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  4. The Weakening Hello everyone, self-proclaimed Mr. PC coming to you with an offer that you can’t turn down. What is this amazing offer you ask? Well read on my friends and enjoy. Dear Veterans: For the month of November, I recommend shedding that heavy armor, sheathing your weapons and relaxing you muscles by taking a well-deserved vacation. You have protected the town long enough and paid your dues. Let others stand in the light that shines upon you and carry the torch of justice. Remind all those who question your worth, why you are needed. OOG Is your character overpowered? Have you played the same person for over 3 years (Minus the Covid Gap)? Is the game becoming too easy? Have you stopped fearing the inhabitants of the land? Well, I invite you (for one month) to break the chains of comfort and roll out as a new character within the following guideline: · Max level of 20 (50sp) · Only one Feb Feast item · No help from previous group members, unless they themselves are in on the action Winter months tend to be our slow season (shocked face) and it’s easier to level up. There is no better time to have so many average players running around trying to defend the town. · Items that never get used will become important. · Careful planning would be needed before accepting that farmers quest. · Specialized characters will be needed since no one can be the “Jack of all Trades” · Are you part of a group? Relive the old days of being weak and really depending on your comrade · Break away from your group and play with other players that you normally don’t interact with. · Challenge yourself again. Are you the hero of Maple Wood because of your skills or your magic? · Try a different play style. Be bold!! Now I know a lot of people won't partake in this idea. Before you say no just think, think about the first time you garbed up and stepped out into the Kingdoms of Novitas. Recall the fear you felt as the drums sounded off in the distance, signaling the march of orcs. The fear you felt as your comrade was struck down and you weren’t sure you would escape with your life. For one month go back to where it all began.
  5. Potential new players

    Thanks man, this will help a lot
  6. Potential new players

    Heyo! As Ryan Green states at the top of this page, it’s a big work in progress, but here is the most up-to-date setting info to my knowledge: https://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Setting.Setting I’m not currently aware of any other good links, but Brandon and I have been talking with Dave Coyle about releasing some more lore videos like this one: I don’t have an ETA on those, but keep a lookout!
  7. Potential new players

    Hey everybody, I have some prospective players here at work and would like to point them in the right direction as far as updated Worldbook links are concerned. M&O have any good links for them to feast their eyes on?
  8. New player

    Thanks, Michael!
  9. New player

    Hello! I saw that Morgan has summoned me above, but to introduce myself, I’m Michael - the Second Marshal for Marketing and Player Outreach. As mentioned above, combat is entirely optional at Novitas. We’ve got quite a number of non-combatants these days who have plenty of fun either healing in the back of fights, or just hanging back from fights altogether and chilling in the taverns or by the fire! When you NPC, you can also always say “no” to a combat role. I’m also a GM myself and we are all willing to work with players to accommodate their preferences between combat and RP (some want one or the other, and others do both!) NPCing for a few games is always my recommendation because it gives a good general feel for the game. I usually recommend new players NPC the whole of their first 1-3 events, but it’s not unheard of for some people to NPC for their first year. I would also recommend PCing at least once before deciding if Novitas is for you or not as while you can get a general vibe of the game NPCing, PCing is a different beast. (Your second game is also free!) As for first steps in learning about our game, there's some important information that I would definitely recommend reading up on, You can find a list of races on the Wiki here that gives information and costuming requirements for all current races - from there you can also make your way to our Setting pages. Some stuff there may be a little bit outdated or have less information than is generally known, but if you have any questions, you can put them in the #setting-questions chat of the Discord. The Wiki overall provides a fairly good introduction to the game in the "Learn to Play" and "New Characters" sections. You can also find information about the setting on the Wiki as well. I would also recommend checking out our YouTube channel to get a visual representation of the vibe we shoot for. If you’ve got any questions or just want to chat about game, my DMs are always open both on Discord (Michael/Mathys, I’ve got a yellow name) or on Facebook (Michael Maneri). Looking forward to seeing you soon!
  10. New player

    Thanks, y’all! I’ll take that advice to npc for a couple games. It’s nice to know there are non-combat options.
  11. New player

