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  1. Hello all! So I apologize if this post is in the wrong spot or if I ask obvious questions, but I was unsure where to get details for specifics on certain things. Me and 2 of my friends will be coming to Novitas for the first time this weekend (finally) and we've been trying to work out how we will do things. We are seeking to NPC the entire weekend, but have some questions. It's mostly basic stuff, but we'd appreciate some help regardless! Mostly regarding food, cabins, shifts, etc. I appreciate any help I can get!
  2. Finally decided to join

    Thanks! I think I'll definitely go to Junebilee if I'm able to so I can at least get to know everyone. Im looking forward to it!
  3. Finally decided to join

    Hello all! My name is Justin, and I've been on the fence about larping for over a year and finally decided to go. I learned about KoN from a con at the Utica Children's Museum about a year ago from some really awesome people and have been interested ever since. I'm a veteran D&D player of many years but I've never larped before. I've skimmed the rules and worldbook and it's gotten me pretty excited to go to my first event!