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  2. New Player Here

    Hey, I'm Rowan! I'm totally new to LARP, but have been a lifelong fantasy and history nerd and I'm so excited to be joining the game. I have a very tiny little bit of fighting experience so I'm looking forward to learning more, and getting more comfortable with a weapon. I love to sew and craft and create, and the one game I went to has already been filling me with inspiration!
  3. Read This Before Posting In Here!

    Hello, I'm Rowan, and I'm so thrilled to be joining Novitas. My dear friend Sage brought me and my partner to November's game and we got addicted. I love to sew, craft, and create, and am a history and fantasy nerd, so this intersects beautifully.
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  6. Good evening everyone! In order to consolidate the many important links and documents that assist both players and staff in keeping game running smoothly, I have created a Linktree where you can find all relevant documents in one neat place! You can access it here: https://linktr.ee/KingdomsOfNovitas If you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback, please reach out!
  7. New blood!

    Hey y'all! I'm Travis, I just moved up to Rochester from Dallas TX. Found y'all thru a web search just in time to miss the November event, but I hope to make it in December! I'm a professional game designer (mobile games), and a retired professional Jouster. I've played in LARPS from homebrew to Nero, Alliance, Convention of Thorns, The Night In Question, MET, and Weekend Warrior. Your game has the best laid out ruleset I HAVE EVER SEEN. Good lord its so nice!
  8. I think a fun idea for a rp plot would be to have an NPC bard wander around looking for inspiration for songs. They could ask PCs for stories they could use to base their songs on, and in exchange the bard could give the PC some coin. This would be fun because the bard could literally walk around for an entire shift since theres no limit to stories in this game, but it would also give PCs a chance to reminiscence about past events or to even tell a bit from their backstory. (Bonus points if someone ACTUALLY writes a song)
  9. Hello Hello

    Hi! I am the one of the people who records and edits videos for our youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/KONLARP/channels I'm glad you had a great time! We hope to see you in the future and please - stay tuned as we will be uploading videos from November event!
  10. Hello Hello

    Hello everyone, I just went to my first Novitas event. Mundane name is Zach Goldstein and I just gotta say I had a great time. I'm coming in from the SCA as a heavy I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this newbie have a hell of a time.
  11. The Powers That Be

    Effective immediately: The position of Second Marshal is renamed to Ombudsman. This position remains filled by Dan Meerschaert. Bryan Graham steps down as Plot Marshal, to be replaced by Chris Tesorio. Ryan Green is appointed Logistics Second. Christina Mevec is appointed Props Second. Michael Maneri is appointed M&NPO Second. I'd like to thank Bryan for his long service to KoN. I honestly can't really remember a time when he wasn't in their position, so this is truly long overdue and a well-deserved break for the him, who now gets to simply enjoy playing the game for a bit. Well done Bryan, it's appreciated.
  12. Pre-production is due Sunday, November 28th at 11:59 EST Link to the form: https://forms.gle/AqRXhPzXHJZrooyN9
  13. December Pre-production

    Hello Novitas! Please follow this link to submit your pre-production needs for the November event. ____________________________________________________ Personalized Incants You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, please note what the custom incant is during your submission and it will be printed for you. Character Retirement If you are retiring a character (removing them from play), you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. If you know you are retiring at this event, PM me immediately! ____________________________________________________ Please submit all pre-production requests by Sunday, October 24th at 11:59PM. Thank you everyone! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me here or on Facebook. abc
  14. New Player

    Hello again! To answer your question on vending: Yes! We do allow vending on the front porch of the Logistics building (the main building where sign-in and such is). Vending can take place at any point before game starts from around when people start arriving at the site around 5pm Friday evening to around 9pm Friday night when Shift 1 begins.
  15. New Player

    Hello! I'm Michael, I'm the Second Marshal for Marketing and Player Outreach. First let me just say Welcome to Kingdoms of Novitas! We hope you enjoy it here! Now, in response to your first question, you can find a list of races on the Wiki here! As for your second question, the Wiki provides a fairly good introduction to the game in the "Learn to Play" and "New Characters" sections. You can also find information about the setting on the Wiki as well. I would also recommend checking out our YouTube channel to get a visual representation of the vibe we shoot for. In response to your last question, I will get back to you as soon as I have an answer on that! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
  16. New Player

    Hello and merry meets everyone!! My name is Whiskey, well for now till I find a new name. I’ve got several questions, which I’ll list below. I normally do historical reenactment with a local Viking household in the area. But this will be the first time stepping into the realm of larping. I hope this is the right place to put all questions and introductions. I mentioned questions yes? Well here there are…. 1- Are there any list of races you can select as a player? 2- Is there a comprehensive list of how things are done? The website seems a bit all over the place. I’d be happy to sit with someone who can go over it with me. 3- Are players allowed to vend at events?
  17. Monthly Nation News

