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  1. My first homemade boffer and questions

    That website also has lots of things that wouldn't be appropriate for our larp (like live steel and flintlock firearms). For NPCing we have a pile of weapons for people to use and (unless this has changed) dag style weapons are acceptable for NPCing only. For a PC only latex weapons are acceptable, and even then they must adhere to the guidelines for weapon safety. If the cost of a weapon is a financial burden right now, I'd suggest NPCing a few events and saving towards getting what you want and will pass (for aesthetics and safety). You can get an idea of what kinds of weapons appeal to you and spread the hit to your wallet over a few months.
  2. My first homemade boffer and questions

    That looks like a Dag style weapon, which I'm 99% sure isn't acceptable for PCing with at KoN.
  3. My first homemade boffer and questions

    Try Knighthawk Armory. Their Eagle Flex weapons are on sale (I think they're doing a clearance thing with them) for a VERY reasonable price. They do free shipping on orders of $50 or more (excepting very long weapons, like staves or polearms) and are domestic, so you're much more likely to actually receive your order in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. So 1st level is free. Write a backstory and submit it - now you're level 2. Buy some period appropriate shoes for like $50 and bring the receipt - now you're level 3 (AND HAVE BOOTS!). Spend like $50 on some small encampment things (candles, blankets or tapestries to cover your bedding/totes, etc.) bring receipts - now you're level 4. Make and donate some tagbags or purchase enough requested donation items to get another 2xp (I forget the ratio we use now for tagbag donations - 20/1xp?) and sign-in at your first event - now you are level 5. Level 5 is gives you 14 skill points to spend, which is really enough for a first timer who isn't as familiar with the system yet. It gives you some basic skills that will be useful as you continue to build your PC and figure out what you want to do. I'll add that half the fun for me when I started was planning "what next" with my PC. It kept me pushing towards goals, finding new ones, and allowing what I thought I wanted for my PC to change as she grew organically. Things happening IC pushing your healer more towards combat? Well, now you can express that through taking some combat skills as you level.
  5. The real fear

    Maybe a compromise between "run away for 10 minutes" and "cower" would alleviate the metagame crap while keeping the intent and usefulness of the spell in tact? Maybe run away out of line of sight of the encounter then count to 1200 (20 minutes = 10 running away + 10 coming back) before returning to the encounter area. So treat it as being essentially OOG for 20 minutes, but out of sight and not able to rejoin the encounter. Allows for crowd control use of the spell and keeps people from having to run away forever while maintaining the flavor of the spell we've always had.
  6. The real fear

    Or we remind people that this is cheating and tell them to stop?
  7. What happened!

    WHERE it is changes. I know for a fact that Plot has fleshed out the behind the scenes working of it. I trust them to maintain that continuity. What you're suggesting is essentially a re-write of the whole she-bang to make it something different and more to your liking.
  8. What happened!

    I think that without knowing what the Helix actually is, there's no real way to have a discussion about this among the players. I trust Plot to maintain the continuity of the Helix, what it is, how it behaves, etc.
  9. Workshops question

    Re: Example of props for a workshop - a couple years ago we put together a Tinkering Prop guide which is pinned at the top of this very sub-forum.
  10. Post-Halloween Donations

    The forums upgrade re-kajiggered my old posts to tiny font. I'll see if I can edit to make it more legible. FIXED! =)
  11. Build a Pc

    I'm not going to give you a skill because I don't believe that characters are built on their character sheets. I'm instead going to give you a character trait - vanity.
  12. Chosen 5 ideas

    I don't believe that they have to use the unhallow option just because they are Chosen of one of The Dark Three. I would imagine that Evil Chosen would want to keep mindless undead out of their house too. If they wanted to have undead guests, all they'd have to do is turn the shrine off. Again, I don't understand why the current ability isn't just as good for Chosen of one of the Dark Three. Just be careful who you invite to your prayer group? . *Nudge Nudge* It's not just nasty monsters that have DRs. Powerful NPCs and PCs often have DRs up from various spells (in addition to many other monsters and creatures that might not make Nox all giggles if killed, but certainly could pose a threat to one of his Chosen). Smite removes those DRs AND doesn't let them dissipate or ley lines away. I'm not seeing how this is not beneficial to a character just because they're evil or how, if used in an evil way or to further evil goals, doesn't thematically fit with the evil gods.
  13. Chosen 5 ideas

    When I say that worshiping one aspect of the Sept is abnormal, that's not opinion; it's canon. *edited to add context* I guess a clearer way to put this is that worshiping one aspect while denying or ignoring the others would be, at the very least, borderline heretical if not full on heresy. What would be acceptable (and is most likely what the World Book religion sections intended to imply) is worship as a whole with *perhaps* more devotion or reverence for one of the aspects of the Sept. To break out lazors for each individual aspect of the Sept (or other gods, whatev) reinforces the mistaken idea that it is normal to worship them in the heretical way rather than as a whole. I'll add that this is based on nearly 9 years of play, several of which I PC'd a Septon, and most of which I was on Staff. I'm really not pulling this out of my ass. If you still disagree, feel free to ask for further clarification from Plot.
  14. Chosen 5 ideas

    There's an awful lot to unpack in what you laid out there, but my initial thought is that worshiping one aspect of the Sept is abnormal so it doesn't make sense to break out lazors for each individual aspect of the Sept. My second thought is that level 5 of any RP skill is going to take years and years to achieve and is going to be earned via heaps of RP so I feel like all this thought you've put into laying this all out is equivalent to planning what you'd buy if you won the lottery. Most players won't ever reach the 5th level of an RP skill, so adding all this crunch seems like wasted effort. That said, I imagine that some of these ideas could be neat rituals or alternative spells ideas that could be tapped when/if Rules decides to do another spell tree overhaul.
  15. June Preproduction

    Silver/Nature Spirit Reapin' breadstick for Steve!