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    The Wayfarer Issue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p-893P8OZaHb_UUgK_TB-NQH8Dl8y7R1jfhS4CVWgG8/edit?fbclid=IwAR3gitSZZ3Q9KUH5Rye5Yjqx_vPS658yS4cpsgmVyYl1Kaux-kPmUFCFNX4
  3. Rules Update!

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  5. New Player

    Thanks, I'm glad that not being able to tromp through the woods a lot won't be an issue. I have read through the rules. I feel reasonably solid on the basics, although there are a lot of ability details I'm sure I won't remember. I'll probably have questions at some point. The waiver's sent in to hivemind@mvgc.net, hopefully that's the right place. The assumption of risk doctrine for athletic activities already has you covered against negligence claims for fighty stuff, but with the addition of COVID I don't blame you for wanting the extra coverage. I'm a little surprised you guys aren't requiring vaccinations, but I guess most of the risk is on any people who don't have them.
  6. Rules Update!

    To clarify understanding, using some examples: Say I'm fighting sword & shield, let's say it's a magic shield which casts Mend Armor 1/GD.... the rules as written can be interpreted that I'm "holding the shield in my free hand" and can therefore cast Mend Armor from the shield, even though I'm using both hands to fight. It sounds like this is not the intent, however. Assuming you mean the item held in your "free hand" can be a wand or scroll or something similar? Like, if you cast a spell from your magic sword, can you hold the sword up in the air and cast the spell? or do you need to hold the sword AND have a free hand?
  7. New Player

    Welcome! Very happy to have you. My name is Maggie, I'm the Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal. I have to miss this event, but please seek out Brandon Febles, he's my second and would love to help you. In the meantime, I'm going to assign some homework. Firstly, I'd take a peek at the Learn to Play section of the Rules Wiki http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay It's a great prep step. www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf The World Book too is great to flip through as well. Most importantly, please fill out the waiver, linked below. We're switching to online waivers and having that done before you arrive well help us greatly. Let us know if you have any questions! Welcome to Novitas.
  8. Codified "Soft shift"

    It's an interesting proposal, but I think it misses a few key points that explain why 3/4 are the biggest PC shifts: Players don't want to change outfits multiple times. It's easier to get into gear Saturday afternoon and just play until you're done, then go to bed. There's no need to dress up as PC on Friday, then get all back into gear again (sometimes your gear can be nasty after rain or sweat is involved). It's also why no one plays 1/3. At least 1/4 let's you NPC all in one go before getting back into PC garb. People with makeup/prosthetics or other issues: it takes a while to get ready, losing gametime in the process each time you have to change from NPC to PC. For that reason, a 5th shift might actually make this worse. The biggest lull in game is during change-over. As someone who played 3/4 a lot in the past, I'm not at all about resting and RPing. I want just as much combat and chaos and energy as any other shift, so I can't agree with the points about chilling by the campfire all shift. However, I do agree that unbalance shifts lead to overworked NPCs and bored PCs. There is a little bit of onus on the GMs for that (having been one, I can speak to it); there are ways to have a single NPC keep an entire party occupied for hours. It's all in how you tailor the plot. Going back to more "targeted PC group" plots can ensure there's at least something to do for everyone and doesn't require 10 NPCs to do it. My personal opinion is that we should have caps on PCs per shift and give priority to folks with medical or costume reasons. But I'm sure there would be some pushback.
  9. New Player

    Hey Devin! Welcome! TI fan here as well. It'll be an interesting weekend, being it's our first game since pandemic hit. Take it easy with the foot! There'll be plenty of non-combat things to play, if you're comfortable with "talky" roles. If you have questions with rules or logistics, let me know. Great to have you!
  10. New Player

    Hey everyone! I'm currently planning on coming to the event this upcoming weekend. A bit about me; I've fenced with the SCA on and off for the last 16 years or so, I have some LARP experience (a fair amount of WoD, of which Changeling and Mage are my favorites, and a number of independently written one-shot games, about half a dozen of which I've been an assistant or lead game runner on), and my other hobbies are editing and writing web serial novels, the occasional Twilight Imperium game, hiking, and sailing. Professionally I work as a law clerk in Fayetteville, NY. The only thing I'm really worried about this weekend is that I'm nursing a foot injury at the moment, so I can't do an extensive amount of of walking. I expect that'll probably limit what I can participate in, but I'd really like to check things out to the degree that I can. Hopefully that's alright, and I'm happy to help out as I can. Looking forward to meeting you all!
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  12. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Just saw these at a thrift shop and grabbed them...I think they should work for the event. Are they ok?
  13. Rules Update!

