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  1. There are times when these forums just need a "like" button. +1 "Like" for Dave. Lol
  2. Harvest Pictures?

    It shall be done. Maybe I will trick my camera lady into doing it for me.
  3. Best of September 2014

    Wraiths don't like music. It was pretty funny that every time I ran through town or a combat I managed to find you. I started to feel bad after the third time... I think it was at the entrance to the field near the inn. I lost track though because I kept laughing. Every time I jumped out of the bushes.... Kill Da Bard!
  4. Best of the Crawl!

    For the amount of time I was abe to attend it was very good time. Thank you to everyone who makes the wheels turn.
  5. New pc outfitting

    I have some busted and beat up Butted Chain Mail if you desire something other than Plate. It doesn't fit your initial request but let me know if it ends up being something you want me to bring to game.
  6. May 2014 Lost & Found

    Hmmm... a decent theory, Jenica. I will have to ponder on that for a few weeks. B)
  7. May 2014 Lost & Found

    Yeah, that's all mine. I don't even know... I wasn't even at last game. Why would anyone throw all of that out? Oh well, at least you guys found it I guess.
  8. May 2014 Lost & Found

    Yup... It's mine. :huh:
  9. May 2014 Lost & Found

    It's Mine, maybe... I have no idea how though... let me double check my bags...
  10. Best of June

    How's it spelled? :huh:
  11. Wood For Novitas, Please Help?

    That's not what the wife wants. Thank you for the opportunity though.
  12. Wood For Novitas, Please Help?

    If you have a picture I might be willing to come and handle this. My wife has been wanting a swing set and it is not in the budget at the moment.
  13. Hello all

    Lauren.... Why? Why do you have this. We burned all the evidence a long time ago... :angry: :P
  14. Custom-Made Shields

    Wow, Awesome job!