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    masteroblade#1758 this is mine.
  2. Legacy LARP

    seeing as i need days off for the following week i will have to regretfully pass. technically i could take off both weekends but it would be a very shitty paycheck for me. one of these days i will make it to an event.
  3. chainmail coif

  4. Communications At Events

    please remove me from the druids messages. thanks. kept getting woke up from all the messages from the event.
  5. best, worst, and funniest moments of June

    ahh man i would have loved to have heard that story. makes me even sader now that i had to miss the event. i will miss that when i bring grog back in. that was the reason i fought as recklessly as i did when cat was at game. i knew she would get me back up.
  6. 2012 July and August Events

    i will be there
  7. Pouch/Ribbon Dispenser... thingy?

    i would like to order one of these new fangled pouch thingies you got here making. black that straps to my belt would be good.
  8. master staff

    yes i am in need of the prop not the crafter. thanks mk for the link i will check him out
  9. chainmail coif

    ok still tyrying to sell this please someone...anyone?
  10. master staff

    bump for great justice and what not
  11. Pouch/Ribbon Dispenser... thingy?

    i am intereasted but will have to wait till i have spare income. once this job starts paying steady i should be able to have said spare income in a month or two.
  12. Benefit Raffle Results!

    just be sure not to die and get looted. congrats
  13. master staff

    ok i am seeking someone skilled in the arts to make me a master staff. i need someone artistic enough to carve a bear skull for the head of said staff. pm me and we can discuss things.
  14. chainmail coif

    am also willing to trade this towards someone making me a masters staff.
  15. may photos

    ok so i will beat you all to the punch here is the photos i took of the event. http://s919.photobucket.com/albums/ad35/masteroblade/