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  1. Camp Departure Policies

    1. ALL PLAYERS need to have their personal possessions packed and out of buildings by 10:30 on Sunday. 2. ALL PLAYERS need to be OFF SITE by 11:00 on Sunday. 3. The ONLY exception to this is if you are a Marshal, or doing cleanup work directly under the instruction of myself, John L Spencer, William Metott, or Chris Soukup. 4. DO NOT go to Logistics to participate in Sunday cleanup until you have dealt with your own gear. 5. The LAST person out of each cabin should sweep it, bag all trash, and place the bagged trash in front of the building.
  2. Is this acceptable?

    It looks fine to me.
  3. 2022 Novitas New Years

    I can leave pre-reges open until Monday at midnight.
  4. 2022 Novitas New Years

    We're talking about that. We can probably put it on Zoom.
  5. 2022 Novitas New Years

    There are now 100 seats available for this.
  6. 2022 Novitas New Years

    Nah I'm keeping track and I'll send him the list when pre-reg window closes.
  7. 2022 Novitas New Years

    Date: January 8th, 2022 Time: Dining room / bar open at 5, dinner at 6 PM Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, Cazenovia, NY https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/syrczhx-hampton-suites-cazenovia/ Cost: $50 per person Preregistrations: Sent ONLY to paypal@mvgc.net FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY. Registrations that do not use the "send to a friend of family member" option will be declined and refunded. Preregistrations close December 24th at midnight (date and time subject to change - don't wait, it might move up). Due to the short timeline and turnaround no cash preregistrations will be accepted. If you don't have PayPal find someone who does, please help each other out. There are only 100 seats available. First come, first served. Hotel Reservations: You can reserve rooms by calling the hotel at (315) 655-7666 and asking for a room in the "Novitas New Year" block. Prices are $109 per night for a standard room (two queens or one king bed) and $129 a night if you wish to upgrade to a suite. We have 25 rooms in our block and thy can add more if we need to. These rates expire COB January 4th so book prior to then if you need a room. The hotel is reserving a block of rooms for us at a reduced rate. I do not have the information for this yet, so please do not make your hotel reservations yet if you don't want to pay full price. There should be plenty of rooms available. Dinner: Dinner will be self-serve buffet-style (menu is still subject to change) with a cash bar: Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls Vegetable Crudité and Dips Cheese and Cracker Board Classic Caesar Salad with Romaine Hearts, Croutons and Parmesan Cheese Rigatoni with Vodka Cream Sauce Chantilly Potatoes - Garlic Mashed Potatoes topped with Swiss Cheese then baked Beef Tenderloin with a Horseradish Cream Sauce Chicken Saltimbocca Pan Seared Chicken Breasts with Prosciutto Served with a White Wine Garlic Sauce All attendees will sanitize their hands immediately prior to taking food from the buffet, and will wear a mask while at the buffet. If you're going to BYOB or pre-game that's fine but do it discreetly, DO NOT bring your own bottles of alcohol to dinner. After dinner we will have the usual State of the Game announcements, EOS Awards, and Feb Feast Auction - the list of items is being worked on right now by the staff but will be available soon. There will be a Chinese Auction with the winning tickets being drawn after the Feb Feast Auction. As usual, payment for Auction items is due in full by April 1, 2022. ############## Current Registrations Haldenwang David Haldenwang Diana Marcheson Katlyn Vary Hannah Fermaint Justin Coyle David Servello Camila Green Ryan Quattrociocchi Nick Staring Ryan Lane Kerrie Lane Patrick Mevec Christina Morgan David Tamburrino Frank Snowbender Leah Soukup Chris Werheim Zach Warren Hannah Spires Corey Tesorio Chris Udas Caitlin Braun Phil Braun Denise Scott Eric Spires Breanna Spencer John Harrington John Tyson Don Finley Jamie Gutierrez Liska Maneri Michael Asra Sage Thomas Morgan Clark Fred Tompkins Aleena Feebles Brandon Bellassai Jordan Travis Scott Toia Philip Beebe Nate Schumacher Nathan Capen Justin Rogers Jenica Wood Emily Bellows Stefan Hicks Christopher Withers Aonghus Meerschaert Dan Garropy Rachel Beaumais-Liske DeAnna Jow Gabe Guile Steve DeWolf Danielle DeWolf Ryan Browne Nick Humphries Nicholas McBride Arden Vertucci James Crossman Kat Snowbender Andy Liske Damien Metott Will Wideman Dustan
  8. The Powers That Be

