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  1. The Owl and Ore will be hosting a lunch potluck at noon. Everyone is welcome to come join us! We will also be holding a contest. Everyone who brings a dish to pass (20 servings min, and your own serving utensil) will be entered into a raffle for prizes. To be entered, put food on the table in front of the Owl and Ore before noon. Come see me, and I will add you to the list. That's it! So we don't have a repeat of the year, I will have an updated list of what people will bring to avoid having too many people bring the same thing. (Please post below what you plan to bring. I will keep updating the post between here and the FB page.) As always, we will have prizes. The grand prize is only yours to keep and use for the year. Prizes this year include: Grand Prize - Queen Buzzer’s Honey Jar - 1/gd with 1 min of roleplay acts like a buzzer honey. 1/gd when used with a real vial of buzzer honey, apply the effects of a royal jelly instead! Second Grand Prize - A Primal Throwing weapon! Other prizes include - Coin, Consumables, Scrolls, 1 month of production on Oz. The more dishes people bring, the more prizes I will add! Hope to see all your lovely dishes you make to share with the community!
  2. Harvest Fest Potluck Lunch Event!

    Second saved post incase we get like 600 items. Which would be great ;)
  3. Harvest Fest Potluck Lunch Event!

    Guile: Will fill in a gap and commit closer to event. Sage: Arancini Casserole Hannah: Bakery sweets. Danielle: Fish Cakes (Piscean Decorated Cupcakes) Michael: Apple Cider Donuts William: Pulled Pork Sliders Justin: Hand Pies (100% Orc Hands) Ceilidh: Carrot Cake David: Breads Anton: Various Sodas Ryan B: Pigs in Blankets (Tentative)
  4. September Preproduction

    Player Name: Steven Guile Special crafting things: Master Crafter (+4 CP) - Savant (+5 PP) - Lab (+5 PP) - Master Mason's Robes (20% coin off crafting, +5 PP) - Savant's Potion Rack ( 6 Free Vials ) April Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Boots of Anti-Magic Shield 3xG/D (24 CP) - 80 Coin Production 5 Potions of Dissipate (10 PP) - 10 Coin 2 Wolfsbane (4 PP) - 4 Coin 2 Bug Repel (2 PP) - 2 Coin 2 Garlic Paste (2 PP) - 2 Coin 6 Minor Power Elixir (6 PP) - 6 coin 4 Rejuvenation Elixir (8 PP) - 8 Coin 1 Smelling Salt (3 PP) - 3 Coin Savant Rank - 6 Catholicons (Free!) 125 Coin Owed.
  5. August 2021 Preproduction

    Player Name: Steven Guile Special crafting things: Master Crafter (+4 CP) - Savant (+5 PP) - Lab (+5 PP) - Master Mason's Robes (20% coin off crafting, +5 PP) - Savant's Potion Rack ( 6 Free Vials ) April Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Martial Goblin Iron Mageblade (24 CP) - 160 Coin Production 8 Scrolls of Dispel (32 PP) - 32 Coin 1 Scroll of Heal Mortal Wound (3 PP) - 3 Coin Savant Rank - 6 Elixir of Cosmic Power (Free!) May Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Tunic of Spellstore 2/GD (24 CP) - 80 Coin Production 2 Scrolls of Diagnosis (4 PP) - 4 coin 1 Scroll of Curse (3 PP) - 3 coin 1 Yebbing Powder (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Tanglefoot Bag (3 PP) - 3 Coin 1 Hand of Death (3 PP) - 3 Coin 1 Black Out Juice (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Bile of Nox (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Affection Confection (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Touch of Panic (4 PP) - 4 Coin 1 Scorpion's Kiss (2 PP) - 2 Coin Savant Rack - 6 Transmutations (FREE!) June Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Library (20 CP) - 64 Coin Lock (4 CP) - 16 Coin Production 7 Scrolls of Revive (35 PP) - 35 Coin Savant Rack - 6 Weaponstones (FREEBB!) August Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Talisman of Warding (20 CP) - 64 Coin Lock (4 CP) - 16 Coin Production 7 Scrolls of Aura of Reflection (35 PP) - 35 Coin Savant Rack - 6 Caths (FREE4ME!) --- Total owed: 468 coin
  6. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Oz walks up to the signboard near the Inn, drives a small pin though the top of the parchment securing it to the board. "And now the real work on the project can truly begin." He says to himself quietly as he begins to trek off to post the other copies in locations around the Maplewood area.
  7. February Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Craft Points - 20CP + 4CP(Master) Elven Steel Martial Sword - 24CP Coin Owed 200 - 20% from Master Mason's Robes = 160 Production Points - 20PP + 5PP(Savant) +5PP (Lab) +5PP (Master Mason's Robes) 1 Revive Scroll - 5PP 2 Devistation Scrolls - 10PP 3 Dispel Scrolls - 12 PP 4 Banish Scolls - 8 PP Coin Owed 35 Savant Potion Rack - 6 Free Vials 6 Truth Serum Total Coin Owned - 195
  8. Harvest Fest Feast