    Hey everyone! We have some changes coming in the new year. Rules have been busy during the down time due to Covid and have a lot in store starting next year! However, we do have one update that will be starting this August game. Starting in August Epic items, Master Crafted Items and rods that a player owns will be Attuned to that player at sign in. Items that are Attuned cannot be used by another player for the entire event. The exception to this is weapons can be used by another player for combat, but cannot use any of the weapon’s magical effects. An example would be someone else using the weapon could swing for the damage type but not spells in it. Rules also wanted to put forth a clarification to an existing rule regarding the casting of spells and having an empty hand to do so. In order to cast ANY spell, you MUST have one empty hand. If you are casting a spell from an item, you must either be wearing that item, or you must be holding that item in your 'free hand'. Your 'Free Hand' AND arm MUST be have unrestricted movement. You must be able to fully raise your hand, for example. Holding anything between your arm or your body counts as restricted. The only exception is passive buckers. A 'Mageblade' or a sword with a mageblade effect will count as your 'free hand' for this purpose as long as you are casting INTO the mageblade, as per mageblade rules. If you have questions please post below. Jimmy and I will try and answer them for you. If you have more questions, see us at game and we can discuss it in person.
  14. New Player!

  15. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    This all looks fine to me
  16. I have received a few questions regarding PPE masks come the resumption of game. We have always allowed items that would normally be out of place in our game for medical reasons. The easiest example is glasses. This will also apply to PPE masks. If you wish to return to game, but are not ready to go without a mask, that's ok, you will not be penalized or harassed in any way. Masks should be as un obtrusive as possible. Single color, logo free, cloth masks are best. Medical masks like an n95 are allowed if you feel that is what you need to wear. Thank you. - Dustan
  17. New Player!

    Oh awesome! Can you post an invite please?
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  19. August 2021 Preproduction

    Player Name: Steven Guile Special crafting things: Master Crafter (+4 CP) - Savant (+5 PP) - Lab (+5 PP) - Master Mason's Robes (20% coin off crafting, +5 PP) - Savant's Potion Rack ( 6 Free Vials ) April Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Martial Goblin Iron Mageblade (24 CP) - 160 Coin Production 8 Scrolls of Dispel (32 PP) - 32 Coin 1 Scroll of Heal Mortal Wound (3 PP) - 3 Coin Savant Rank - 6 Elixir of Cosmic Power (Free!) May Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Tunic of Spellstore 2/GD (24 CP) - 80 Coin Production 2 Scrolls of Diagnosis (4 PP) - 4 coin 1 Scroll of Curse (3 PP) - 3 coin 1 Yebbing Powder (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Tanglefoot Bag (3 PP) - 3 Coin 1 Hand of Death (3 PP) - 3 Coin 1 Black Out Juice (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Bile of Nox (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Affection Confection (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Touch of Panic (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Scorpion's Kiss (2 PP) - 2 Coin Savant Rack - 6 Transmutations (FREE!) June Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Library (20 CP) - 64 Coin Lock (4 CP) - 16 Coin Production 7 Scrolls of Revive (35 PP) - 35 Coin Savant Rack - 6 Weaponstones (FREEBB!) August Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Talisman of Warding (20 CP) - 64 Coin Lock (4 CP) - 16 Coin Production 7 Scrolls of Aura of Reflection (35 PP) - 35 Coin Savant Rack - 6 Caths (FREE4ME!) --- Total owed: 468 coin
  20. August 2021 Preproduction

    PREPRODUCTION AUG 2021 Nick Browne - Arcturus 2x Silvershine oil - 4pp/4coin TOTAL - 4pp, 4 coin ————————— Corey Spires - Ashlin -5 scrolls of Heal Mortal Wound 15pp/15 coin Incantation “By the light of the seven i cast heal mortal wound” -1 scroll of Panacea 4pp/4 coin Incantation “By the light of the seven i cast panacea -1 scroll of mend armor 1pp/1 coin Incantation “by the light of the seven I cast mend armor” Crafting 1 ring of dissipate 1/gd 8cp/40 coin Crafting 1 bracelet of anti magic shield 1/gd 8cp/ 40 coin Crafting 1 accessory of reap spirit 1/gd 4cp/20 coin Grand total - 20pp, 20cp, 120 coin
  21. New Player!

    Hello and welcome! There is a KON discord you may be interested in joining, though activity on there is pretty sporadic and you have a lot of great garb options to work with! I definitely recommend NPCing your first event. it'll help get you used to the rules and give you some ideas as to what you would like your character to be able to do!
  22. New Player!

