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  1. Rules Update!

    To clarify understanding, using some examples: Say I'm fighting sword & shield, let's say it's a magic shield which casts Mend Armor 1/GD.... the rules as written can be interpreted that I'm "holding the shield in my free hand" and can therefore cast Mend Armor from the shield, even though I'm using both hands to fight. It sounds like this is not the intent, however. Assuming you mean the item held in your "free hand" can be a wand or scroll or something similar? Like, if you cast a spell from your magic sword, can you hold the sword up in the air and cast the spell? or do you need to hold the sword AND have a free hand?
  2. Codified "Soft shift"

    It's an interesting proposal, but I think it misses a few key points that explain why 3/4 are the biggest PC shifts: Players don't want to change outfits multiple times. It's easier to get into gear Saturday afternoon and just play until you're done, then go to bed. There's no need to dress up as PC on Friday, then get all back into gear again (sometimes your gear can be nasty after rain or sweat is involved). It's also why no one plays 1/3. At least 1/4 let's you NPC all in one go before getting back into PC garb. People with makeup/prosthetics or other issues: it takes a while to get ready, losing gametime in the process each time you have to change from NPC to PC. For that reason, a 5th shift might actually make this worse. The biggest lull in game is during change-over. As someone who played 3/4 a lot in the past, I'm not at all about resting and RPing. I want just as much combat and chaos and energy as any other shift, so I can't agree with the points about chilling by the campfire all shift. However, I do agree that unbalance shifts lead to overworked NPCs and bored PCs. There is a little bit of onus on the GMs for that (having been one, I can speak to it); there are ways to have a single NPC keep an entire party occupied for hours. It's all in how you tailor the plot. Going back to more "targeted PC group" plots can ensure there's at least something to do for everyone and doesn't require 10 NPCs to do it. My personal opinion is that we should have caps on PCs per shift and give priority to folks with medical or costume reasons. But I'm sure there would be some pushback.
  3. New Player

    Hey Devin! Welcome! TI fan here as well. It'll be an interesting weekend, being it's our first game since pandemic hit. Take it easy with the foot! There'll be plenty of non-combat things to play, if you're comfortable with "talky" roles. If you have questions with rules or logistics, let me know. Great to have you!
  4. New Necromancy Tree!

    Ah. Yes, forgot silence is 1min now. Still like the cause disease idea tho ;)
  5. August Preproduction

    1 of each “new” scroll should be fine. Or we can work it out at logistics btw are magic items of command greater undead grandfathered in?
  6. New Necromancy Tree!

    @Kender EDIT: looks like the link above does take you to the new updated Necromancy Tree. On the Wiki, Brackish Boon still has the old "Related Calls" section from Sanctify that needs to be updated. I like the new skills but can someone explain how Enfeeble is different than Silence? Maybe you should tack on something extra, like "causes Disease". Otherwise Silence seems better for half the cost, unless I'm missing something.
  7. August Preproduction

    August Pre-production: 1x Scroll of Disengage [1] 1x Scroll of Charm [2] 1x Scroll of Pin [3] 1x Scroll of Memory Loss [3] 1x Scroll of Fear [4] 1x Scroll of Mind Blank [5] 1x Scroll of Magic Lock [1] 1x Scroll of Enhance Armor [1] 1x Scroll of Enchant Shield [2] 1x Scroll of Silvershine [2] 1x Scroll of Enchant Weapon [3] 1x Scroll of Spellburst [3] Will also need to exchange all 4 Necromancy scrolls as Ryan mentioned.
  8. June Preproduction

    Merchant Skills: Trading in: Restore Limb Ring (level 2) for Enhance Armor Earrings (level 1) Trading in: Purify Spirit Bracelet (level 2) + Silvershine Ring (level 2) + Heal Body 2x Ring for Heal Body 3x Cloak (level 3) Production Skills: 1x Scroll of Battle Mastery (5pp) 1x Scroll of Maelstrom (4pp) 1x Scroll of Slaying Swarm (3pp) 1x Scroll of Magic Swarm (2pp) 1x Scroll of Magic Strike (1pp) 1x Scroll of Stun (5cp) 1x Scroll of Ablative Armor (4pp) 1x Scroll of Elemental Weapon (3pp) 1x Scroll of Grounding (1pp) 1x Scroll of Mend Armor (1pp) 1x Scroll of Weaken (1pp)
  9. April Preproduction

