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  2. Introducing DThrash

    Hello and welcome! My name is Maggie and I'm the Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal. Glad to see you're looking to join us! We are currently on a brief pause due to Covid, but will be ideally resuming in the fall. In the meantime, I recommend doing a bit of light reading. First, the Learn to Play section of the Rules Wiki. It will give you a brief rundown of how our game works http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay The World Book is always a fun read. It will give you a basic idea of the world we play in http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf We also have a Facebook group and a youtube channel. www.youtube.com/KoNLARP Feel free to join us on those platforms as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Welcome to Novitas!
  3. Introducing DThrash

    Hello all! I am extremely new to LARPing. I did reenact as a child for revolutionary war encampments with my family so the concept is not entirely foreign. I have always been a huge fan of the fantasy genre, and I am a D&D player. The last couple of years I have slowly been entertaining the idea of trying out LARPing. I am pleasantly surprised to find such an avid organization literally in my backyard! I would very much like to try this out if you all would have me. I very much like the idea of NPCing first!
  4. Boots guide (2021)

    An update on boots for KoN is long overdue. This post is meant to help guide new and veteran players in proper footwear. Reminder: Buying boots for KoN earns you XP! if you buy a pair of quality boots for PCing or NPCing speak to the current P&A Marshal who can give you XP for your purchase. See the attached .pdf for information and links regarding boots. Boots_(2021).pdf
  5. Hey 😊👋 I'm a new player looking to join

    Hi Alyssa! I believe I just answered your email. Welcome to the forums! Like I said in the email, we would love to have you hang out with us while we're doing online events as well. Check us out on Facebook for more information on dates/times/zoom links/etc.
  6. Hey I'm Alyssa I've been larping for about 5ish years now. I. New to the area and looking to join a new larp closer to my new home. Hope to join up once live events return thought I'd just introduce myself though.
  7. What is a Sport Kilt?

    Sport Kilt A sport kilt is likewise a customary style kilt like Scottish plaid kilts which you wear at weddings, however, this kilt is marginally not quite the same as the wedding kilts. A games kilt thus the name recommends, made for a good country game and games. Best Sport kilts are delicate and lightweight. As you probably are aware games a lot require delicate and lightweight attire which helps in running and playing. The substantial garments can’t satisfy your wearing necessities. A sport kilt is the main alternative at whatever point you are playing diverse good country game and games. A sport kilt isn’t just for good country sports yet additionally for other mainstream sports, for example, tennis, football, rugby, hockey, and so on The other motivation behind why sports kilt is a well known dress is that it gives total opportunity and adaptability. A games kilt is liberated from perspiring and tingling issues. You stay dynamic all the time as it is a delicate dress. You can find all information about Kilts on my Blog : Work Kilts What is the Difference Between Sports Kilts and Traditional Wedding Kilts? Sport Kilt Sports kilts are the gentler kilts than conventional kilts. These kilts are made with the polyester thick, not with the fleece since woolen makes a kilt heavier. This kind of kilts is well known in America and UK for Highland games a lot. These kilts are machine launderable and give adaptability at whatever point tossing a sledge. These adaptable kilts don’t have lashes and clasps for securing. Velcro fastenings are utilized for affixing the games kilts. The games kilts are likewise less expensive than that of conventional wedding kilts. We also offer these services KILTS FOR SALE Wedding Kilt The customary wedding kilts are made in each faction plaid tone, yet these kilts adorned with different things, for example, Sporrans, Belts, shoes, hose, streaks, and different frill. These kilts are the finished wedding kilts and ideal Scottish clothing where you can wear on any event. This customary plaid kilt is lightweight than utility kilts which are made with the cotton material yet heavier than the sport kilt. Highlights Of A Sport Kilt No Sweat Flexible No Itchiness Cheaper than other Kilts For Sports and Games Comfortable And Light Weight
  8. Ling here.