    I'm pretty new myself. It's recommended to spend your first event or several just NPCing. The crew here is very friendly and welcoming to newcomers, and there's a lot of garb available to add to your base layer. Gamemasters will ask for combat or noncombat roles, and you can decide what you're up for at that time. You'll likely be sent out about 3-6 times per 5 hour shift on different quests. What I did is ask the GM's to send me out as a Terran NPC so I could see if I could stand the makeup. I had a lot of fun, and the role-playing I did for that session is making up my backstory for my player character, which I should be debuting soon! If you're on FB or Discord, those tend to have more discussion than the forums here, btw. Hope to see you soon at an event! Edit: FB and Discord links here! https://linktr.ee/KingdomsOfNovitas https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingdomsOfNovitas/
  12. New player

    Hello and welcome! There is a New Player page on our website that i recommend. I followed it to a T and was well prepared for my first event! Also recommend the "Events" page on our wiki. it lays out the timeline of a typical game. The Marshalls of Marketing and Player Outreach (Brandon and Michael) will have more links for you and are a great resource for any questions you may have about getting started. As for elf ears, many of our game's elves use ears made by a fellow player, Jaqueline. Her shop is https://store.geeklingcreations.com/?v=7516fd43adaa. They are made of silicone, and most players use either spirit gum or skin tyte to attach them. I love them compared to the flexible kind. they pop right into place and i don't have to worry about having an ear getting attached crooked.
  13. New player

    ...also: any suggestions for wood elf ears? I have absolutely zero experience with prosthetics or makeup, and sensitive skin so I'm nervous about putting stuff on that may cause irritation. TIA!
  14. New player

    Hi all! I'm considering attending attending one of the upcoming events. I'm not much for combat (physical or magical) but I love being immersed in the culture, economy, and community of an alternate world. Most of my other larp experience is in a rules-light emergent game. Any advice for a first time NPC?
  15. Changes to Numbered Items