    Hi Everyone! The Owl and Ore General Store, friends, and associates will be holding a potluck for lunch during Harvest Fest. Start time for festivities will be 1 o’clock at the upper firepit in the newly renovated Owlpost Settlement north of Maplewood. While everyone is welcome to come and eat, anyone who makes a dish to pass for the lunch will have their name put into a drawing for lovely prizes presented from the Owl and Ore! Grand prize will be: The Buzzer Queen's Honey Pot: Once per ley lines pulse this jar fills itself with a buzzer honey for your use. That's not all, additionally once per ley lines it fortifies an existing buzzer honey, allowing your vial of buzzer honey to act as the Queen's Royal Jelly. Additional prizes will be: a rod of Improved Magic Armor, the Craftsman's Apprentice Pin. If a lot of people bring food, I will add more prizes. Additional prizes will include a non-martial nature weapon, goodie bag of consumable, and magic items from the shops stock. If you are interested in making food for this celebration, please post your name and what you plan to bring below, or let Ozwaindwel know in person at the Owl and Ore. Happy Harvest Fest friends, and I hope to see everyone there!
  9. Harvest Fest Feast

    (Cross posted from the Facebook. I'll will be moving the food list here for the people who don't use the Player's discussion. Food so far: Guile: A Dessert. The Sanctuary: Drinks and fire for the firepit. Ryan G: Something, will decide later in week. Ryan W: Pumpkin Pie. Katlyn: Chocolate Acorns. Nick H: Baked Beans. Steven H: Seasoned Beef Stew.
  10. October Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Craft Points - 20CP + 4CP(Master) Rod of Improved Magic Armor - 16CP Owl's Apprentice Pin - +2 PP and +2CP - 8CP Coin Owed 100 - 20% from Master Mason's Robes = 80 Production Points - 20PP + 5PP(Savant) +5PP (Lab) +5PP (Master Mason's Robes) 1 Abombination Scroll - 5PP 1 MindBlank Scroll - 5PP 1 Poison Immunity Scroll- 5PP 1 Shadow Skin Scroll - 5PP 1 Wraithbane Scroll - 5PP 1 Dispel Scroll - 4PP 1 Ruin Scroll - 4PP 1 Charm Scroll - 2 PP Coin Owed 35 Savant Potion Rack - 6 Free Vials 6 Cathlicons Merchant Trade In Scrolls: 2 Disengage 1 Diagnosis 1 Enhance Armor 1 Grounding 1 Magic Armor 1 Magic Strike 2 Mend Armor 1 Reap Spirit 1 Strength 1 Toughness 1 Weaken 1 Creeping Rot 1 Enchant Shield 1 Natural Repulsion 1 Nature's Command 1 Repel Undead 1 Spirit Shield 1 Elemental Weapon 1 Enchant Weapon 1 Silvershine 1 Stun 1 Elemental Dart
  11. Dungeon Crawl Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Craft Points - 20CP + 4CP(Master) Breastplate of Resilience 2/GD - 24CP Coin Owed 100 Production Points - 20PP + 5PP(Savant) +5PP (Lab) 4 Orders of Two-Step (8 vials) - 20pp 1 Scroll of Poison Immune - 5PP 1 Scrolls of Revive - 5PP Coin Owed 30 Savant Potion Rack - 6 Free Vials 6 Elixir of Cosmic Power Merchant Trade In Scrolls - 30pts 2 Aura of Reflection 1 Poison Immunity 2 Mind Blank 1 Abomination Alchemicals - 20pts 1 Base paste 1 Smelling salts 5 Spyderbytes
  12. August Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Craft Points - 20CP + 4CP(Master) Buckler of Spirit Shield 2/GD - 16CP Bracelet of Anti-Magic Shield - 8CP Owed: 100 Coin Production Points - 20PP + 5PP(Savant) +5PP (Lab) 1 Primal Form Scroll - 5PP (Custom Incant. I call the storm so I may out perform, Engulf me with Primal Form.) 1 Shadowskin Scroll - 5PP (Custom Incant. So I can return to the Inn, Grant my the power of Shadowskin) 1 MindBlank Scroll - 5PP (Custom Incant. I don't know much becasue I overdrank. Protect what I do know with Mindblank) 2 Dread Lords Scrolls - 10 PP (Custom incant. Undeath is the greatest reward, So turn me into a Dread Lord) 1 Revive - 5PP (Normal Incant please. The others. They hurt. I do what Im paid to do though.) Owed 30 Coin Savant Potion Rack - 6 Free Vials 6 Ethereal Sealant Merchant Trade-ins 6 Dilution Solutions Trade In's 2247- Jewled Necklace of greater command undead 1/gd, lesser command 1/gd (Detect Spark and dreadlord.) 2 Brackish Boon 1 Detect Spark 1 Enfeeble 1 Dreadlord 1 Craftman's Raiment
  13. New Necromancy Tree!