    Hey Dustan, the long ears was actually the cause of a massive joke. My character was the leader of the Wolf Clan, a mercenary organization that accepted anyone who could pass it's trials and be blessed by an Archfey, Frekir the Eternal Wolf. Her main tenets were unity, strength, and swearing yourself to service against the ancient Blight that consumed worlds and threatened ours. As such, Ling didn't refer to himself as an elf but rather as a Wolf. This frustrated some of the other players who got me a racial change potion (elf) and spiked my drink toward the end of event. Between events I got the longer ears and was like, "yeah, don't feel much different..." I think I still have my short ears in my pouch, if not I will order some sometime. I am sad I wasn't able to meet any of you this year with the COVID and such, and next year I have a deployment with the National Guard here in Vermont so it might be a while. Just wanted to provide some sort of update, I didn't intend on ghosting the game. Lol.
  9. It's October again. Halloween stuff is in stores in full force. Every year we take DONATIONS FOR XP on props that would be good for game. Take advantage of sales, especially immediately following Halloween. The standard rate is 1 XP per $10 spent. Below is a list of items that we need/could use. Purchasing masks is most useful when multiple of the same mask can be purchased. 1. Troll masks 2. Lizard/Reptile masks 3. Insectoid masks 4. Any masks that would be an upgrade to our current masks. 5. Any golem masks 6. Hard plastic "scream" masks. I will post a picture of the specific ones I mean. 6. Prosthetic Elf Ears 7. Prosthetic Monster parts (For Snow Goblins) 8. Fairy Wings (Adult Size Only) 9. Small necromancy component props 10. Props: Anything unique/odd/cool that fits with our setting and would be useful/creepy This list is not all inclusive. If you see something that might be useful feel free to send me a message. You will get a quicker reply with a Facebook message. Additionally, if I think of anything else I will add it to this list. Note: Please send me a message if you have bought anything so that I can mark it down. EDIT: 3 "witch" masks. NOT green. Human flesh colored
  10. Roll Call! Anyone that has currently played a Maplewood Elder, or a Maplewood Constable and is still interested in doing so should contact me at the following email address: bmcgraham@gmail.com Please do not send me facebook messages, or reply to this post. Just send an email to the listed email address. This is not a recruitment for people that might be interested in playing these roles that have not played them before. This is only a roll call for people that have played a Constable or Elder before and wish to continue playing those roles.
  11. Dates for 2021

    Plot Post: After much discussion with the Marshals, Plot has decided that when we restart in February (fingers crossed) Novitas will still be in the year 1599. For everyone making blogs during this downtime, please take this into account
  12. I'm not new but my profile is.

    Yeah, it's been fun getting back into it. Incidentally, I like how apparently the only picture of you in Vincent's garb is from when you performed a wedding. Lol
  13. I'm not new but my profile is.

    hello from the shadows looking forward to reading more story stuff of Richard the bard
  14. Pants?

    Wow. Sorry I did not see this sooner. As long as the top is covered and stays covered they will be perfectly fine. In fact, my main pair of wool pants were thick dress pants that were very similar before modifications. I removed the buttons and the belt loops and replaced with a draw string on mine.
  15. I'm not new but my profile is.

    Yeah, definitely. It was a good time. I've been considering writing new stuff for Richard, since he didn't quite die like everyone thought. Basically, where hes been the last four years and what hes been up to.
  16. I'm not new but my profile is.

    I just reread like 100 Ellenor stories a few months ago. It's been two years for me too. As I read, I couldn't help grinning. Man, we had fun.
  17. I'm not new but my profile is.

    Yep, it's me. I guess I would be the only "Emerald Bard". It would be weird if there were another. Lol. I'll have to check it out. I think I have an Instagram, I just never use it. I've been reading a bunch of the blogs lately, so that's been fun. Haven't had a chance to look at stuff on here in...well...nearly 2 years.
  18. I'm not new but my profile is.

