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  1. I can't eat aged or fermented food, such as Tofu or aged cheese (this includes cheddar). Small amounts of soy sauce have not caused problems. Fava bean, Pinto beans, kidney beans and soy beans are out too. Black beans are fine. I'm avoiding gluten for a month to see if it's causing some of my problems (long story). Severity Aged cheese and fermented foods -- Hypertensive crisis, and possibly stroke. Gluten - Not sure yet. Possibly nothing, but so far it seems to be the main cause of my muscle and joint tension, inflammation, and pain. I've been feeling much better avoiding it, so I'd like to continue, but it won't literally kill me. I do not expect you to accommodate me, and I will bring food, but it's nice of you to try. I'm well aware that my restrictions are strange. :) As long as I can get a list of what's in things, I'm happy.
  2. Help! I need a shirt

    Don't be silly, that's how you lose shirts.
  3. Ok fine, so I really need to beg someone to borrow a tunic for my boyfriend. He's one of them scrawny tall guys. Please? He's bringing woodchuck? Hugs and kisses, Leslie
  4. Can't make it

    I never make a public post about this sort of thing, but I have too many people to inform! The pain's been pretty bad lately, and however much I want to come, I know it will be a mistake. Sorry.
  5. NPC! Hell, 2013 memorial day I might even be in fighting condition. Regardless, count me in.
  6. Since many of us are carrying around mobile phones, Ann came up with the great idea of having a mobile site where you can search for numbered items. This connects to the database, so logistics can enter a new item and it will be available to the players. There are a few things. 1. Like the PDF's, you should only be using this if you have the prerequisite skill. 2. This site was designed for mobile devices only, so it's going to look like shit on your laptop (the designer in me cares). 3. This shouldn't take long to load, but If you have an unpredictable internet connection, you might want to download the PDF instead. Please let me know if you notice any bugs/issues. I can't test it on every device. Enjoy. http://lobachevsky.net/items-mobile/
  7. Best idea ever

    Some people sell glow worms (really they're glow sticks). Just claim you found some genetically defective glow worms and started breeding them.
  8. Diagnosis

    Done. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/spells.html
  9. september 2012 Lost & Found

    Found, wand in Sentinels cabin.
  10. Fighter Practice Food Sign-up

    Something to drink which will help with hydration. Also, an Irish Setter (not for consumption!).
  11. Character timeline

    Showoff. Now let's see you make something equally cool using CSS3 and no Javascript.
  12. Character timeline

    You cannot directly edit the spreadsheet. You need to fill out the form. The link is at the beginning of this thread.
  13. June pictures

    Sorry this took so long, but I've been (and still am) extremely busy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22539564@N02/sets/72157630420599338/
  14. Special needs: Please at least one night. We have two mediums in the group and would like to use our roleplaying skill. Attendance should be pretty regular. No, Prime is not our 8th. We have 7 people so far. Edit: We now have Will/Gravedigger, and are up to 8 people.
  15. REAP SPIRIT questions

    I think I've found a new use for vials of acid.