    BB is 10 Min vs 1 min with Silience Gets around Mind Blank. Lets them still talk so its also an effective "Truce Maker" (No weapons, Now no spells.) Mostly the first 2.
  14. June Preproduction

    Production for Oz: I have 4 months of it in the bank. Whenever the last game at Hoover was, Both Jubilies, and Last Harvest fest. Only weirdness, I am only claiming my Lab for the first month, After that I wouldn't have had it where Oz has been and would have no reason to claim he used it. 24CP: Sanctuary Shirt 2/GD 30PP: 6 Scrolls of Battle Mastery Savant Potion Rack: 6 Truth Serums 12CP: Sanctuary Major Wand , 12CP: Slaying Swarm Major Wand 25PP: 5 Scrolls of Battle Mastery SPR: 6 Transmutations 12CP: Necklace Elemental Dart 1/GD 8CP: Ring Natual Repultion 1/GD 25PP: 5 Scrolls of Devastation SPR: 6 Cathlicons 12CP: Wrist Slaying Swarm 1/GD 8CP: Ring: Creeping Rot 25PP: 10 Vials of Two-Steps SPR: 6 Cathlicons 88 Total CP, 16 Free Points from Master Crafting. 72 points owed 360 coin. 105 PP: 105 Coin Total Coin owed 465 Using Merchant 1 to trade for the ritual ink to make all the scrolls. Using Merchant 4 to trade in my Shirt of Spellstore 2/gd for a Belt of Curse 1/GD
  15. Ever wanted to play with cardboard?

    I would play this draft if its an actual thing. Got to keep my perfect record in playing Magic though. 3 wins No losses in 3 games!
  16. Chosen 5 ideas

