Second Breath

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Second Breath
Type: Restoration
Level: 5
Prerequisite: Level 4 Restoration Spell
Duration: Game day or until discharged
Range: Self
Target: Self
Flag Required: Person
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Caster receives a revive after dying.

Second Breath

Second breath is the ultimate insurance policy for a restoration mage. As soon as you receive a torso wound the spell activates. Between 1 minute and 10 minutes after this happens, the revive spell is automatically cast on you. When you gain this benefit you must call "second breath" as you are revived.

With second breath is active, the caster is immune to reap spirit.

Related Rules

Second Breath Calls

When a creature is revived from death (or a torso wound) by second breath, they announce it by calling "second breath".

Detailed Interactions

Second Breath and Dispel Magic

After the caster has received a torso wound, dispel magic will not remove second breath. Second breath's effect begins when that torso wound took place.

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