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  1. hi! new player.

    oh ok good thing i asked wouldve shown up way to early lol
  2. hi! new player.

    ok and i couldnt find it on the website what time should one show up on friday?
  3. hi! new player.

    is there anything i need to do before showing up for a pc or?
  4. hi! new player.

    awesome! im beyond excited. and yeah tbh i found all that before the forums lmao idk how but completely overlooked that link.
  5. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    costume not finished yet but wanna show off my pretty halbierd
  6. hi! new player.

    hey, excited for the april 1st game. me and a few friends are hoping to make this a regular kinda thing all very excited. had an idea to all kinda rp as a kinda merc group(matching cloaks and all lol) anyways yeah, just got out the army and trying to find an excuse to be in the woods plus ya know, swords.