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Type: Battle
Level: 3
Prerequisite: Level 2 Battle Spell
Duration: Event or until expended
Range: Touch
Target: Weapon
Flag Required: Weapon
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Stores a spell in a weapon to be cast later.


The spellstore spell allows a weapon to hold a single different magical spell within it for use later. The wielder of the weapon enchanted by spellstore may recite the incant for the second spell to cast that second spell. The bearer does not need to know any spells to do this, and do not need to expend any magic power points as they are provided when the secondary spell is first stored.

Within one minute of casting spellstore on a weapon a second spell that has a range other than self must also be cast. This second spell is cast following all the normal rules for spell casting except that the second spell doesn't need a target, it targets the weapon.

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