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  1. The Weakening Hello everyone, self-proclaimed Mr. PC coming to you with an offer that you can’t turn down. What is this amazing offer you ask? Well read on my friends and enjoy. Dear Veterans: For the month of November, I recommend shedding that heavy armor, sheathing your weapons and relaxing you muscles by taking a well-deserved vacation. You have protected the town long enough and paid your dues. Let others stand in the light that shines upon you and carry the torch of justice. Remind all those who question your worth, why you are needed. OOG Is your character overpowered? Have you played the same person for over 3 years (Minus the Covid Gap)? Is the game becoming too easy? Have you stopped fearing the inhabitants of the land? Well, I invite you (for one month) to break the chains of comfort and roll out as a new character within the following guideline: · Max level of 20 (50sp) · Only one Feb Feast item · No help from previous group members, unless they themselves are in on the action Winter months tend to be our slow season (shocked face) and it’s easier to level up. There is no better time to have so many average players running around trying to defend the town. · Items that never get used will become important. · Careful planning would be needed before accepting that farmers quest. · Specialized characters will be needed since no one can be the “Jack of all Trades” · Are you part of a group? Relive the old days of being weak and really depending on your comrade · Break away from your group and play with other players that you normally don’t interact with. · Challenge yourself again. Are you the hero of Maple Wood because of your skills or your magic? · Try a different play style. Be bold!! Now I know a lot of people won't partake in this idea. Before you say no just think, think about the first time you garbed up and stepped out into the Kingdoms of Novitas. Recall the fear you felt as the drums sounded off in the distance, signaling the march of orcs. The fear you felt as your comrade was struck down and you weren’t sure you would escape with your life. For one month go back to where it all began.