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Type: Aegis
Level: 4
Prerequisite: Level 3 Aegis Spell
Duration: Special
Range: Touch
Target: Character
Flag Required: Person
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Target gains the effects of all Aegis spells up to level 3


The recipient of synchronize immediately receives the effects of toughness, anti-magic shield, spirit shield, and improved magic armor. Each spell has its normal duration.

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Toughness makes the recipient more rugged, granting them 2 body points up to the normal limit for 10 minutes.

Anti-Magic Shield

Anti-magic shield creates a powerful magic field around the target that absorbs the next offensive magic spell to hit them. The shield is a one time prevention effect that automatically negates the next offensive spell effect, or attack with the 'Strike' call, that hits the character. Creature special abilities that act like spell effects, such as a 'fear' call from a bagman, are also stopped.

If you are hit by an attack that could trigger the shield but which doesn't apply to you the shield is not consumed. For example if you are a living creature hit by repel undead the attack would normally have no effect so the shield is not consumed.

Spirit Shield

Spirit shield bolsters the life force of the recipient increasing their resistance to poison and acid. This is a one time prevention effect that will stop the very next attack with the poison or acid call that hits the character, negating all damage or effects.

Alternately spirit shield can prevent the next ingested poison consumed by the character. However the spell has no effect on ingested poisons or a poisoned condition already affecting a character when the spirit shield is first gained.

Improved Magic Armor

Improved magic armor grants 4 points of magic armor.

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