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  1. Player Distribution 2012

    thats a great idea dan...convince him to kill himself. You are so smart.
  2. Player Distribution 2012

    just kill the elemental...that will get his attention...lolz
  3. The New Games of Pinedale

    I enjoyed playing the games in and out of character (winning was a bonus). I dont have any problem taking a few minutes to play a game of strategy/chance. Winning coin is nice but for the most point (for me) pointless. There isnt enough things to spend money on in game in my opinion. I would play just for the fun of it. I enjoyed learning new games and appreciated the time you took to teach. I look forward to playing again and trying some of the other games as well.

    anyone have a guest pass for d3...i tried the beta and wasnt impressed but im hearing that i should try out the game. so i want to try b4 i invest 60 bucks.
  5. Kickstarter stuff

    Both have been fully funded but grim dawn has stretch goals and Xenonauts is creating them as we speak. Grim Dawn is from the makers of titan quest and Xenonauts is the true spiritual successor to XCOM. Check them out! Grim Dawn Xenonauts
  6. Rides to Ragnarok

    If i get the weekend off..I can offer carpool/ride from Rochester. Will update when I know for sure when I am leaving and if I have time off. If it is not out of the way too much and whoever offers gas I could pick up ppl that are off the beaten path going down from the Roc. fyi this will be most likely at the end of the week
  7. Wraithbane & Primal Form

    So here is the deal...I cast Wraithbane on my shovel (yay i hit for +1 and elven steel) then I am walking and I see a troll. I cast Primal Form (yay i can swing for primal now). I swing for 3s normally but 4s with Wraithbane on my shovel. Do I swing for 4s with primal form damage or 3s. Does the +1 drop? My opinion is they would stack I am simply changing the damage type. Looking for a response from Dan as he is the rules marshal. Also..i just want to make this clear...potions anyone can identify (I remember a post that stated this but just wanted to make sure nothing has changed).
  8. Wraithbane & Primal Form

    thank you for the clarification ps you are awesome. for now. :)
  9. bunk request. that is all.
  10. Juice fast

    Its really not meant for long-term weight loss. Its more of a "flush" of the garbage in your system. Like Rich I tried it but it became too expensive for me and couldnt find enough recipes I liked. Good luck tho I am sure the benefits will be worth it
  11. 2011 attendance factoids

  12. 2012 Schedule?

    Hoping on attending events this year (prob except Rag; maybe the weekend tho) depends on if I can get time off as I am working on weekends. At least I will have some cash which has been my barrier this past year.
  13. Ok I know this has probably been done before. (Feel free to move this to its rightful place if needed, Dave) Ok I am driving in Rochester and do a double take because I thought this person dressed all in black was a wraith. I acutally had the thought for a split second of asking around for Wraithbane or if anyone carried Elven Steel.
  14. Cooooooooold

  15. Ordained: Draconus Title?

    DOVAKIN!!!!!! sorry wrong game. Also this from the Illuminati Rankings The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the "Pindar". The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco", also known as the "Penis of the Dragon". Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth. Seriously tho, Im considering bringing in the distant future an alt that is involved with Draconus as well. Not sure if I will go Ordained tho. Things I was thinking of are: Adept/Acolyte/Initiate of the 3rd/4th/5th Order(something to show that their are different sects but still connected by their devotion to Draconus) Each Order(can be called something else for all I care) represents an aspect of draconus.
  16. November 2011 Sleeping Arrangements

    Wont be at game.
  17. November 2011 Sleeping Arrangements

    My bed in Confirmation will be up for grabs fyi.
  18. NPC's Guide to Roleplaying Monsters

    I think this is an awesome idea.
  19. Creep

    I agreed with separating threads. I use shadowskin as I have paid for it in skill points and magic power. I don't believe the spells are the problem. If they are then it would be a case of penalizing players for using the skills/spells effectively. I don't use shadowskin (nor could I) for every encounter. It costs 5 power which is a large investment. I use it when I am overwhelmed or going against superior odds. One NPC with Enchant Weapon/Primal dmg ends my day and probably means I blew 5 power for nothing. I could go into other spells and why they aren't the issue but Im not. I think the best suggestion has already been said. Having well trained and skilled Lead NPCs that know how to go from High/Low stats for NPCs. It has been done and works pretty well. I had 5 Npcs with me(some experienced and some not) and took on GoST and gave them a really good fight by respawning and boosting their stats a little. One of the best encounters I have been apart of.
  20. Confirmation Lodge

    Would like to reserve any open bunk, cot, couch in that order plz.\ PS. Is Confirmation OOG or can I set up my encampment stuff if I get a bunk in there?
  21. Pat Lane's Armor

  22. Bagmen Fear Attack

    I believe there may be some confusion with this topic. What are the ways to protect oneself from the fear attack of a Bagman. Dan?
  23. Bagmen Fear Attack

    Thank you.
  24. Rocktober!

    Top...whatever I remember. 1. Making it to game! 2. Awesome battle/rp fae plot with GoST. NPCs that were involved you guys were awesome. GoST you guys are good diplomats...maybe next time convergence wont save you. :P 3. Giving Octavius spark back (in the above scenario) so that the PCs would dispel the fae circle. They didn't keep up their end of the bargain...but it was great rp. 4. Logistics running smoothly and staying empty of NPCs. 5. Food...yummy! 6. My little tony and the fear it causes in undead. Lolz 7. Someone setting up the graveyard. Thank you! 8. Falling as a bagman and being able to get back up and keep swinging. 9. Scott Chapin putting the fae cure up his nose....hilarious if not slightly disturbing. 10. Vincent performed a wedding. Well done. 11. Falco the Bard. 12. Taking down a wraith by myself. Shadowskin/Wraithbane are my friends. Heard the wraith call reap spirit like 4 times. My initial reaction I thought it had reaped 3-4 people. I was like huh. Finding out later that it tried to reap someone that was grounded. The bees sucked. Not getting stung was a plus.