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  1. FOR SALE: Character portaits

    Of course, Dave. You know where to find me when you have finished your contemplation.
  2. FOR SALE: Character portaits

    Dave, I'd add another 3 dollars to that, for a total of $45 for a print with an illuminated border in color. I will say now, however, that due to the limits of printer inks versus hand-painting, I can't guarantee that bright, opaque color will be as clear when printed on a color paper, and metallics would be out of the question. Just a fair warning that the vellum texture of the paper will be visible in those areas of color. Still, it will be a reasonable facsimile. A description or reference for the style of border would also be helpful.
  3. FOR SALE: Character portaits

    Hey everybody. I know I haven't been involved in KoN for a long time, but this game has always been a favorite of mine, and, to show my appreciation for the great players and wonderful characters of Pinedale*, I'm going to be offering either full-body ink drawings or pencil portraits to you wonderful people. Purchase of a drawing will get you a high-resolution copy of the drawing, and permission to use it as you see fit, along with a print of the drawing to hang in your encampment.The texture is simply a background option to make them look more like Pinedale-style woodcut prints. It can be omitted, or a real vellum-style paper can be used for an additional $2. The full-body drawings will look something like this, and will cost $40 (actually quite cheap considering the amount of time they take- 6 to 10 hours. do the math yourself). (low-res copy for the web, actual drawings will be @ 300 dpi) A pencil portrait will be. . . well, exactly what it sounds like. They'll cost $30, with the same additional $2 charge for a vellum paper on the print. They'll be done more like this: (low-res copy for the web, actual drawings will be @ 300 dpi) I'm opening 10 Slots to start, and to gauge interest in this offer. Anyone who is interested should send me a PM with the character they wish to have drawn (these make great gifts for other players, cough cough), and whenever possible, a photo reference or two to show the garb, gear, hair and makeup of the character. Once payment is received, you will go on the list. (Yes, I need payment up-front, I refuse to spend hours on these only to have people hem and haw after I have done the work.) Drawings will be done on a first come- first served basis. Don't miss this opportunity to have a great memento of your character, as well as a great custom-made prop for your kit. The Current list is: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) I hope to be hearing form you soon! *And to make a bit of money for myself. I am still a member of the Civenite Merchant's Guild in good standing.
  4. Tower Shield Advice

    I'll be converting my tower into a PD shield soon, I'll be happy to post pictures of it when I'm done, Dan.
  5. Rag XXVI Cleanup and Unpacking

    I don't know if I can get down to your place to help unpack, Dave, But I'll see what I can do to meet you at VK to help with the tent. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Rag 2011 Planning

    I will also not be having anything from the keg.
  7. Campsite @ Rag

    Dave, My meal payment and liquor payment should be in your hand tomorrow. Phil and Neecy should be bringing it out to you Friday. 70 total for that and no beer, yes?
  8. Recruitment!

    Real name: Andrew Bateman Call Sign: Nightshroud Position: Sword & Board Secondary Position: None yet, hoping to go Archery
  9. utica practice for thursday may 19th

    Is practice still a go? Just wanna confirm before I arrange for a ride and such.
  10. utica practice for thursday may 19th

    I'm definitely interesting in attending on Thursday if I can arrange a ride.
  11. Let us speak now of intoxicants

    I don't plan on hitting the beer, or the cider either, so I'll just abstain on that issue. I'll see to it you get the cash for the open bar asap, Dave, either by courier or PayPal, depending on your preference. Of course, if you're having a practice Thursday, I can give it to you then.
  12. Rag 2011 Roster

    Dave, I will be planning on staying in the barracks, provided there's still room.
  13. Campsite @ Rag

    I just pre-reg'd, sorry about the delay.
  14. A man to remember...

    Miles, unthinking, wrenches his hand away from Rhaveniel, his face twisted by rage and grime into a terrible mask. "Get away from me!" The sound of his own voice seems to snap him back into lucidity. He pushes himself to his feet, quaking with shame and fear. "Rhaveniel... I... I was not myself. Forgive me, I beg you..." He takes a shaky step towards her, arms reaching out in supplication. It is only then that he sees the sword still clenched in his hand, raising towards her breast. Horrified, he stumbles back, the blade twisting from his hand to drop beside his flask. He stumbles back into Dano, whirls away from him, and flees down the trail to the Pagoda, lurching up the stairs and through the door. After a moment, a pale blue flicker traces the outline of the doorway.
  15. A man to remember...

    From the woods behind the Bazaar, Miles trudges towards the fire pit with a load of roughly-cut wood, trailing his sword behind him. His face and satin shirt are coated with soot; his manicured nails caked with mud and ash. He drops the wood in front of the fire and stares into it with red rimmed eyes, swaying from fatigue. Lowering himself to one knee, he eyes the bed of coals, and carefully places a few smaller branches into the fire, adding a fresh layer of green wood to the top. Too exhausted to get back up, he sits down hard, and blindly reaches for his satchel, eventually extracting a silver flask. Clumsily, he opens it and raises it to his lips, stopping before he drinks. He looks down at the flask, confused, as if he has no idea how it got into his hand. Letting it fall from his fingers, he picks up his sword and prods the fire listlessly instead. "It's not going out. Not tonight..." The sun gleams dully on the metal flask, forgotten in the dirt.