    Aye aye captain
  16. This is simultaneously a big change, and not going to affect you very much. We are replacing the existing item database program with something new. There are a variety of reasons this is happening but one of them is that it will allow us to change to an alphanumeric code for items. Any old item will still be listed and can be looked up as before. Existing numbered items won't get changed at all (unless you would like them to get a new designation, if you want that message Ryan or Liska). New items will have one of the following letters before the numbers: F - Feb Feast: This item is a feb feast item. If looted from the owner it should be returned to the owner by the end of the event. E - Formerly Feb Feast: This used to be a feb feast item, but for some reason is no longer. When a feb feast item loses the feb feast rules the letter F will get changed into an E but the numbers will stay the same. K - Keepable/ Lootable: This is a standard lootable item. Not using the letter L because it will get mistaken for a 1. N - Non-Keepable/ Lootable: This is not a lootable item, it may not be stolen. Tinkering items, or other objects that need to be number but can't be stolen will have this letter. These items follow the same rules as an un-numbered item, but it has rules that need to be looked up so it needed to get numbered. Plagues will get listed here. Q - Quest Item: Treat this like a feb feast item except the owner is Logistics. You can have the item for the entire event but it needs to be returned when the event is done. This solves the issue that technically every time a GM sends out a trapped box the pcs should be able to keep the box itself permanently as loot. Some other items will also take advantage of this (for example the Temperance League Gem). V - Valuable Item: Items that have a coin value and no magic qualities go here. These items should always be keepable/ lootable H - Hybrid Item: For those unusual items that appear in both the ID magic AND the estimate value listings. This letter is being used so you know to look in both look tables. These items should always be keepable/ lootable. "_" - Legacy Items: So that you can use this item look-up to find old unlettered items, I needed a character, so that character is an underscore. You can use the look up to find old items by putting "_" (no quotes) in front of the number. Going forward you'll always be able to find the ID magic listing using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iOT23WoR6urYl4qPS2MTzpXYNv1OYhNSM6dkp02CjLo/edit#gid=809874596&fvid=584487014 You'll be able to find the Estimate Value listing using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iOT23WoR6urYl4qPS2MTzpXYNv1OYhNSM6dkp02CjLo/edit#gid=1241154515&fvid=1797374555 A basic search is also available here (It has all the same drawback as the XP look-up): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iOT23WoR6urYl4qPS2MTzpXYNv1OYhNSM6dkp02CjLo/edit#gid=597209277 Another one of the advantages of doing this is that those links will ALWAYS be accurate. If a new item gets created mid event, in less than a minute if you reload the link the new item will automatically be listed at the links above. If you are like me and don't have cell service on site, print outs will still be available and still have the same not quite up to date info. This also means that I will no longer be posting ID magic and Estimate value pdf's in this forum before each event, if you want to print the info you can do so anytime you want. Be warned because these documents are only 1 column the printouts are roughly 150% of their previous sizes. In the new database you'll notice there are some extra fields. I'm going to explain them here. A Generic item is any item where there are lots of that item out there. Its marked as generic so we know if one copy of the item gets changed we don't update the description and inadvertently update a dozen items. Lootable the item can be taken at least temporarily. So most feb feast items can be taken DURING an event, but must be returned by the END of the event. Slot: what slot does the item occupy? At some point I'll put this information in for all the old items, but that's going to be a bit of an undertaking so for now any legacy items have a slot of "unclassified" meaning, the data hasn't been put in yet. Total Charges: For charged items this is how many charges the item had when it was first created/ is at maximum charges. Charges Left: If you are anything like me keeping track of how many charges an item has between events sounds like a nightmare. You now have an option to fix that. If you use this form: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftBkjnPd6JcVOS8HTJyanSjhp8k4AcZ_F9v641Htq-59LOJQ/viewform) after an event you can track how many charges you used and the database will keep track of the results automatically. This is purely optional for people who want to have an easier time tracking this info. All of this information will get added to wiki shortly for future reference, it's being put here first so everyone has a chance to see the changes. If you have any questions let me know. And if you took the time to read this far, I would love it if you commented in any way so I have an idea how many people actually read this.
  17. Here they are. idmagic-Jun-22.pdf estimatevalue-Jun-22.pdf
  18. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Ashlin approaches the message board with a bounce in his step. He pins his newest advertisement and a second note up before bouncing away. The Burnheart Caravan will be presenting the Midsummers shop for all adventures to enjoy. Cold food and drink will be served, adventuring gear, garb, and weapons, scrolls and potions are available. Special announcement!!! For Sale *Shield of Mindblank *Shield of Transcendence twice a day **And For A Favor: Belts of a reloadable 5th level spell once a day. (Fae magic and antics included) Deals last until the contracts expire. The hand writing on second letter is slightly messier. To my fellow adventurers, I hope you all are well, If anyone is in need of coin I have a few odds and ends that need to be taken care of. These are mundane tasks that take one far off the feont lines of a battle field. Listings will be available at shop. All yiu need to do is ask. Ashlin Burnheart, The Wandering Merchant, Risen as The Golden Phoenix, Keeper of the Blue Dragon's Hoard, Founder of the Covenant of Illumitas and The Master of the Endgame Emporium.
  19. High runes are often the most desirable items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. D2R items are seen as the currency and are used to crafted Runewords which are usually the most powerful items in the game. But where are the best places to farm high runes like Ber, Jah, Ohm, and others? We’ll break it down for you in this guide. Runes Farming location Black Marsh is the best place to farm for Runes in Act 1 of the game. There are a few towers in the Black Marsh area that have runes inside them. Another good location is the 5th level of the Forgotten Tower in the Nightmare and Hell mode. Here you will be able to get some high-quality runes. Once you defeat the Countess, you get a chance to earn up to 6 runes. Runes Farming location in Diablo 2 Resurrected You can go over to the Hellforge. To get the runes in this location you will have to break Mephisto’s Soulstone. You can do this by beating Hephasto the Armor. Doing so will get you a good amount of runes as well as some gems. Runes Farming location The place to go for the very high runes is Lower Kurast. In Lower Kurast, there will be up to two, one to two of these bonfires. When you see a bonfire, the nearby house will contain a super chest. A super chest has perhaps the best chance of dropping the very high runes in the game. So what players do especially in single-player is farm these super chests in Lower Kuras. In single-player you will know exactly where those super chests are and exactly where the huts are and so you can farm them extremely fast. However, in battlement, the maps are always randomized. So it will take you considerably longer to find the super chests each time. This is probably still the best way to look for high runes. The specters, the ghosts, and the wraiths or whatever they are here in the arcane sanctuary actually have the best chance of dropping high runes. Ghosts are just one of those things that have a better chance of dropping runes. The chaos sanctuary is a good spot because of the high monster density. If you can clear this chaos sanctuary quickly, there's just a lot of high monster density and that's kind of the name of the game when it comes to farming runes. Nothing really has a great chance of dropping it. Magic Find doesn't help and so it really becomes a game of killing as many things as you possibly can as quickly as you can to improve your drop chances. If you are a casual player then you might not focus on High Runes as much as other players, but, Runes, High Runes and especially Runewords are very powerful and can really change the way your character performs. If you are not concerned with High Runes, I still recommend trying them out sometime just to see what kind of difference they can make. If you are like me and farm for High Runes, I hope this guide has helped you in some way. If you get tired of farming for High Runes, don't worry! You can buy cheap D2R runes, runewords, charms, unique weapons & armor, set items, and other Diablo 2 items at low prices and instant delivery at https://www.rsvsr.com/diablo-2-resurrected-items . Once your order is submitted, our worker will handle your D2R items in the shortest time and deliver your items in 5-30 minutes. You also can Diablo 2 Items for Sale
  20. Here they are. idmagic-May-22.pdf estimatevalue-May-22.pdf
  21. New NPCs

