character has a stolen life-spark. To check for stolen sparks, the medium must be close enough to whisper out-of-character, “I am a medium, are you holding any sparks?”. The person being addressed must then out-of-character give the truthful answer.

Medium's or someone casting the spell diagnosis may also identify if a person is currently in possession of their own spark.

Characters holding the spark of others are expected to remain in play to allow an opportunity for the owner to get back their missing spark.

Powerful rituals are capable of destroying stolen sparks forever, resulting in permanent character death.

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