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  1. Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man.. and give some back. -- Al

  2. Harvest Fest: Daytripping

    We'll need it staffed, messages already sent.
  3. Best of October 2014

    Shit I'll remember.. + Friends -- we had about two dozen of you come over and welcome us back, and thanks for that. It was good to see you too. + Party insta-gel'ing: We've been bouncing ideas around for a few weeks now, but nothing virtual compares with the actual. Parking ourselves on Grumble's porch and tossing digs and backstory around, and it all came together. I'm pleased to play with these folks, and kind of excited to see how MK steers us through plots. + Never underestimate the productive power of being an asshole: We ended Harvest fest with friends and feuds, and what a great way to start the game. Thanks go to Suzie for letting us tease her and for throwing that crap right back at us, it helped us out a lot! + F'ing Gabe: First, the tales of competitive urine drinking in the Inn/Outt. Then the singing contest, hilarious. And lastly, imagine, in broken English, the following: "As we say in Gersh.. you cannot help what gets your dick hard." We all lost it. Awesome. + Pudding versus Sausage: No Name was helping Grumble figure out Elven genders. + The rain? No Name's fault. Playing a cursed character? Genius. + Bucket's First LARP. I don't know how she pulled off the throat-cut voice all day, but she did. + "She looks good in that cloak." "Yup.. is it for sale?" "It is.. [price quote] ." "Is that the erection-rate?" "It is." + Prime's craftsmanship on a sheath worthy of Cimmerian Kings. Daaaaaaaamn. + KoN in autumn has plenty of John Woo nature moments if you know to look for 'em. + Ann was a big help to us: Braiding Chrissie's hair into her unkempt-murderous she-wolf do Friday night, putting together a manly roughspun bocksten for me, helping us figure out a game plan on the drive in, decompressing on the way out. Thanks Ann! + Pretty much everyone on our team deserves heartfelt thanks, but special spotlights on MK and Prime and 8ft Mike for calling me a pussy when I started looking at the weather report and grousing. + "Some people tell stories, other folks make 'em." "You said that already, old man." "I did?" Half-Dead's lack of inflection was creepy. + Ferrazano tells random NPC septon about the heresies of the Vlean church, about Draconus turning Vanya into..whatever she is, and doing it all with a quiet earnestness. It was not hard to play overwhelmed. + Angry Ivan, at wits end, looking forward to watching the town die about him while Atticus quietly tells him how that's a bad idea and he should feel bad. The bromance continues. + The temple encampment is great. Nice job! + Taps? In the Inn? Daaaaaaaamn. + "You things are the most person-like things I've seen today. I almost respect you. For serious, trees have tried killing me today. I will tell all that you are now friends of Krod son of Krod." " --Krod, son of Krod, to the lizardfolk over purchasing negotiations. This is what it looks like when you fail a diplomacy check by 1.. you can tell he's trying, but goddammit did he just call us 'things'? I imagine a steadycam following him throughout his Saturday shift would look like "The Zeppo" episode of Buffy. + Sebastian seems like a total turn for Tony's PCing habits. He was calm, urbane, unarmed, and passive. Nice! + Nice being back!
  4. Harvest Fest: Daytripping

    I'm glad to hear logistics is vigorously staffed and open for business at 9am on Saturday mornings; we'll be there.
  5. September shift change

    As-of-yet-unnamed Dellin warparty (starting in October, daytripping Saturdays) + Drew U / Grumble + Chrissie D / Bucket + Rich H / No Name (That's his name, not his state of indecision) + Prime / ? + Kat S / Fleabit + Ann A / Coldfeet (We may have two more joining us, eventually, but we are aware of the adventure cap)
  6. Advice on books

    Three Parts Dead was a lot of fun, and reads like something straight out of a China Mieville-as-GM Shadowrun campaign.
  7. Tabletop background music

    Background music for all your dice-rolling adventures: http://tabletopaudio.com/
  8. KoN 4.0 Rules

    Ah balls. Okay.
  9. KoN 4.0 Rules

    Hey is there a version of the updated printed rulebook written in colloquial English yet, or are we relying on the wiki for that?
  10. Using Shields in Combat

    Yeah, it's drunk though. Okay, I'll find a better size.
  11. Using Shields in Combat

    Just need a yes/no on this: Current iteration of the rulebook states bucklers are no more than 24" in diameter. That seems F'ing huge to me. Just want a thumbs or thumbs down as to the accuracy of that rule before I start cobbling one together, gracias.
  12. New pc outfitting

    I might be willing to sell my plate legs, but they need work.
  13. 2014 FIFA World Cup

  14. I like it as the counterbalance to being able to buy xp. And I'm totally not surprised you hate this idea, by the way. :D