    Im not on any team that has any say in this... so take things here with a grain of salt. You can pick how salty you want to be as long as you take salt with you. So as I understand it, Chosen comes in 3 flavors. You got Sept flavor. Dragon flavor. Dark Three flavor. There are 3 flavors, not 11. If you are chosen you are picked by the full group, not just one of the gods. You can venerate one of the gods more than the others. But you are chosen by the lot not a single god (Draconus being the exception as he is the only one in that lot) Second. Chosen right now has a lot going on for the non-combat types. First level gets a Portable Bubble. Thats zero fighty. Level 2 gets AoE buff in the bubble. Again Zero Fighty. Level 3. Can be offensive, but 2 of the 3 are defensive by nature, Great for a Non-com. Level 4. Again, 2 of the 3 are for defense, And the other one just keeps something down. Level 5 is the only real offensive tool. And even looking at it in a roleplay sense... I take a Spacket. I throw it till it hits. Call Smite. My friends kill the thing murdering them or me. You know what the mother would like things to stay healthy. This helps them stay alive. Third. Dont take RP skills for Lasers. Its bad form. Do it cause you love the RP. Fourth. Oh lets start with the list... At the end, I'll compare it to smite in my looking. 1 being way to weak, 5 being on par with smite, to 10 being insanely too good. 4-5-6 are the magic numbers here. - Healing Voice: Way too confusing to know whos in or out. Also free healing in a min, That's Super panacea. Revives for everyone. WAY BETTER THAN SMITE. 9/10 - Mass Resurrection: Cool Ritual. Still too good. I would also just bring everyone into a circle, kill them, and them full heal everyone if I needed this. Revives for everyone. BETTER THAN SMITE, Not as busted as Healing Voice. Would be sweet ritual. 6.5/10 - The Knights Shield: The ritual is better. Probably the weakest spell on the list. 1/10 - Knights Armor: Ignores Slay is the problem. Its one of the level 3 Chosen option without the Ignore, And Ignoring slay is 10/10 on its own. as is 10/10. Without ignoring slay. 3/10 as its a level 3 ability. - Unbreakable Will: Not awful. This is another Cool ritual idea. I actually like it. Not on par with smite but I would like to see this in game. But its balanced and has lots of counterplay to it. And its beaten by disengage which is great. 4/10 - Burst of Magic: This is a cool Magic/Hearthstone effect. Blow your MP for the day and Shotgun. Or just cast Devastation which still takes your power and you can do more damage to a target over the min. 1/10 - True Domination: This already exists in game as a ritual, And the ritual is better. 0/10 - Greater Fear: No. Just no. AoE fear the effects everything is just going to make EVERYONE pissed at you for making them have a 10 min jog. Friend or foe. This is damaging to the game I feel. Negative/10 - Astral Walk: Already in game as a Ritual. The Ritual is better. 0/10 - Control Nature: This is... Underwhelming. Not bad. Not good. Just, Meh. I would also say this could be a Level 5 Druid aspect. Though its still underweling there too. 2/10 - SPARK Leach: What? O.o This is awkward. Using a touch spell, offensively, in combat is bad. And if out of combat... its just reap spirit. Could be neat with refining. Maybe? ?/10, Not a high ? Either... - Shepard Of The SPARK: This has legs... Its a neat concept. I like it on a base level. Its far too good for a RP laser. But keep this idea around. Death isnt a big part of the game, And for a septon to use it, the player kinda has to like them or know them or have a reason too. I feel like this is better as a cool plot thing. Though even then, Its pretty insanely good. ?/10. - Ameliorate: The weapon side is mildly weak becasue abomination already does that. The make any armor 4 monstrous for a GD is NUTS. Buy a leather jacket and fight the world. 8/10 - The Gift: LOL. This is Merchant 5 but better. Cant be stolen and has more CP than the other level 5. FFS. No/10 - Crushing Blow: Your wording is awful but I think I get it. At the point of getting a level 5 RP skill. I can throw Four 4 magic slay darts for a single power being a master with staff. This is SUPER weak on slay. Making Twenty 5 perices though. IN-FLIPING-SANE. 1/10 on slay. 100/10 on pierce. If you mean it in like how burst of magic works where you are forced dumped into using all your MP. Its negative/10 - Enraging Taunt: Taunt doesn't work in real life game. You made a super expensive "Dominate: Attack Me" call. 1/10 - Nox’s Anguish: You made smite. This is basically smite. But instead of having an attack to call forth the smite, And then the master strike. You rolled it all into one and technically made it better than smite at the cost of coin. WTF/10 - Disease: Worse than Smite. Would be cool Ritual. Its okay. Nothing I would jump for joy for. 3/10 - Whisper Of Darkness: HOLY SEPT NO! I would mageblade Dispel Stun double tap someone and walk home. Pierced The Heavens/10 - Steps of the Mist: This is fine. Sounds more like a Druid 5 thing to me becasue of Ley Lines. 5/10. Hit the sweet spot. - Will of Magic: If this stacks with Mastering schools, Sounds like a cool level 5. Maybe a tad too good. 7/10 - Infused Magic: Three 1 power 5th level spells. In comparison. You use them on level 5. Lets say not master, Best case this. Thats a 4 MP discount. 4 Times 3 is 12. You let them break cap by 12 power. If they took Reap at level 3 they not have 38 power. Insane/10
  17. May Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting: 20CP+4CP(Master) 24CP: Elven Steel Martial Sword. Cost: 200Coin Production: 20PP+5PP(Savant Lab) 1PP: Ritual Ink 12PP: Ritual Candle (4) 12PP: Truth Serums (3) Cost: 20Coin. Savant's Potion Rack 6 Transmutations. Total: 220 Coin
  18. That's a Pat/Dan question. I'm not rules. I don't think so because they are not poison damage. But a poison effect. Same with how I belive mind blank doesn't stop a poison compulsion effect. Do not take either of these at face value though unless rules confirms or denies them as I'm sadly not 100% on the interactions.
  19. Also, if you want the cool one off effects that let you do neat things, like make Pit traps, put people to sleep, force them to tell the truth... Alchemy is the place.
  20. If we are going to add low level spells, How about you just use the low level spells we have now. I so RARELY see PCs use level 1-2-3s and save their power for the 4-5s. Yet the 1-2-3's are fantastic! Again, its a fight smarter not harder situation. The only tree that doesnt have good level 1-2-3's IMO is Ageis, Becasue they all do the same thing more or less, OR are outclassed becasue Sync is still great. As a Non-com, I would love to see more Cantrip like spells. But thats not our game. Our game has an high regard to realism and I cant think of many spells that are neat, out of combat effects, that dont break immersion or wouldn't be just plain silly. How are you hiding that body? Orange strip, I still see it and have to ignore it like Dissapate. Orange Blanket, Have fun caring that around. Invisible ink... Just use invisible ink. Prank Ivan... Put a bucket of Nickelodeon Gak over his door and jerryrig it to call when it opens. (Dont actually do this, His garb dosent deserve that.) KoN is a simple system. Adding more things like spells that are required to know outright at the start is bad for new players. Sure our spells do what they say on the tin... but the rules to them still need to be known. What call does Spirit Shield stop, Do I Stun in place or fall down, What do I tell a player that Diagnosis me. You want to add 35 new spells, Thats at least 35 more new questions, 35 new interactions with existing spells you need to adjust for, 35 new ways to show the spell effect in some manor. The spells we have now are great at 2 per level per school. Its a lot of variance and flavor. If you want more, Lets look at replacing spells with new things. But not a whole glob of new spells thrown into the mix.
  21. My most used poison is Poison Stun. Its great. It takes someone out of a fight. Sure, if you have friends they can hit you to wake you up, but thats still taking away body, Distracting the enemy, Having them react. Compulsion at high levels is all about Crowd Control and turning the fight to your side and ensuring victory. Also, the spell can be spellburst to great effect. It literally wins a fight before it starts. Oz soloed a FatKazvak one time First or second event at Hoover. Spent 8 coin, Poison Stun, Poison Cursed myself (Becasue I need to have 2 legal hits with Goblin Iron) Poison Curse Kazvak, Tap, Tap. Stun is Fantastic if you fight smarter and not harder.
  22. dnd