    Hello! I'm Michael, I'm the Second Marshal for Marketing and Player Outreach. First, let me just say Welcome to Kingdoms of Novitas! I think you’ll really fit in here by the sound of it. You’ll find a bunch of crafts and theatre people around and *especially* TRPG nerds (myself included)! In my completely unbiased and definitely not influenced by anything at all opinion, I really do think Novitas presents a great experience to people who are new to LARPing. We have a very helpful staff and an enthusiastic player base who are both dedicated to providing players with the best experience possible. You will find a lot of people who will be quick to help answer any questions from new players, the first two among them being myself and the Marshal for M&PO (my boss) Brandon Febles. As for first steps in learning about our game - there's some important information that I would definitely recommend reading up on, You can find a list of races on the Wiki here that gives information and costuming requirements for all current races. The Wiki overall provides a fairly good introduction to the game in the "Learn to Play" and "New Characters" sections. You can also find information about the setting on the Wiki as well. I would also recommend checking out our YouTube channel to get a visual representation of the vibe we shoot for. I would also *highly* recommend joining our Discord where you can connect with our community! It's likely the most active location for the community (besides game itself of course)! I also usually recommend new players NPC their entire first event, if not the first few, before making a PC/OC, but it seems y’all have already made that your plan! We’ve *always* got use for more NPCs, so you can be ready to be engaged in your choice of combat, roleplaying, or both come June! We're looking forward to seeing you in June and again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask either myself or our Marshal for Marking and Player Outreach, Brandon Febles! I am typically best contacted over Discord (though Facebook or these forums also work), and I believe Brandon prefers being reached out over Facebook primarily, but will also see messages on Discord and the forums as well.
  22. New NPCs

    Hey there! My name's Jane, and I've got a group of friends who are really curious about Novitas. We've all been looking for a chance to LARP, and you seem like a great group with a cool set-up. We're all from different backgrounds, but the six of us are all theatre and craft people, and we love TTRPGs. This would be our first LARP, so we're thinking it might be best to play as NPCs to get our feet wet before trying out OCs. If it helps, we're musically inclined if you need a roving minstrel band hahaha. So what do you think? Think you could put us to work, maybe in June?
  23. More in-game buildings/areas

