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  1. Thanks to Maggie for getting this uploaded to Youtube for me today!
  2. Kingsley Walkthrough

    Want to know what the new site looks like? You're in luck! Here's a video of some of the lodges, trails, and lean-tos we will be using to create Maplewood. I included a lot of boring walking. So be sure to skip ahead to the different sections if you want. There is also no audio on purpose. Don't be alarmed! https://youtu.be/pJhnogzzpTs I have more footage of some trails and the other lean-to village. It's mainly a lot of walking in the woods. I'll upload that later tonight.
  3. Hello!

    Hey there! I'm Zach, the Head of Player outreach. Welcome to Novitas! I go to Tandy every now and then, so I bet I've inadvertently met you before. As Maggie said, we love Tandy. I live in Liverpool. I also happen to run a fighter practice at lake Onondaga park every week on wednesdays. We use Dagorhir rules. many of our players cross game, so you would pick it up easy. It'd be a great way to get introduced to the community.
  4. Updated the top post. We are going to start up fighter practices soon (Like next week). Organization happens on the FB Group. Remember, it's free and there's plenty of loaner gear. No skill level needed. I can help complete newbies to our advanced fighters. Come on out and swing some sticks!
  5. GOST: Contact: Me Peoples: Me Mike Benson John Harrington Phoenix Gabe J David Coyle Area: Maplewood We have been using an 8 man cabin all last year outside of the winter months. Think it was cabin 10? We do setup an encampment.
  6. We are looking for individuals who would like to represent KoN at conventions. We setup promotional/informational tables at conventions to tell people about our community and what we do. These are usually weekend long events and usually have a table setup most of the day. We have several conventions coming up throughout the year and give XP time spent at the convention. You must have decent/veteran level garb and have a solid grasp of our game's mechanics and community. It's also a plus if you actually enjoy talking to people and standing for long periods of time. :) The bonus is, you get to attend these conventions for free and you usually have time to go walk around. If you are interested or have questions please PM Maggie or Zach (Octavius)
  7. Fight Practice

    It's free and open to all. No equipment or knowledge required. :)
  8. /*** Hello World ****/

    Hey there! Glad to see you're going to try us out. I just want to add that you shouldn't be afraid to give the game a shot even if you don't have all of your equipment prepared ahead of time. We have a lot NPC gear and garb. You should be prepared weather-wise, but don't stress having your entire kit completed. Hope to see you in april!
  9. Fight Practice

    Hey. Just FYI, I run fighter practices throughout the warm season in Liverpool. We will start up as soon as the weather get's above freezing and usually go until daylight savings time. We practice at Lake Onondaga park. Wegmans landing, across the street from Heids Hotdogs. We use Dagorhir rules and Dagorhir weapons. It's simpler and the weapons/shields stand up to a lot of abuse (don't use latex weapons for practice, you will just wear them out). I'll also say that in my experience weekend days for practice result in unsteady attendance from players. I'm almost always busy on weekend, which is why I run them myself on a week day.
  10. Bump for new peoples. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. We aren't starting up yet, but we will be soon (as soon as it's nice out)
  11. Greetings!

    Hey there! I'm Zach, Head of player outreach. Welcome! Let me start off by saying I always recommend that new players check out the Rules and Worldbook. The biggest tip I have for new players is to be mindful of the weather, especially if you're coming this weekend. It's cold out. Bring extra cloths, and SOCKS. Second is to just have fun. We have a lot of rules. Don't worry about them. There's only a very small subset you need to know to be able to play the game. Third, is that it would be a good idea to check out the various pinned threads we have across this forum. We have a lot of good information, tips, and advice scattered around across a wide range of topics. Now to answer your question, day tripping and playing an NPC is totally acceptable. Our only hard rule is that a new player must NPC their first two shifts (there are 4 shifts in a weekend event). We usually recommend new players NPC their first event to get a handle on the game. Also many of our players day trip to an event. For garb, i'd check out https://www.etsy.com.../LARPEssentials or http://badassgarb.com/ Both have reletively inexpensive starter garb, perfect for NPCing. If you have any other specifics questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Hope to see you at our next event!
  12. Hi Everyone!

    Hey there! I'm Zach, head of player outreach. I just wanted to welcome you to the boards and our game. I always recommend new players take a glance through our rules(https://sites.google.com/site/kon0unofficial0rules0wiki/home) and world book(http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf). Our world book explains the game setting. If you have questions of any kind please don't hesitate to ask. There's lots of information on our forums already. Otherwise I'll see you in march!
  13. Legal cores?

    https://goodwinds.com/7018.html This is a very good core for martial length weapons and below. This wouldn't be a sufficient core for weapons longer than 45 inches.
  14. Novitas New Year 2017

    I imagine BBQ caterers will need more than a days advance notice for food delivery and they usually do pricing per person. Wouldn't we still need pre-reg for at least the feast option?
  15. Best of October

    I had a very good time. It seems like my group is turning a new page. Finally getting back to some of the roots that made the game really fun for me at the beginning. I enjoyed walking around on the new trails. Not knowing where an ambush could come from is always exciting. I liked the size of the new Inn. The private rooms are a really really nice addition. I'm sad it's such a hike from the trails. I always enjoy the energy of our new players. It's fun to see everyone enjoying the game as well. I got to show some new players some fighting tips IC and was told later that it helped. I didn't like the rain. Metal armor get's rusty and that makes me sad. Also fighting orks is always a good time.