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  1. Because the forums are giving MK some trouble currently I will be your substitute announcer for the following Props and Atmosphere announcement. Please read the following in your head using her voice, not mine. ~~~ Hi everyone! So some of you may have heard some chatter at Feb Feast about a possible incentive for garb promotion. Well, I come to you today to tell you it's true! For the months of April, May, and June 2015 we will be offering XP for personal NPC Garb and Gear purchases. We may choose to extend this into the Fall of 2015 if we're feeling froggy. No promises. Nuts and Bolts: - Players may turn in receipts totaling up to no more than $300/month/player and receive 1XP/$10 spent. (The cap is to prevent the possibility of someone taking out a second mortgage or maxing out their credit cards. It's happened... it wasn't good.) - XP for Boots is not a part of this incentive and will not count towards the monthly $$ cap. We will always give XP for boots and they will be treated separately as long as we're offering the NPC Garb Incentive. - Players may turn in receipts for materials purchased to make their own garb or gear, but the item(s) must be complete and ready to be approved when the receipts are turned in. - Garb and Gear means: clothing, accessories (hats/belts/bags/pouches/etc), weapons, and shields. - All garb and gear claimed under this incentive must be approved by the Props and Atmosphere Marshal (MaryKate) or Second (Tony S.) and must adhere to the published garb standards. There are a couple reasons that we're offering this incentive that I think I should share with you all. Over the last 10 years our game has developed a culture that values high garb standards. Our players are committed to looking good and maintaining a level of immersion that many other LARPs simply cannot achieve. We are proud of that fact and, honestly, it's a selling point of our game. This incentive is meant to make sure that we continue to raise that bar and make sure that all our players, old and new, are invested in that effort. Additionally, players benefit personally from having a better selection of personal NPC gear (beyond current benefit of receiving XP) because GMs are more likely to give them interesting and challenging roles. A player with their own set of Noble garb, for example, is much more likely to be asked to take on a Noble RP role. A person with their own set of elf ears is more likely to be chosen to play a Wildrunner (and to have a matching pair of ears... it's always the right ones that go missing). Of course the pool of NPC garb and gear that the game owns is always available to NPCs, but having that well-fitting doublet and fine Vleanoan hat means you're more likely to be asked to play a Vleanoan Inquisitor and that you'll look damn good doing it! I'll add that having/working on having a good NPC kit is also one of those things that signifies to the GMs and other staff that a player is committed, reliable, and invested in our game. People who build a good personal NPC kit are the types of people who tend get invited into working groups, asked join the GM staff, etc. because it shows a level of personal responsibility that our staff values and seeks to cultivate. This is not something anyone expects to happen overnight, and honestly most players take years to build up a substantial NPC kit, but it is absolutely something that we should all be working on and that we are trying to encourage and stimulate with this incentive.
  2. Best of June

    Please make sure your garb contains at least 37 pieces of mind flair.
  3. May 2014 Lost & Found

    This was found in a garbage bag. If it's yours speak up.
  4. blh blah blah
  5. Chainmail

    Will do.
  6. Chainmail

    I've got a suit of riveted steel sitting in my basement that I can't really use. Sleeves come down a bit past the elbow, bottom is lower thigh. I'm not sure what kind of steel it is, but it hasn't rusted sitting in my basement for the last 3 years.
  7. I re-uploaded the files. Try now.
  8. Ordained 3 question

  9. Weapon crafting tips needed...

    Nah, most proper hardware stores carry it. Just look for this guy in various sizes: http://www.dap.com/product_details.aspx?BrandID=46&SubcatID=8
  10. Weapon crafting tips needed...

    Do not use the gel version of DAP though. It looks almost exactly the same as the regular can but has a big droplet label with "GEL" written on it. It will make you a sad panda.
  11. Papers, Please

    I'm kind of impressed. That game is super new and it's beta release hasn't gotten much press, whoever is in charge of this class is on the ball.
  12. Old garbage bucket

    I have a round 32 gallon plastic garbage bin you can have if you don't get a closer/sooner donation.
  13. The Big Combined Thread About BOOTS! (Outdated)

    The smexy boots I wore as Catalus had something like what they call the comfort sole and I never had a problem except on actual ice.
  14. As the KoN Chief Internetsman I am currently contemplating a replacement or alternate solution. If you have any relevant input or are interested in the unenviable task of gathering up old photo album URLs feel free to contact me.
  15. Pictures!

    Supplemental: http://fedorasofokc.tumblr.com/
  16. Quizez

    There are a number of free online quiz makers, doing it online shouldn't be terribly complicated.
  17. Full plate armor

    That said, there are really only two historical styles of "full plate": Italian and German. A proper suit in either style is going to set you back a giant shit pile of money. Most people will put together a more ad-hoc suit of what is essentially "munitions grade" armor that will probably resemble Italian at least a little bit. Most affordable online retailers make armor like this, and is in line with what a professional soldier might be able to afford.
  18. Full plate armor

    There's almost no place that sells armor in thickness less than the Novitas requirement. Maybe some of those shitty replica swords retailers, but you don't wanna buy shit from them anyway.
  19. Weapon Painting Help

    If you're putting paint on top of a store-bought weapon and you're having trouble getting it to not peel off the problem is probably that the original sealant coating is too smooth. Give the parts to be painted a light sanding before applying any color and it should stick a bit better.
  20. september 2012 Lost & Found

    Senor Lane, I have just found your feastware stowed within my PC tote. Going forward, please properly identify the tote belonging to you before placing your possessions within one. Thank you. Best regards, Prime
  21. Taking off armor and putting it back on adds like half an hour to plate armor repair time :(
  22. Character timeline

    Timeline graph updated. I even generously fixed the month fields for those of you incapable of following directions :P Calida Spuria's 2 month stint in Pinedale does not quite fit in 100 pixels though ...
  23. Character timeline

    Remind me when there's more data. All I gotta do is upload the csv to the script folder and it'll automagically read it and update the graph.
  24. Character timeline

    What's that? You want me to make a web page that will create a visual timeline graph based off the exported CSV file from the Google doc? Why certainly, but only because you asked so nicely. http://lobachevsky.net/timeline/ Notes: * Nerds who pre-schedule retirement get listed as active * Dweebs who can't follow numeric procedure get left out * Dorks with non-modern browsers are gonna have a bad time
  25. Retirement is 'soonish', but not yet. Enjoy the aegis kool-aide while it lasts.