    I have a 5thEd/Pathfinder Hybrid game I run on Roll20 with an open spot. Tuesdays at 10pm cause I have a few west coast players. If you are interested, let me know. Binghamton might also have a Pathfinder AP: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary game on Wendsdays if Felix can get his butt in gear. Phil was talking about running WoD stuff online as well, but I havent heard much progress on that. Past that, Im sure if people want to play, Im down for more tabletop. Though Pathfinder is the King of Tabletops right now and would always rather play that than D&D.
  23. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A notice is put up along the Inn board and at Owl and Ore: Attn: Owl and Ore will be closing early the night of Saturday April Eighth at two hours past the evening converging of the ley lines. I invite everyone in the town and areas to come to The Spinning Jenny to celebrate my Twenty-Third Birthday starting directly midway between the evening and night ley lines convergences and lasting until closing. The Spinning Jenny with be providing food and drink, payed for by myself, for the entire night to all who wish to join in the celebration. Come enjoy a night out at the Jenny and celebrate with me. Signed ~Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker.
  24. April Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting: 20CP+4CP(Master) 24CP: Elven Steel Martial. Cost: 200Coin Production: 20PP+5PP(Savant Lab) 3PP: 3 Garlic Paste 2PP: 2 Bug Repelant 20PP: 4 Catholicon Cost: 20Coin. Savant's Potion Rack 6 Catholicon. Total: 220 Coin
  25. March Preproduction

    Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting: 20CP+4CP(Master) 12CP: Barrier Stone 12CP: Shielding Stone Cost: 100Coin. Production: 20PP+5PP(Savant Lab) 3PP: Scroll Of Elemental Weapon (Don't Print this, Going to be used for crafting) 3PP: Scroll OF Improved Magic Armor (Dont print this, Going to be used for crafting) 9PP: 3 Vials of Spyderbyte 10PP: 2 Vials of Transmutation Cost: 20Coin. Savant's Potion Rack 6 Catholicon. Merchant 4 Consumeable Trade-In: 20 Points of consumables 5 Truth Serums