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  1. Is this acceptable?

    Hello all, as I mentioned in the Introduce yourself thread I'm considering attending one of your events next year and had a question. I have this garb that I'm not currently using for anything and figured that if I do come I'd wear it. The only thing is that it specifically states that there is no cross dressing allowed on the wiki. I'm a generally a male presenting individual but have been taken for a woman while wearing this kit in the past. this wasn't my intention when making the kit it just turned out like that. I was wondering if I'd have to change it to attend. Thanks. Ps do ignore my goofy face in these photos.
  2. Read This Before Posting In Here!

    Hello my name is Emi. I discovered your larp my accident and seems really cool so I'm considering making the trek from Massachusetts to play with you all. I just had question that I couldn't quite find an answer to on the wiki.