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  1. I think a fun idea for a rp plot would be to have an NPC bard wander around looking for inspiration for songs. They could ask PCs for stories they could use to base their songs on, and in exchange the bard could give the PC some coin. This would be fun because the bard could literally walk around for an entire shift since theres no limit to stories in this game, but it would also give PCs a chance to reminiscence about past events or to even tell a bit from their backstory. (Bonus points if someone ACTUALLY writes a song)
  2. New and excited!

    Hello! My name is Andi and I'm hoping to attend KoN in October as an NPC. I've never larped before but I've been wanting to come to a KoN event for YEARS! I've read a lot (if not all) of the material available to me, joined the FB, and have watched a few of the youtube videos. I still have quite a few questions before I commit to coming this weekend. If someone could answer me that would help a LOT! First, do I have to sign up somewhere ahead of time, or just show up on location day of? Second, is there somewhere I can find some more specifics such as covid protocols and time of arrival? I've heard KoN is very beginner friendly. Will someone be there to teach me the game? I'm a little nervous about it. Thanks so much! Andi (they/them)