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  1. Something something best of May...

    Hey if the local punk can't help wrangle beetles who can? :)
  2. A question of papers

    Rodger that, thank you
  3. A question of papers

    So I am coming in this game as a person form Vlen and it just occurred to me that they have papers, my question is: Do we have a standard format for those?, Am I supposed to have them?, Do you guys have to issue them?, Do I make them myself?, or do we just pretend that there are totally papers in my hand when there are in fact none.
  4. Sewing is fun... ehe

    Yea I am just gonna keep working at it, and the upside is it is a useful skill to have LARPing aside.
  5. Sewing is fun... ehe

    So after my success in making three Roman tunics, though one was too short and made of stiff twill stuff, one was too long but made of linen and unfortunately vanished (along with its matching cloak), and one was just right both in length and material. I have decided for my next PC to go all in and make the whole kit and caboodle shield, pants, tunic, jacket, and hat and while learning new things can be fun Oy vey it can be a real rough experience. My mother is a part time seamstress like she gets paid money to make clothes for people (and now even expensive custom wedding dresses), so while she is a endless source of skill and insight in the field of sewing it is a bit like learning to tool around on the guitar with the teacher in the film Whiplash, "are you leading or dragging?".

    ok folks last week before I put them up on craigs list as a cash only, get em while you can.

    OK more book packs for sale: Marvel Universe RPG: Core Book Guide to the X-men Book Guide to the Hulk and the Avengers Book DragonMech Rpg: Core Book Mech Manual 2nd age of the walkers Indi Rpg lot: Human Contact Rpg Panty Explosion Rpg (I know how that sounds but its not a "adult" Rpg) Little Fears: Nightmare Edition Rpg Maschine Zeit Rpg Odd D20 lot: The wheel of time Rpg Everquest Rpg Odds and Ends lot: FUDGE: Expanded edition Rpg Starwars: No disintegrations sourcebook Zombie Cataclysm Rpg so I will take offers for these most dont have a set price the DragonMech set sits at around $45 as the set is somewhat sought after. I will like I said take cash or trades currently looking for sword frogs, pouches, potion holders and any sewing/building services.

    ok the Rifts pack is sold to Nick Q

    Hmm fire me a pic on facebook if ya can but it sounds like we might have a deal

    Do you know what model the calamcil is? If not that blade length and handedness

    Also I forgot to say that as this money is going towards LARP, like any salesman in a Bethesda game I also take barter. Currently I will take weapons, armor, accessories, and gear crafting services as payment.

    The Rifts lot contains everything you need to run a very long north America campaign involving the coalition (I don't really know why anyone wouldn't, the set is all in one and I don't want to break it up as a smaller pile of random sourcebooks is just as useless as a collection of books you don't use. Books with a * next to them are signed by the author CORE SET: RIFTS RPG Core rule book RIFTS RPG Core rule book 20th anniversary collection Rifts Game Master Guide* Source Book 1 Revised* Coalition war campaing set: Coalition war Campaign* Coalition Navy* Siege of Tolkeen 1 Siege of Tolkeen 2 Siege of Tolkeen 3 Siege of Tolkeen 4 Siege of Tolkeen 5 Siege of Tolkeen 6: Final siege Other Books: Lone Star Underseas* Federation of magic Canada Atlantis Free Quebec Juicer Uprising Mercenaries Rifter Issues: 1,2,3,4,35,50,51*,52*,57 These are quarterly splats put out by Palladium that have new material for their games (mostly Rifts), 51 and 52 also have the only printed vehicle creation rules. Rifts Novels: Sonic boom Deception's web My total asking price is $150 (~5.00 a book) and it would include delivery (if you don't live ridiculously far away), the majority of the books are in nearly brand new condition, and this set would cost ALOT more if you bought them separately. I will post up full lists of my other book sets later

    CRAZY NICK HERE! DUE TO RECKLESS OVERSTOCKING ON MY PART WE ARE NOW OFFLOADING ALL OF OUR OVERSTOCKED RPGS!, OUR DEALS ARE SO CRAZY WE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP, BAD CREDIT? NO CREDIT? WHO CARES SPEND MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK for serious though I have piles (literally) of RPG books that need to be offloaded somewhere for a real price (one store offered me $12 for a collection of world of darkness books, that's like .80 a book and they resell them for $15-$20), I will not let people cherry pick through collected sets otherwise I will still be stuck with a bunch of books. I have two listings on ebay that have been re-listed around 10 times already so I will give you all a crack at them and if someone wants them I will cancel the listing and get them to you so we all save a buck or two, I will take SERIOUS offers (don't offer me $1 for the lot). This money will go toward my LARP gear. OWoD Book lot: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321719990367?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Pathfinder Book: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321719990034?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I also have a HUGE! Rifts collection, and a Odds&Ends lot
  14. Shield question

  15. Shield question

    so I will be attending game in May (which is the first time since 2010!) and I will be having a shield so naturally I need to construct it, however I do have a question. let me preface this question by first telling you that I have almost no math skills so please don't answer in square feet or some such nonsense, anyways I am getting ready yo cut a piece of plywood for my new Roman shield and my question is what dimensions (length and with) would be good for it?