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  1. I had a blast for my first event!

    You did great, darling. You're a natural. ;) Welcome to Novitas!
  2. An open request to NPCs and GMs regarding period tents

    This isn't a salon-style LARP, it's a fantasy adventure LARP, which means there is no "no combat" prerogative. If we all want to sit in town and RP, let's do more all-PC shifts.
  3. An open request to NPCs and GMs regarding period tents

    I wouldn't expect complete monster immunity, especially when pitched directly across the Inn, but I'll try to make sure my shift understands not to focus on any tents. Every few months, somebody says "Hey, we should stop sending monsters directly to town, that's poor GMing." And then an effort is made not to send combat stuff directly to town. But the reality of the situation is that PCs don't randomly explore outside of town like they used to, and often don't even get hooked to leave town unless the situation sounds dire or pays very well. Random encounters out in the wilderness become a waste of NPC resources and time, and the shift seems slow from the perspective of the townies. Occasional town attacks are required in order to engage the PCs. PCs that don't want to be attacked in town have a variety of different Tinkering items, Ordained shrines, and spells to protect them and their structures from attack.
  4. How to make a Drake PC?

    I bought my Drake mask at a site called Specter Studios. It's a half-mask, so you need to put on makeup underneath the mask for it to work.
  5. Great forest

    Alright, this is what has happened in the past year in the Great Forest. Pay attention, because it's about to get INTENSE. Spring: Flowers bloomed, and the wood elves were super happy about this. Some of them danced, others frolicked. Summer: It got hot, but whatever, plenty of shade in the Great Forest. There was more dancing, and I think someone played the flute. Autumn: The leaves changed colors, and the wood elves were again super happy. It was beautiful and it's possible that some dancing occurred. Winter: It got real cold and snowy, but whatever, it's all nature and nature is awesome. Even without leaves, it was still ridiculously beautiful. Also, dancing happened. That covers most of the major events of the Great Forest during the past year.
  6. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    I like the sentiment of making magic items more temporary, but I don't like a one-year decay. Mostly because that means that all the magic items we ever find are either one-year old or have been somehow maintained with crystals for a long time. All that stuff in the lake from Nalbendel? Decayed. What if we made all magic items have charges like wands do? Let's say you have someone that makes Pants of Reap Spirit 2/GD (20). The most they can cast from those necropants is twice a game day, and they get up to 20 charges with it. We sell "power crystals" or whatever to give those items charges again. No maintenance from Logistics required, you keep track of your own charges like you would a wand. Honor system and all that. This way, if someone doesn't use a particularly magic item much, they can keep it for more events than someone who uses an item as much as they can. And if some black drake wants to hoard magic items for hundreds of years, that is still a viable concept for him. :)
  7. "player specific" looting

    I think that all items should be lootable, but personal items could count like Feb Feast items, where they are returned to you at the end of the event if you need them back. With stuff you don't need back, you could just tell the looter to keep it.
  8. Rick's Mission for this Season

    My name is Kevin O'Connor and I approve this message.
  9. Second Breath

    So I don't need to Killing Blow people before Reviving them? Eh, too bad, I'm still doing that. :P
  10. the playable races were expanded.

    A new Desert Expansion Pack might be some cool DLC, but we should charge people an extra $5 at game to activate it.
  11. Second Breath

    According to the Feb Feast 2013 handout: Second Breath: Target may gain the effect of a Revive spell anytime at their discretion within ten minutes after a Killing Blow/Bleeding Out. Target is immune to Reap Spirit. So yeah, those people can get back up after receiving a mortal wound now. I was probably one of the people you saw doing this, since this is my new favorite tactic. :P
  12. the playable races were expanded.

    The western edge of Terra could be a desert I think. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5160&st=120
  13. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    ((OOC: If you build it...they will come...))
  14. Best, Worst, and Funniest moments of April

    That's the great thing about this current shift schedule. I can see the independents on it and do plots for them too. There's more where that came from for Artemis, so watch yourself. ;)
  15. Webpage teaser

    I think he means that this will be happening on Shift 3, with you guys NPCing.