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  1. Feb Feast 2014 Auction Items!

    Do to reasons that most people know I will not be there in person this year so, would you be willing to take bids over the phone?
  2. November 2013 Lost and Found

    Adam, I put that your cloak thing in the cabinet along with a pillow and bag face gems that I think are yours.
  3. My Little Pony

    Enough said.
  4. Barn Floor Build Project

    I will have, a nail gun, hammers, pry bar, sawzall, circular saw, squares, and Beer's.
  5. VK Work Day This Weekend

    i don't use wheel barrels, I gots machines to move shit for me.
  6. VK Work Day This Weekend

    I will be there with with my stuff too.
  7. Rides to Ragnarok

    For you Dan I will be available all day ;) , just give me a time and place.
  8. Dag Workout

    Dont forget to strenghen your liver! you will need it :) .
  9. Super short term opinions

    Coors light. or Bud light
  10. Pictures!

    I must Kindly request that this picture does NOT leave this web site.
  11. Preparing for Shift Balance 2012

    havent come up with a name yet. Dan - Artimis (not possative yet) Tony - Falco Scott - Telmar
  12. Great Turkey War II

    I will be there, and I like the bug out and get something elsewere idea.
  13. September 2011 photos

    Glad to see that my cart got some use this event. :) P9035641
  14. Upcoming Production and Items for Sale

    $150, for the jacket
  15. Upcoming Production and Items for Sale

    Ok, lets play, $125.