    Hi Tom, since I assume that's who this is! If you or someone you know has Instagram, you can follow this link to Lou L Britt's IG TV post, where Richard the Bard gets a feature! https://instagram.com/loulbritt?igshid=1gtb9lwvuibr5 In the video, I was reading a condensed version of Chapter 3 of Ellenor's Letters (titled: Song) where Ellenor meets Richard the Bard. I'm the second reader in the 9/10/2020 edition of the "Just a Spell" series on Lou L Britt's Instagram -various authors reading for five minutes each from their works. I was so honored to be included! The Kingdoms of Novitas website got a shout out several times. (M&PO work continues, even during the plague! ;) )
  19. Hey all I’m completely new to LARP but interested

    Hello! Welcome. I'm Maggie, Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal. We're currently in a bit of a hiatus due to the pandemic. I recommend joining us on Facebook for updates on our online events. However! In the meantime, we've got a LOT of reading material! I can't recommend enough the Learn to Play section of our Rules Wiki www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay it won't help right away, but when we resume in the new year, it'll be super helpful. It's got lots of links to other sections of the rules you might be curious about. Another solid read is our World Book. Our World Book is a big ol' book that breaks down our world's lore. Plenty of time to dive in and discover everything there is to know! http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf Let me know if you have any questions in the mean time. I know it'll be a bit before we all resume in person, but we're still gathering monthly online.
  20. I'm not new but my profile is.

    Hey, just wanted to let people know I have a new profile, since i can't remember how to log into my old one.
  21. Hello all I’m a 40 year old guy who is interested in LARP and I am wanting to do something with it but have zero experience or knowledge about it and as such I am wanting to make friends and learn about the community so howdy and hope to be able to join in with everyone soon
  22. Pants?

    Hi Toia, I'm not the Props marshal and I have no say, but Dustan the Props and Atmosphere marshal will chime in here to weigh in. I personally think you're on the right track, because they're brown, understated, and no obvious signs of modernity like cargo pockets. But! don't take my word for it, I'd wait for Dustan to give you the thumbs-up.
  23. Pants?

    Hello! I’m currently using the time until my first event to get some clothing for what will hopefully be a PC. I have a pair of pants that I would like to use and I wanted to make sure they’d be acceptable to use or if they’re considered too modern. (I’ve attached them below) If they are too modern, are there any adjustments I can make so that they’d be acceptable? Thanks in advance!
  24. Zoombilee Auction

    Hello everyone, 2020 Zoombilee Auction Items are up! Just as in previous years, we auction items off in order to fund our Larp and make it bigger and better. As always, these items are subject to change, as there are often clarifications and other stuff that can/will be addressed as the needs arise. We're only having a Traditional Auction (item goes to the highest bidder) at Zoombilee. Please ask any and all questions about the items in the comments below. Items are not listed in the order they’ll be auctioned off. Archmage's Belt: Twice per game day you get a Prismatic level 5 spell Bangle of Preservation: -Bracelet - Every 10 minutes you receive: Improved Magic Armor, Enhance Armor, Mend Armor. Incant is needed. Self only. Loremaster's Tome: Phonebook - Accessory Slot. One level three Prismatic spell 1/GD. You can use: ID Magic, Estimate Value, Herbalism without the skill. Pedagogical title of your choice (Plot Approval Pending). Blossoming Coin: Exotic Coin - gain 1 free Exotic coin every game at sign in. (slotless) The Ring of Godly Intercession: **UPDATED** Ring - The purchaser of this ring will receive a personal RP arc, written and managed by plot. Tread carefully mortal…the gods have noticed you. Scutum Annihilator: Hammer - Casts Enchant Weapon, Elemental Weapon, Silver Shine, and Creeping Rot 1/GD. The weapon can always swing for Acid damage. If swung for Acid damage, you must swing for 2 damage. (Blue Paint) Gift of the Dragon: Sword - Speak Draconic, Mageblade, Breathing Fire ritual 1/GD (self only), Elemental Immunity. Cast Primal Form 1/GD. “Breath of Draconus” Whenever you receive a torso wound and the moon is visible in the sky, you receive the effects of Second Breath. 1/GD. Blue bag: Invisible bag that only the owner can see, cannot be looted
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