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  1. Greetings fellow nerds!

    I'm doing my best, but those links are perfect! Thank you! 💜
  2. Best of September!

    Best of event... Coming home. Words can not properly express how good it felt to come back after so many months away. I received many squeals of delight and lots of hugs and I was only there one shift! I do not feel like I did a lot as Riona.... sneaking around the in watching Narene, and maybe weirding out some of the others in the Inn. It was a beautiful night despite the heat. I did not want to leave and can not wait to see all you lovely people again in October!!!!
  3. Redundant Greeting Title

    Hi Silk, this is Tammy (aka the purple faekin, Carrion and the gale trying to learn to paint face) Welcome to the boards!
  4. Forum access

    Who does one pm for access to group boards?
  5. Best of September 2014

    I had an amazing time seeing all myold friends and making new ones. Thank you all for welcoming me home :) *can I get all the faekin to pm me at riona tvarus, I want to do some faekin stuff!
  6. Fighter Practice Food Sign-up

    I'm down for Woodchuck! ^.^
  7. Fighter Practice Food Sign-up

    I'll bring banana bread! =)
  8. 2012 July and August Events

    I will be there and happily sleep in a cabin :)
  9. Let us speak now of intoxicants

    Some red bull to go with everclear. :) And so long as we have enough woodchuck, I'm happy ^.^
  10. Cairnhold Legion Roster & Contact Info

    I'm hoping to test at rag =)
  11. Once I get my tax refund, I will give monies =) I will do advanced party again this year =)
  12. February Feast 2012

    Dave, I know I gave you cash when I was at your shop the other week....
  13. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you are all having wonderful days! =)
  14. Leather Helmet, Valsgarde 6 Black & Purple

    Very spiffy! And purple.... Looks awesome!
  15. Work in Progress: tooled seax scabbard

    I was wondering if you used that, I will have to pick one up at some point.=)