    So (speaking only for myself)... I want the exact opposite of this for a couple of reasons. Yes it would be great for immersion. However, every location an NPC has to go to find PC's to hook for a plot is more time that NPC is in play JUST WALKING and not interacting. Its variable how much that walking tires out the npc in question, some players have no issue with extra walking, some walk 5 feet and then need to sit forever before they go out again (and often with those players lets be real walking isn't the issue). But regardless of how it impacts that hook, the people sitting in a field somewhere as monsters are just sitting... waiting. We want the hook npc to be able to find PC's quickly and relatively efficiently so we can get those npcs back again, resulting in more plots going out the door. I personally hate having two inns. My argument is that we want one single location where hooks go to find adventurers, and if adventurers want to get hooked they go to that location. The helix makes that much harder, so 2 inns it is. Targeted plots, color plots, things where npcs wander about to interact with players are a different story, and more locations don't hurt. However then we enter into another issue with the site. The more permanent PC locations we have, the fewer locations GM's have to send plots that can be "different". It makes me sad the former slap and tickle has been absorbed by PC groups immediately, it would be nice to have a single building out there where some stories can be told that want something other than a lean to. Having said all that, I mean these could very well be cool locations. Adding more to the bazaar would certainly be great for making it more immersive. There's nothing to stop you from building these things.
  24. I would love us to have more in-game buildings/areas. Currently, the only places to hangout that feel immersive are the two inns, the Temple, and maybe Northtown when people actually set up encampments there. Whenever NPCs need to look for people, they always start at the inns because thats where the majority of players are going to be. It would be great for immersion, storytelling, and the overall player experience to have more in-game areas. So here are my ideas for some: (Before I start, I just want to say that if KoN ever decides to implement any of these, I am more than happy to help set it up and can be reached at Andi Livingston on facebook!) GRAVEYARD (Chris Toia originally came up with this idea!) We could get sooo much use out of a graveyard. It would be a great place for people with the medium skill to go look for ghosts (and for ghost NPCs to go look for mediums!). It's a great place for any weird necromancy stuff. ALSO there could even be occasional bonus loot given to players who actually bring the bodies of dead people NPCs to the graveyard. In addition it would be a great place for players to RP, especially to mourn retired PCs. Plus general spookiness. Set up: All that would really be needed are some foam gravestones set up in an opening area. Just some general gravestones can be stuck in the ground before game starts, and anyone who wants to set up a specific grave for a retired PC or a person from their backstory can do so. (You can make foam gravestones really easily/cheaply, or you can buy ones like this https://www.amazon.com/Olgaa-Halloween-Tombstone-Decorations-Graveyard/dp/B09B7JPRG5/ref=sr_1_36?keywords=styrofoam+tombstones&qid=1650736557&sr=8-36) LIBRARY This would be a perfect addition to the game right now, since the Scholar tree was recently added! A library would be a great place for scholars to gather and talk. This would be a good spot to put a courier mailbox and maybe even a letter writing station. In a perfect world, some in-game books (rule book, world book, PC written books) would be available so PCs could check them if needed. There could even be the occasional librarian NPC overseeing it who has information about the plots going out that shift, so PCs could go there looking for info which would be fun to RP. Overall I just think a library fits in really well with the new Scholar tree and it would be so fun to have one! Set up: This could be put in one of the buildings near Northtown, or even just be a table in the Bazaar. I think for it to really work it would need to look pretty good. You'd need books (preferably game related books), the courier mailbox (?maybe?), pens and paper, candles, some decorations, and a sign. It's something that would take awhile to put together, but would be really fun to have. Thats it! Except I'd love the Bazaar to be more immersive too but I won't die on that hill. If I come up with any other ideas I will surely post them.
  25. Vargainen Garb Guide

    Soon you will be able to play characters from Vargainen. P&A has compiled a small guide to how to garb your new characters. As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out, we are happy to help. Vargainen_Garb_Guide.pdf
  26. Latex Weapon Vendors

    Hi! I've never been a player before, and I attended last months LARP where I was only a NPC. I was wondering if you were selling any weapons for April 29th weekend. Thanks!
  27. Production points rules

    You do not need to pay additional coin to use the extra production points, the 3c per point covers the cost of production. So in your example you would pay 36 extra coin for that extra 12 production points (for a grand total of 44 coin with the 8 points of your own being used). Good question!
  28. With the character sheet app we are currently aware of a bug that seems to only appear when using an Apple browser on Apple phones (specifically when trying to make language and ritual choices for scholar). If you encounter this problem (where you can't select languages/ rituals with scholar) try using a different device or a different browser.
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