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    D&D, hiking, reading/writing, maybe Larping, this would be my first time trying it out :)
  1. Latex Weapon Vendors

    Hi! I've never been a player before, and I attended last months LARP where I was only a NPC. I was wondering if you were selling any weapons for April 29th weekend. Thanks!
  2. New player, really excited to get started

    And I should bring my own sleeping bag,blanket, pillow correct? Or do you have extra? Thanks.
  3. New player, really excited to get started

    Also, do you have water for drinking, or should I buy that at grocery store too? Thanks!
  4. New player, really excited to get started

    Hi! No worries, was just checking. Also, what kind of food is available at the "tavern/inn" for purchase. Are there fruits/veggies/whole grain/eggs/meat (or some protein)? Just wanted to check to see if I should go grocery shopping before getting there. Thank you.
  5. New player, really excited to get started

    Nice! I checked the weather and it seems pretty cold. maybe I'll check to see how many people are in the A-frames, and then bring my tent just in case. Also, maybe this is a dumb question, but is there anyway to heat the lean-tos (either something I could bring or you could provide). And are people required to get tested/proof of vaccination before arriving? Thank you.
  6. New player, really excited to get started

    Nice! Is camping in a tent allowed? I only ask because I am trying to be cautious because of COVID. Would you recommend it? Do a lot of people do that? Also, is there any option to not share a room, and if not, how many people would i be sharing a room with? Thank you so much and looking forward to my first LARP.
  7. New player, really excited to get started

    Also, would it make sense to reserve a spot now? I just wasn't sure how fast this event usually fills up, and I don't want to wait too long. Thanks!
  8. New player, really excited to get started

    Oh you are saying that you have to choose one, and you can't be a PC and an NPC in the same event? I'm definitely thinking I will check your game out, especially since I'm in New York too. I'll keep doing research. Thanks again for answering all my questions!
  9. New player, really excited to get started

    Thanks! I'm definitely looking forward to my first larp event. I'm going to check to see if I can take time off work. Another LARP I'm considering is Secrets of Caldera. I probably wouldn't be able to do both since I don't think I could get the time off work. What made me consider your LARP was the heavy immersion aspect. Do you know Secrets of Caldera, and what would you say the biggest differences are? Thank you!
  10. Hi! My name is Jefferson and I'm new to LARP, though I have played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons before. I live as an working intern (similar to WOOFing/workaway.com) at a Buddhist Temple in Upstate New York! I also used to teach children with autism. I'm into doing more roleplaying than combat, although I'm open to trying to combat out. Do you think this game would be a good fit? Thanks. Sincerely, Jefferson