    1x Scroll of Wraithbane (5pt) 1x Scroll of Aura of Reflection (5pt) 1x Scroll of Unhallow (4pt) 1x Scroll of Creeping Rot (2pt) 1x Scroll of Reap Spirit (1pt) 1x Scroll of Spellstore (3pt) 1x Scroll of Sanctify (3pt) 1x Scroll of Dissipate (2pt - Yes, a scroll) If things haven't change since 2017 related to the above spells et al, that should come to 25pts and I owe 25c but gain a stipend from Merchant, so we'll figure out the details at Logistics. :)
  10. It's been so long that I've decided to RE-introduce myself to new players. Hi! I'm Dren Ollevres. Civenite; Master Alchemist; Avatar of Avarice; Slayer of Voltrax, 3rd Son of Draconus; married into the Great Elven House of Suntower; Head of the Trans-Novitas Trading Company; Carrier of the Al'Cairn; Lorekeeper of Adecia; Chronicler of Scrolls; One-who-conversed with the Elemental; One-who-sparred with the Soldier; Vanquisher of Dark Fae; Ally to Pisceans; and Guardian of the Sacred Truths, to name a few. But who's keeping track? Anyway, started going to KoN about 11 years ago, I think. My wife Camila (Drea Marianus) and I plan on attending the April event after a long hiatus... you know, babies and moving houses and all that. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces!
  11. November Preproduction

    Base Production (20 Coin): 1 Scroll of Synchronize (4) 1 Scroll of Magic Armor (1) 1 Scroll of Improved Magic Armor (3) 1 Scroll of Spirit Shield (2) 1 Scroll of Anti-Magic Armor (2) 1 Scroll of Toughness (1) 1 Scroll of Silence (2) 1 Scroll of Heal Mortal Wounds (3) 1 Scroll of Purify Spirit (2) Lab Production (5 Coin): 1 Scroll of Panacea (4) 1 Scroll of Diagnosis (1) (The library of scrolls is being rebuilt... sigh)
  12. Chronicles of Elyria

    For those on the fence or thinking about trying out a new sandbox Kingdom-based MMO (in its early stages), ping me. We're approaching land selection soon so we'll be allocating towns and cities to the various players who are Mayor tier and above. Lot of new development happening in the County for those that want to participate! Trying to get as many friends and "known" players involved before all the random people flood the game. Here's our new heraldry!
  13. Knight Realms LARP Review

    You should hunt through the forums to find my review of it several years back. It's entertaining We shared many similar experiences, I think. It really confuses me how such an imbalanced and non-newbie-friendly game can attract such a huge following. Yet none of these players (or very few) have even wanted to try Novitas.
  14. Chronicles of Elyria

    Bump. So far in the CoE group we picked up Tony and Camila Servello, Chris Tesorio, AJ DeLong, Sarah Merchant, and possibly Fred Clark as well. Ping me on FB if you're interested! Your recruitment earns the County points toward land selection priority (Code: D3D0A9) We have 1 or 2 Baron slots open (Mayor, Magistrate or Governor package). This means you'll be entitled your own settlement to govern within the County. In addition, we have Council member positions as follows (available to anyone ranked "bloodline" or higher): Knight Commander of the Armed Forces - (Chris) - In charge of outfitting, training, and leading soldiers (e.g. town guards, archers, watchposts) to protect the County from attackers and outside threats. Justiciar of the Court - (Tony) - In charge of lawmaking, managing prisoners, enforcing laws internally (e.g. police force within the County) and is allowed access to a branch of troops not controlled by the Constable. Appointment of Judges is allowed as is access to the capital city's Courthouse for all matters judicial. Seneschal of Records - (Open) - Will be keeping official records for Citizenship, ceremonial duties, burials, and overall human resource management and inventory. All filings for citizenship not handled directly by the Count are addressed by the Seneschal. Records include important structures and settlements as well as the acknowledgement of Guilds and Organizations within the County borders. This includes the planning and coordination of large building projects and city planning. Marshal of Commerce - (Open) - Directly responsible for the transportation, storage, and inventory of physical goods. All diplomatic affairs around buying and selling of goods will be handled by the Marshal. In addition, the Marshal takes on responsibilities of the Master of the Horse, having control over horses, trison, wagons, as they fall under management of the transportation of goods. Chancellor of the Exchequer - (Open) - Is effectively responsible for wealth and management of taxation within the region. They can work with the Justicar's forces directly or employ their own tax collector as needed. Will be working closely with the Marshall of Commerce to coordinate finances and set budget for trade and infrastructure.
  15. Chronicles of Elyria

    For what it's worth, I've acquired a significant title within the Kingdom, and there are ~200 people on Discord that I just praised Kingdoms of Novitas to, so maybe a few folks from there will pop in here to check out KoN.