    Hello! My name is Nathan, and i've just PCSd to FT Drum and have luckily discovered this outstanding community! Im looking forward so much to finally getting the chance to immerse myself again. (Life, as we ALL know can be very chaotic!) So once things settle at my new unit I plan on attending in full force! Currently im still going through all the available reading materials provided but I just wanted to reach out and say hello! I've been LARPing for some time and doing historical reenacting and combat for longer. A little bit about me: I'm an Infantryman currently stationed in FT Drum, and i'm so excited to be back in New York! My family is originally from here. I love all things gaming, and play on PC and console. Primarily I enjoy FPS but my favorite series is definitely the Souls/Borne franchise. When I can I go out and do photography, and if im not taking pictures at conventions im certainly cosplaying them! I so look forward to experiencing this new world and meeting everyone whether it be in our out of game! I am absolutely blown away by everything ive seen so far and hope to be out sooner rather than later.. Speaking of, anyone want to help me design a character? Add me on Discord to chat and game too! 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐤𝐰𝐨𝐨𝐝#3551 Tell em what your absolute most favorite thing about KoN is! Thanks for the read! I've attached some pictures of me in a few kits, just to show a bit of the characters/aesthetics I lean towards.
  23. August 2021 Preproduction

    Player name: Ceilidh Mitchell April production: total 28 craft points, 20 production points, 120 coin Character: Helene Briar - Tinkering item swap : 3022: Head slot. Immune to truth serums, charm 1/gd, memory loss 1/gd Swindlerscap-new prop is a red hat. Owe 80 coin, 16 craft points - rod of Anti-magic shield. Owe 60coin, 12 craft points (no charge past 20 because Masters mark & master craftsman) - Merchant: 4 minor power elixirs for a truth serum - Production: 10 rejuvenation elixars. Owe 20coin, 20 production points May production: total 28 Craft points, 20 production points, 120 coin Character: Helene Briar - Tinkering item swap: 2769 Greataxe, Always hit for slay, Casts Ruin 2/gd into a Kanabo club. Owe 100coin, 20 craft points -Tinkering item swap: 2172 Neckslot Necklace with skull beads and purple geode pendant - spellstore 2/gd to silver raven necklace. Owe 40 coin, 8 craft points (no charge past 20 because Masters mark & master craftsman) -Production: 10 rejuvenation elixars. Owe 20coin, 20 production points June production: total 28 Craft points, 20 production points, 120 coin Character: Helene Briar - Bracelet of Creeping rot, owe 40coin 8craft points - Major Wand of Slaying Swarm. Owe 60 coin, 12 craft points - Tinkering item swap: 1489 wrist slot Gold Claw Bracelet - Enhance Armor 2/GD and Enchant Shield 2/GD to Blue cord bracelet. Owe 40 coin, 8 craft points.(no charge past 20 because Masters mark & master craftsman) -Production: 10 rejuvenation elixars. Owe 20coin, 20 production points August production: total 28craft points, 20production points, 120 coin Character: Helene Briar -Boots of Shade Walker: Boots 3/gd Dissipate. Owe 100 coin, 24 craft points - Tinkering item swap: Fan 2749 accessory slot cast Dominate 1/GD to Lightsworn sigil. Owe 20 coin, 4 Craft points (no charge past 20 because Masters mark & master craftsman) -Production: 10 rejuvenation elixars. Owe 20coin, 20 production points Total owed: 480 coin Specialty skills: master craftsman, master mark ( febfeast item), merchant 4
  24. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Dustan just got married this past weekend so I don't know if he will be his usual highly responsive self. Someone with more expertise than me should hopefully see this soon and give you a response. With the Covid downtime people are a little slower to check the forums than normal as well, so I it might take a little.
  25. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Also, is this lantern casing acceptable if I fit it with fairy lights? I can reverse the pair of bodies so it's all back also if the fabric pattern above is not ok. I just used what I had available.
  26. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    I have been working on garb ideas. This is my first few pieces. Was wondering if they are acceptable to use for KoN. Let me know please. Want to try to be there in August!
  27. MVGC / KoN Waiver

    NEW WAIVERS NEEDED FOR AUGUST EVENT!! -------------------------- Up front: you will not be allowed to sign in at the August event unless you have electronically submitted a new waiver. You will not be afforded an opportunity to do so on-site - do it before you go. New waiver is here: https://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/MVGC_KON_Release_Form... This is a fillable PDF. You probably will not be able to fill it out in your browser - it needs to be saved, and opened and filled out in Adobe Acrobat Reader (desktop or mobile) or a similar PDF program, and be signed. You may need to set up a digital signature. KoN staff will not provide technical support to do this, so figure out which one of your friends can help you and ask them, or watch a video on how to do it. It's not complicated nor difficult. When it is done, it needs to be emailed to konwaivers@gmail.com This only needs to be done once, not for every event, or even every year. Thank you for your cooperation - I can hardly wait for August!
  28. August 2021 Preproduction

    Quick note for anyone who has abilities or unusual items that care about the year (pretty much the merchant skill and a few feb feast items): don't count 2020 as a year. Just count feb feast 2020 as a part of 2021. (Source: Pat Lane)
  29. Logistics Announcement: Shift Balance

    Question: I have multiple characters I like to play throughout the year, both of which are in different parties. How will shift balance work when I switch between them? Answer: You will need to choose a primary party that your shift balance is based on. Until your parties submit new shift preferences, your shifts will be consistent with your primary party, regardless of what character you play.
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