    Effective immediately: The position of Second Marshal is renamed to Ombudsman. This position remains filled by Dan Meerschaert. Bryan Graham steps down as Plot Marshal, to be replaced by Chris Tesorio. Ryan Green is appointed Logistics Second. Christina Mevec is appointed Props Second. Michael Maneri is appointed M&NPO Second. I'd like to thank Bryan for his long service to KoN. I honestly can't really remember a time when he wasn't in their position, so this is truly long overdue and a well-deserved break for the him, who now gets to simply enjoy playing the game for a bit. Well done Bryan, it's appreciated.
  9. SOooooooooooOOOoOoOoOOOOOOO dignified!
  10. Hoo boy, where to even start here.... Unlike Kerrie above, I AM staff, so feel free to take anything I say here as canon law. Rather than try to rebut your points line-by-line (which I assure you, I could do) I'm just going to point out that you have a lot of criticisms, and few suggestions or solutions. Actually, no, let's go bit-by-bit, shall we? I'm irritated enough at this post that I'll waste time on this I should be doing other things with, and since you already have me blocked on Facebook, I'll assume you've already decided you don't like me for whatever reason, so it's not like I'm going to offend you further here or something. 1. Fighting at night. I see you've been fencing in the SCA for a while, since 2005? This game has been running since 2004 - since about 1996 or '97 if you count it's predecessor, Adventures in Mid-Land - and we've never had a serious injury from fighting at night. Nor in the daytime. None. Zero. Zilch. Hundreds of games. Thousands of participants. What you call "just plain unsafe" we simply call realistic. It's the "live action" part of the LARP descriptor. Furthermore, you are free to not go out on combat encounters in the dark if you feel that you're in danger. Just let a shift GM know you're not comfortable. They'll work with you - give you a non-combat role, send you out with more lights, whatever. 2. Swords. Feel free to counterweight your swords. I do. 3. Shields. I can see how, as a fencer, you would see a shield as an insurmountable impenetrable bulwark. However - to put it in terms you will understand - there must be a way around them or field battles at Pennsic or Ragnarok would never end. Learn some wrap shots, learn some fakes... I find you coming here after one event and telling us what is wrong with our combat system to be incredibly rude and arrogant. You may be a decent fencer, but this isn't fencing. You might think you're good at historical combat, but this isn't historical combat. It's lightsaber sticktag at a fantasy LARP. I'd suggest learning the system and actually practicing at it a bit before you try and fix us. In fact this entire post reads like, as someone else messaged me earlier tonight, "Didn’t give the game a chance. Went into it thinking game was gonna suck his dick because he’s a fencer. Dude just wants it to be the SCA and also to feel superior." That's not my words, that's the words of another veteran player who was utterly agog that someone who'd come to ONE GAME would have the effrontery to make a post like this. 4. Calling Numbers. If you hadn't been such an insufferable toolbag with the rest of the post, I'd maybe give you this one. We inherited a system with combat calls, and by the time we realized there was maybe other ways to do it, the game was simply too well established. You'll just have to chalk this one up to Novitas being a game, and games have rules. We're not a martial art like HEMA, we're not a combat sport like Dagorhir or SCA Heavy. But this shit here? " I think combat should have some dignity to it" Oh my fucking glob, get over yourself. We're nerds running around in the woods wearing elf ears and werewolf masks, whacking at each other with rubber swords and throwing beanbags at each other - and we're doing it PROUDLY! We're not here for some kind of dignified historical combat extravaganza showcase, we're here to make fun moments happen - yes, in the woods, in the dark - with a bunch of our friends then laugh about it at Chinese buffet at lunch on Sunday. Most of us happily embrace that stereotype, and we've found a family of friends here that love each other and support each other and have a great time together. Our players are teachers, retail clerks, doctors, stay at home dads, nurses, call center workers, firemen, insurance adjusters, EMTs, grocery store workers, librarians, artists, engineers, fast food workers, musicians, and a hundred other things from all walks of life, and we're all happy to be part of OUR TRIBE here. I'd rather spend my free time with any player at KoN than I would some of my own extended family. In closing, "Take these observations for whatever they're worth" Don't worry, we will. Look, even after all this, I'm not angry. The staff's not angry. You're far from the first person to roll up in here after a single game and tell us everything we're doing wrong, hell, at least you came to an event before doing this - some don't even do that. We're glad you came and tried KoN, and we hope you come back again with a more open mind, maybe unburdened by as many preconceptions about what Novitas should be. Hell, your next event is free, what do you have to lose? -Dave First Marshal, Operations Marshal
  11. MVGC / KoN Waiver

    NEW WAIVERS NEEDED FOR AUGUST EVENT!! -------------------------- Up front: you will not be allowed to sign in at the August event unless you have electronically submitted a new waiver. You will not be afforded an opportunity to do so on-site - do it before you go. New waiver is here: https://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/MVGC_KON_Release_Form... This is a fillable PDF. You probably will not be able to fill it out in your browser - it needs to be saved, and opened and filled out in Adobe Acrobat Reader (desktop or mobile) or a similar PDF program, and be signed. You may need to set up a digital signature. KoN staff will not provide technical support to do this, so figure out which one of your friends can help you and ask them, or watch a video on how to do it. It's not complicated nor difficult. When it is done, it needs to be emailed to konwaivers@gmail.com This only needs to be done once, not for every event, or even every year. Thank you for your cooperation - I can hardly wait for August!
  12. 2020 Event Dates

    Feb 7-8-9 April 10-11-12 Cancelled May 1-2-3 Cancelled June 5-6-7 Cancelled July 11th - Delta Lake State Park Cancelled August 7-8-9 Cancelled September 4-5-6 Cancelled October 9-10-11 Cancelled November 6-7-8 Cancelled December 4-5-6 Cancelled We are going to skip the January and March events this year. They are VERY sparsely attended )50 players or less) and we lose money on those events, so we're going to skip them this year and see how it goes. This was the regular practice back in the Vanderkamp days. February will still be the Founder's Feast - shifts 1 and 2 will be normal shifts, and 3-4 will be an in-character feast and Chinese auction. NEW ONLINE EVENT DATES August 8th September 6th November 7th December 5th
  13. Logistics Changes

    Please note that you MUST send proof of prereg to Ryan. I am NOT going to forward them on, that's just a pain in my ass and I don't have time for it.
  14. MVGC_KON_Release_Form.pdf