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Type: Restoration
Level: 4
Prerequisite: Level 3 Restoration Spell
Duration: One minute
Range: Touch
Target: Character
Flag Required: None
Dispel: n/a
Brief Description: For one minute the caster may cast level 1 & 2 restoration spells with no cost.


A character under the effects of triage can cast heal body, diagnosis, restore limb, and purify spirit any number of times with no power point cost even if they don't know the spells. All other requirements of casting a spell must still be met, most notably an incant must be said for each spell cast.

Related Spells

Heal Body

The heal body spell heals its target of any damage to body points. This includes any damage to extra points of body the character has gained from other spells or effects. Heal body has no effect on wounds and can't heal a character with a torso wound.


The diagnosis spell allows the caster to discern all ailments and internal effects acting on the target, including poisons, disease, madness, magical afflictions, compulsions, pregnancy, or other sicknesses. If cast upon a corpse, it will reveal the cause and method of death. Diagnosis will detect the presence of the target's own spark. While using diagnosis the caster is protected from catching any harmful afflictions from examining the subject. Effects such as memory loss must be diagnosed before they can be successfully treated.

Diagnosis is intended as a means to examine the internal conditions and magical workings of a target, as opposed to identifying the nature of external injuries which are the purview of the first aid skill.

Medium's or someone casting the spell diagnosis may also identify if a person is currently in possession of their own spark.

Restore Limb

Restore limb heals a character of all limb wounds. In order for a caster to use this spell on themselves the caster must have at least one non-wounded arm.

Purify Spirit

The purify spirit spell purges a character’s body of dangerous poisons, returning their body to healthy state. A caster is permitted to heal themselves with this spell assuming they are still able to cast magic.

Purify spirit cures the character of the poisoned condition, the effects of weaken, and sometimes other story effects determined by the game master.

This spell does not heal body points, limb wounds, or torso wounds. Purify spirit does not reverse the effects of compulsion spells like stun and does not remove the effects of curses or diseases.

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