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  1. A challenger approaches...

    Hey, I'm Gabby! I'm currently enrolled at Binghamton University, and actually have been LARPing there for around a year now, so this is super cool! A bunch of friends and I (you may have already seen Michael's post, haha) are going to be heading up to NPC (and maybe PC a shift) for the August event, courtesy of an alum Nick, who's graciously invited us over. Some interests of mine include reading, writing, and making costumes, among many others haha. I've been to a plethora of Renn Faire's in my time as well, and fantasy has always been an avid interest of mine. Magic is a definite fascination of mine in fantasy settings, too. From what I've seen so far, there are so many interesting things about the system, and the lore looks insanely expansive!!! I can't begin to describe how excited I am to actually come and check it out! So yeah, I look forward to meeting everyone! Ready to both have a blast and make some blasts! See you then!