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    Great Weapons, heavy armor, the sound of orcish drums in the distance heats the blood. The Eye of Unforgiveness. Brewing alcohol...all kinds.

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  1. Potential new players

    Thanks man, this will help a lot
  2. Potential new players

    Hey everybody, I have some prospective players here at work and would like to point them in the right direction as far as updated Worldbook links are concerned. M&O have any good links for them to feast their eyes on?
  3. Build a Pc

    Whaaaaaa?! I'm sorry man. Magic Strike
  4. Posters

    Kiba for kabuki theater!
  5. Cold-Ironwood???

    Would it be prudent to say that it would be treated as a collectible U.S. coin; A collector would know the true value of "this reverse- minted 1937 Wheat Penny", but for all intents and purposes it would still be worth only $0.01?
  6. At the Beach

    "Where in the Well have you been?!" This response was delivered half exclamatory, half chuckling.
  7. At the Beach

    He sees Thaerion's small, nimble boat land on shore, he returns her acknowledgement with a small nod. He reaches into his leather side pouch and pulls a small leather bracelet that Ith had given him some time ago. "Elf-Friend" it read, and he wondered just how many elves from the Great Forest made their way to Maplewood.
  8. At the Beach

    Lord Richter stands on the sands of the shores of the lake adjacent to Maplewood Proper. His mind is full of thought, shifting from enjoying the peace and protection the Helix offered, to the final fight with the Al'Cairn, his brother Gustav and those back in the castle and New Germinas. All the while he watches a young teenage couple fishing off the shore, catching mostly nothing but rather enjoying each other's company.
  9. OOC: The Manor subforum

    Do we have an updated list of nobility IC and do they have access to The Manor subforum in Conversations?
  10. Bog lurkers don't hibernate

    Then it's a terrific yheti costume!
  11. Bog lurkers in winter
  12. Possible Changes to Enchantment

    That's what Abomination is for.
  13. Notice of Price Increase for 2017

    Even when my attendance is shoddy I still try to PayPal for signin. It helps KoN out and when I do show up it's a sweet sign-in picking up several month's worth of xp, coin, and production.
  14. Preproduction for November, with extra oops!

    Richter Wygraf 2 Scrolls of Shadowskin, "by the power of my blood I cast Shadowskin." 5 scrolls of Creeping Rot, "By the power of my blood I cast Creeping Rot." Paid for with Status
  15. October preproduction

    Richter Wygraf 1x scroll Second Breath, "By the power of my blood I cast Second Breath." 3x scrolls of Shadowskin, "By the power of my blood I cast Shadowskin." paid for with Status