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  1. are these okay for use?

    Personally, I do not think there is enough padding/foam on them to be legit for DAG fighting. But I'll let others chime in that are a bit more experienced in DAG than I am. :)
  2. Great Turkey War II

    I know, just letting you know for sure that there generally wasn't a price for kids.. unless they are old enough to partake in combat activities, unless that's changed.
  3. Great Turkey War II

    Brodash, the last I knew there wasn't a charge for kids for pretty much any Lostwithiel event.. as most of the kids that attend are still just too young over all. :D
  4. October 2nd Fighter Practice

    location: Pinti Field 6th Street Rome, NY 13440 time: 12pm to 4pm Note: use the parking lot at the corners of Basile and 4th streets, as its right across the street from our normal location. If you park over by the pavilion or skate park, you'll be on the opposite side over all. I'll be at practice, just a little late than the general start time. Though, I'll swing by Flora's house and drop off the banner so it can be placed in the normal location when we use Pinti Field for either a battle day or practice. Come to find out, this past battle day that was planned.. people ended up having to work or other things came up, so it just turned out to be the wrong day over all from things. It happens, and can't be helped at times.
  5. Lostwithiel Battle Day

    New information posted above.
  6. Great Turkey War II

    date: Saturday, November 19th time: 11:00am to 7:00pm location: Ninety-Three Coffee House (7096 Canterbury Hill Road, Rome NY 13440) cost: $5.00 The leaves on the trees around you are showing hints of color change. You think it is safe to travel. A branch snaps near you. You freeze in place hoping it’s nothing. Then the gobbling starts. On the 19th of November you get to fight, feast, and even be a turkey. That’s right it’s time for The Great Turkey War II! The feast is limited to 80 people and pre registration can be done thru paypal use mytho2@hotmail.com include real name, charater name, and realm please. This year we will be awarding golden turkey medallions for the following: turkey shoot longest travel time funniest weapon funniest field story best death best use of a turkey (garb, decor, etc) outstanding noncom best honor kids best turkey gobble We will also be raffling a medallion for charity. Please remember your own beverage, a dish to share, and feast gear. If you need a place to crash contact Dame Flora or Brodash.
  7. Lostwithiel Battle Day

    date: September 24th, 2011 time: 11:00pm to 3:00pm location: Pinti Field 6th Street Rome, NY 13440 Change of plans for this. We're going to be meeting in Rome at Pinti Field, same location as the last battle practice. There is a parking lot right across the street from the location, so you don't have to park over by the pavilion or skateboard park.
  8. Beardslee Castle Medieval Faire Dagorhir Demo

    Yup, it has been cancelled per Beardslee Castle. They are looking at doing a new date in September, which might become and issue due to Badon for some. I will keep everyone posted, or Laura will through Facebook as to when we are told. And yes, it is mainly due to the hurricane/tropical storm that we are due to receive tomorrow. :: Sighs. ::
  9. Renaissance Battle Day [8.20.11]

    Its what the owner of the Coffee House asked us to do. And by us moving it to later in the day, people are able to do other things they had planned on doing as well.. and then come hang out. There is no charge for us using it at the times listed, hence why we are looking to just get a donation in general for allowing us to still be there and use the site.. even if its mainly outside, and inside for either drinks or bathroom.
  10. Renaissance Battle Day [8.20.11]

    ROME RENAISSANCE BATTLE DAY date: August 20th, 2011 time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm [or later] location: Ninety-Three Coffee House [7124 Canterbury Hill Road, Rome NY 13440] Planned battles, will happen depending on time: meat grinder (warm up) fort points battle (timed battle, with point to the side holding the fort) Queen's Championship Tournament (adult tournament, open to anyone) Kingdom's Youth Championship Tournament (child's tournament, open to all children who wish to take part) resurrection battle bridge battle I know Dave has plans on vending at a new medieval faire out in Watertown. Figured I would post the information for anyone that might be looking for something to do that isn't going with Dave. If not, then perhaps next Sunday for the Beardslee Castle Medieval Faire, which I will post that information later in the week. Queen's Championship: Yearly, the Kingdom of Newgarrd holds a one on one tournament.. in which the winner is declared the Champion of the Queen of Newgarrd. This person is the defender and protector of the Queen, and is noted by a hip favor that is passed on yearly.. in which the Champion defends their title and position. This has been opened to anyone who wishes to participate, and is not mandatory. Youth Championship: Obviously, this is more based for children.. and just something to make them feel apart of things in general. Other information: We are planning on doing a cook out as well, as the battles will be taken place.. if not ending around the times in which most people eat. Therefore, we are asking for anyone planning to attend to bring something to share. Hamburger, hotdogs and gatorade will be provided. We are also asking for perhaps a small donation of a $1.00 to provide to Ninety-Three for allowing us the use of the grounds and building.
  11. Upcoming Lostwithiel Events

    We have a change in our event line up.. August 20th is now the Rome Renaissance Battle Day. With Laura being ill right now, and her being the main organizer of the general Rome Renaissance Festival.. we are going to forgo this year and look into pushing for next year, but with more than just two people attempting to put and run everything all the way around. And this would be open to any Legion member that has any ideas and what not, or would like to run battles during next year's festival.
  12. Upcoming Lostwithiel Events

    Actually, when I arrived at the Dragon's Hoarde Battle Day there was about 12-15 people there.. with the majority of them being fighters. So, it would appear that some people decided to attend after all.. and we even had about half of them stick around for the cook out after the last tournament for the Battle Day all together. But as a side note, there may be a change in the upcoming events.. due to some un-foreseen circumstances that have come up suddenly. It will mainly effect the Rome Renaissance Festival, which is the same weekend as the Battle of Five Armies.
  13. Canal Fest Demo

    Not planning on car pooling some people from Lostwithiel that have intensions on going? If not, let me know.. so I can pass the word along to everyone on Saturday during the meeting and cook out for you. Not sure who all is looking to go right now, as all I've heard of are three to maybe four.. not including myself and Laura.
  14. Saturday July 16

    As it stands right now, from the count that I figured with Dame Flora.. it looks like there is going to be about 18 people there, with about perhaps at least a quarter to a half of them fielding. I will be there, but not until later in the day.. probably after the battles are over, as I have something else to attend earlier in the day. But the choice is all your's, as you are all still more than welcome to come out.. beat on who ever is there (as more people may show, if their schedules change) and partake in the story line that has been created.. not to mention, chill out and enjoy some food with everyone afterwards. If not, I fully understand.. and hoping to see some of you on Sunday, at the Canal Fest.
  15. New Chapters Discussion

    I'll see what I can do to assist ya'll in Binghamton and surrounding areas, as that is where I was born and grew up. I will pass the word around to my friends there, and then from there.. while visiting that area, attend a practice or two.. and continue to pass along the word for ya.