    The Wayfarer Issue 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yMQxN9eUCRyAk4dR5fOmtx0MRcf6pc2TMK5EsR8lHCA/edit?usp=sharing
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  21. I think it would be cool if stronger ghosts could cast Dominate on someone. No medium on shift or available? Ghost casts Dominate on someone. It acts the same as normal Dominate but you just can't see the ghost unless you are a medium.
  22. Hello everyone, Logistics has been working on better implementation of our crimson courier system. You may have noticed a few different things in the last few games like couriers noting your actual information along with the letters, attached items, or coins so everything gets to where it is going. Before events, we will now have a Crimson Courier letter pre-production. You can use this in addition to sending letters at events. This will work just like normal pre-production in that you will fill out a form, let us know what you are including in the letter and when it needs to be sent out. If you miss the deadline, still fill out the form, but choose the option to bring yourself or that you need it printed on-site. When you arrive at the event you will bring in any items or your custom letter during sign-in. Here is what's needed on the form: Your email address Your name Your Forum Name The month we're sending. The Shift needs to be sent Your PC name (Sender) Destination Who is the letter recipient? Please list the character name, any organization they might belong to (for NPCs), or a location they are commonly found (for PCs). Any details that can help us make sure this goes to the right person. Keep in mind that the person reading this may not know the NPC you are referencing so details help a lot. If the recipient is a(n) PC, NPC, unknown Body of the letter Any Attachments If you will provide a physical copy of the letter at the game or if you would like us to print it for you. Font - If logistics print this for you, is there a google font you would like to request for the letter? If you do not select a font, we will pick a generic one that looks like handwriting when printed. For letters that we print, complete the form with your choice of Google font. If you run out of room on the form, you can email us the body of the letter. In the body of the letter, section let us know that you are emailing it. If it goes to the junk folder, we can check for it. If you are sending more than one page, we will add a fee. Send the letter to: crimsoncourier@kingdomsofnovitas.net Link to the form: https://forms.gle/AqRXhPzXHJZrooyN9 Pre-production is due Sunday, October 24th at 11:59 EST TL;DR: You can now send letters between events to be sent at game
  23. Codified "Soft shift"

    How do you incentivise players to run off balanced shifts? What are players looking for? *Time with friends *Loot *Plot Why do people run 3/4 *Costuming *Energy *Time with friends What is the target ratio PC/NPC? Where do our GMs find themselves most comfortable? What is comfortably uncomfortable? How do you motivate tired NPCs? How do you balance for people dropping early? Fair weather players? Overlap all shifts A codified soft shift Player incentives for off shifts *Maybe we worry too much about the numbers. Shift balance would not feel so off with 4 or 5 more players. As a long time 1st shift PC I see that 1st shift PCs are where game balance tends to land. As it stands you sign yourself up for a min of 2 shifts that are heavily balanced against your favor. 1st shift low PC* Die 2nd shift high NPC 3rd shift high PC* 4th shift high PC *rest* People complain about players being too powerful. Maybe its we are all too spoiled. I don't mind running any of the shift combos *with a decent balance.* But while I am on this tangent. I want to bring up 1 more thing. We are nerfing players because we don't recognise the negative effects of bad shift balance. There was a ritual fiasco that one player got hammer for. Being an orc shaman in that fight there was nothing my 10 to 15 NPCs were going to do against 30 or so PCs. Rituals or not. (Nerf warranted or not that is how a lot of final fights go) (Still pissed rules keeps nerfing a 10 second dr primal item that kills you immediately after.) Disclaimer, its not my item. I don't know. There are more dedicated players who will figure shift balance out. I would set up specific group plots on off balance shifts as the reason why these players need to play with the gms on shift. I would give an incentive for independent PCs to fill off shifts. (Coin, plot, xp, etc) Or tell everyone to kick rocks and play their assigned shifts because we are not catering to PCs.
  24. Brought to you by...

    Ashlin has a few messages delivered to the Merchants of town late in the evening To my fellow merchants, As of now The Burnheart Caravan will no longer operate/deliver/or trade with Vlean. It is time for the "Inquisition," to stop wasting resources desperately needed in the Freelands. Until those resources are replenished there will be no further negotiations. If I myself, or any Caravan Members are retaliated against I, Ashlin Burnheart, leader of The Burnheart Caravan will personally help with Civen in their efforts in the region. Ashlin Burnheart Leader of the Burnheart Caravan, Channeler of Unlimited Power.
  25. The Burnheart Caravan

    A few days pass. A constant stream of mail returns to Ashlin. The chosen walks to The Covenant's Circle. A meeting point for all members of his organizations. It could have posed a security problem if The Covenant was still active. Ashlin ponders the thought as long as his mind allows. Then he begins to build a summoning circle. First he pushes the fallen leaves around a central point forming a wall of fallen foliage. Circles made out of goblin iron are the best traps for fae. This summoning was not a trap. No need to waste the coin on the iron. Ashlin meticulously works on his circle. There would be no time in the days to come. A plump old man, adorned with gold and gems watches his master work. Silence, it stretches out over the next hour like a yawning eternity. "Sir, you have been obsessing with your project for almost 3 hours. Another half a dozen merchants have arrived. They stand on the northern end of the circle. "Oh has it been that long?" Ashlin plops himself in the middle of the clearing. A small wall surrounding him. A seven pointed star surrounds him. One point for each of the mortal magics of the world. A second circle lies affixed to the top the Septon star. Representing the mortal spark, the life energy that binds so many of us together. This is where Ashlin would stand as he invited his "Guest." "Its good to see you all made it in a timely manner. Hopefully the leylines were not too terrible to travel." Ash only lets a split second pass before continuing. "We have business to attend to."
  26. The Burnheart Caravan

    The day after The Harvest Fest Ashlin Burnheart sends a large volume of letters to The Caravan. One such message reads as follows. "Caravan Member, Due to unforseen circumstances there will be an emergency meeting. Please report in at the predetermined location in the Freelands." Ashlin curses a few times handing a Courier the letters.
  27. Shift Balance 2022 Survey

    For an explanation of what Shift Balance is, please view this post.
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