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  1. Pants?

    Hi Toia, I'm not the Props marshal and I have no say, but Dustan the Props and Atmosphere marshal will chime in here to weigh in. I personally think you're on the right track, because they're brown, understated, and no obvious signs of modernity like cargo pockets. But! don't take my word for it, I'd wait for Dustan to give you the thumbs-up.
  2. Greetings

    Hi Greg! Glad you're taking a look. I think you're exactly in the right mindset on NPCing, I npc'd a good number of games before making a character of my own. If I had to offer you tips, it would be: wool socks. Change into fresh wool socks once per shift, and you'll have happy feet. And happy feet make for happy players! If you're looking at things to buy before showing up, I'd suggest going to whatever thrift stores are around and looking for the following. I use the following every game, every time I NPC: Large scarf--useful for changing up your look, while still looking like you're in a fantasy world. I avoid shemagh, they're too modern, but if you look at a few thrift stores you'll find a few good scarves for not a lot of $$. Look for light wool. Lined leather gloves- tough to find, but not impossible. Base NPC layer-- use plain black starting out, no logos. Be brave and walk the women's section of thrift stores, looking for a ren-fair style black shirt, or go with a friend. Black pants, avoid jeans. Leather belt and pouch (we have these you can borrow for NPCing, but I just like to have my own) If you go to a few thrift stores, you can get all this loot for less than 20bucks, likely way less, and you'll be in a great spot to start building your player kit. If you have questions, I'm happy to chat at game! I hope to see you there, Greg.

    Thank you! You're doing the game a great service, and I appreciate it!
  4. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    That's neat, I can see the similarities you're talking about with Greeks and Rome. In my mind, I think of the Vlean/ Civen civil war as similar to North and South Korea. At one time, they were one state. There was a costly war, and now it's split in two, with simmering conflict always under the surface. One of the two embraced democracy(Civen/South) and is open for trade and travel, the other theocracy (Vleanoans/north) and is closed off from the outside world as much as possible. The major difference from the Korea example is that both Civen and Vlean are very active outside their borders in the Freelands. It's common to meet a Civenite tradesman or a Vleanoan Septon, both with their own perspective on the merits of their country, and the relative demerits of the opposite. As far as costuming, if you're into a roman/Greek aesthetic and look, playing a Civenite is probably your best bet. Vleanoans wear clothes more like medieval Europe. But don't take only my word for it, Come and give it a try! There are a few Classics majors in our ranks. Maybe NPC your first game, take it all in, and go from there.

    Ok, worn armor has a conflict : it says that 75% coverage gives coverage across the entire part (last paragraph, intro). It later says that worn armor only applies where worn under Armor Points, 2nd paragraph. I think the rule currently is "armor as worn" and we got rid of the 75% coverage rule a while ago. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Wornarmor
  6. Arrows

    Thanks for posting this! By posting, You helped future players who have questions about KoN archery. What did you think about the arrows, did they work well?
  7. Adventurer's Backpack

    Here's a backpack that fits the bill for an adventurer's pack. Called a Romanian Army Backpack, made in the '70s and '80s, but with a non-military look. Made of canvas and leather, looks like a Bilbo backpack, especially with stuff dangling. I ordered 2, one was super clean, the other needed cleaning of the leather with soap and a brush, and hung over a dehumidifier for a day. Both needed a little neatsfoot oil to rehydrate the leather bits. https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/romanian-retro-pack-surplus/62292 I adjusted mine like the description indicated, I cut off the secondary straps, cut off the hooks on the arm straps (Not The Hooks On The Bottom, that's important), and swapped the hooks on the straps for some of the metal "loops" from the straps I cut off. Ended it all by hammering the hooks closed. Easier to do than to type. I used this in the 2019 dungeon crawl and it was great. If you have a passive shield, you may not be able to get it on and off, but otherwise pretty great for Novitas. I'm planning on modifying mine further, adding leather leaves and other elements. The leather sleeve on the lid looks perfect for a LARP double-head axe or hammer.
  8. Bounty for the abomination wand

    Scratched in the margin of the notice, in brown ink, is the following: CAN YOU DESCRIBE OR SKETCH THE WAND? MAPLE WOOD GAZETTE IS LOOKING FOR ARTICLES, SEE NORMA.
  9. 2019 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    I'd suggest an order that doesn't invite people to hold their $$ for another item that won't necessarily increase the bid. Ideally, the highest-competition items should be a the beginning. My humble suggestions: Weapons and shields first, including the not-so-great-weapon; Then all boots (all boots), then armor, Belts, Necklaces, Then rings, cloaks, The Tassel, the Tome, the bag-o-bones, Then gift certifaleese, Blue Bag, Then the DIY Scrolls of magic item making, Scrolls of Retirement and otherwise, Then ending with Scroll yer Roll.
  10. On weapon materials

    Hi Claire, great to have you at last game! Good question, you just need the appropriate skills on your character sheet, and you can make anything your weaponsmithing rank will allow. Basically, you're assumed to be buying the raw materials between games if you're a weaponsmith. See the KON rules wiki entry on weaponsmithing for more info: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Skills.Weaponsmith And, if there's something I missed, someone from Rules will chime in! Happy Crafting, -Richard/Reaver
  11. Hello Everybody!

    Great to have you Devin, looking forward to seeing you then!
  12. Leg Wraps! Winnegas! Wininjas! Do you have a pair, and want to know how to wrap them so they stay on your legs all shift long? Do you have cold legs, and are wondering, "What can I do to make my legs both warm and awesome-looking?" Or perhaps you heard someone say "wininja" at game, and want to know more? Then this is the video for you! A tutorial on how to wrap winnegas! Many thanks to the Marketing&Player Outreach, and Props and Atmosphere working groups, for their support in making this video; and to Kat Crossman for the photo of Janos. The winnegas in the tutorial are from LarpEssentials.
  13. Have you ever wondered how to clean, maintain, and seal your fancy leather boots? Well, here is a tutorial for you! KON has a 3 part series on how to care for your boots over at youtube: Part 1: Cleaning Part 2: Hydrate Part 3: Seal (or topcoat) See descriptions for links of things to get you started, for not a lot of dough!
  14. New Necromancy Tree!

    How about moving Memory Loss to necromancy, since the Stranger peels away memories before going to the Well.
  15. Found in Apache A-frame, aka Fire Keepers and Friends: -one brown cloak, cotton, long - one pair leather gloves, black insulated