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  1. There is currently a life-size Gundam in Japan

    That's been up for some time now! It's got lights and smoke and sounds too.
  2. Shield Cores

    Don't worry. It'll look nothing like a boogie board.
  3. Shield Cores

    hmm Pizza Pan Shield... *snickers* J/K.
  4. Introduction: Hello everyone :)

    Hi Lauren. It's Allie! Didn't think I'd see you come to Novitas!
  5. Kristine's accident

    Give her our good wishes, please. Lee and I can't really get out there right now. If you could get a room number so we can send things that'd be fantastic!
  6. Kristine's accident

    I'm going to try and get up to see her, but without a car that's hard. But I hope we get where she's at so we can send flowers and cards. It's going to be a long, hard recovery and she'll need the sentiments!
  7. The Blood Games

    With the current situation involving Kristine's accident and subsequent major injuries, if Lee and I are to attend we will need someone else to go with, as we were going with her.
  8. Team Organization

    I got a reply, by the way: HH - I will add the Kingdom of Novitas as a participant LARP and Realm So we are listed if a bunch of us go! :) we can list that in our realms and such.
  9. Team Organization

    I sent an email to them asking how we should go about that as we are registering individually, actually. Waiting to hear back myself.
  10. Team Organization

    That's a good question, especially since Lee and I don't have characters atm. I mean we have Tess and Maim but I can't wear contacts on doctor's orders so I can't play Tess, and one of Lee's ripped. We could get our alts\new ones done by then or we could make one shots. :ph34r:
  11. The Blood Games

    Do we want to do a group submission of fees, etc, or just send em in on our own and meet up?
  12. Armor Questions

    We were looking at the Hybrid armors online. http://www.by-the-sword.com/acatalog/LRP_Arm_Armour.html > and were wondering if they were okay or not for use?
  13. New, Improved Chainmail Goodies

    Of course ;) Sharing is fun. Besides. I like our work too! Can't not share. LOL blue necklaces for the win. We got a couple blues in now, too.
  14. Roster

    If Kristine gets time off, we'll be going with her. But Lee and I will be attending. Jack is interested but he is under 18 - so if figuring that logistics out is too hard, he understands. :)
  15. The Blood Games

    Lee and I would like to come as well as Jack, although what permissions do we need for an under 18? And how are we going to do the whole money\registering thing? We're planning to go with Kristine, if she goes, when we know for sure we'll inform of our plans!