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  1. A Gathering at the Beach

    Alia stands at the beach, her eyes dead. She stares at nothing and sways in the breeze. Her only movements, her only sign of life come from her right hand, stroking a broken necklace.
  2. Bored and nervous.

    Alia steps casually into the inn and makes her way towards the bar, nodding to the patrons along the way. Upon receiving her ordered drink, she takes a seat across from Dren and shakes her head. "Why is it you're only easy to find when I'm not looking for you?"
  3. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    Alia rolls her eyes and drinks silently.
  4. Louisa Elizabeth Morgan

    Congrats! They're both adorable. I guess this means the murderous Picean baby killer....er...Narene, won't be coming to next game.
  5. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    Alia walks into the inn looking severely pissed off. Anyone who looks at her receives a murderous glance in return. She places her coin on the counter. "Something strong."
  6. Grammatical Issues

    Please, oh please, no more text speak. "LOL" is an acronym and should be used appropriately or not at all.
  7. Gathering

    Alia moves next to Atticus and looks around, as if waiting for someone.
  8. On the Porch of the Fighters Guild

    Alia walks slowly onto the porch. Upon hearing the voices inside, she bends her head to the side in obvious confusion. As soon as she sees Rynil, she stops dead in her tracks. She gives him an icy stare and turns to leave.
  9. By the fire outside the Inn

    Alia's mouth smiles but her eyes are dead. "Forgive me if I'm being too bold, but I would not expect someone in your house to speak of him as such."
  10. By the fire outside the Inn

    Alia can be seen growing visibly more uncomfortable at any talk of Cambrin. She relaxes a little after the people start changing the subject. "People keep talking about setting up a government in Pinedale, but who here would ever be able to run it? I'm quite certain a government would create more anarchy than it would quell. I can think of very few people here who don't at least have some enemies in town, and few others I would trust to run this place. If by some miracle a government were to be created here, it would be very short lived." She sighs. "Now please, I doubt Moonfather meant anything by his comments." She glares at him. "No matter how they came out. I doubt anyone here can honestly say they've never said anything that was taken the wrong way. Why, just the other day I told Malice Slatestone that I'd rather not be forced to spill his blood." She pauses for about five seconds and grins. "Luckily he's smart enough to realize I was referring to how lord Iga plays chess."
  11. By the fire outside the Inn

    A small, cloaked figure appears from the shadows. Making sure to keep Narene in sight, she moves next to Nasri and shivers. She stops staring at the stranger after she sees Octavian out of the corner of her eye. She nods her head and turns back to Narene.
  12. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Alia smiles and knocks over her king. "New game?"
  13. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Alas, chess is no real battle. Only a fool would feign ignorance early in the game and allow themselves to lose pieces. Perhaps feigning ignorance before a game would be more appropriate. As for being able to determine the outcome of a game early on, I find that most difficult. I always butcher the end.
  14. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Alia takes the bottle from the lord and bows her head. "I shall see this safely to him as well." She frowns and looks visibly uncomfortable at the talk of Rowen. Pain is clearly visible in her eyes as she bites her lower lip. She shuts her eyes for a moment and looks down. Upon regaining her composure, she opens her eyes, raises her head and breathes out heavily. She swallows. In a cracking voice, she speaks. "I believe it is your turn."
  15. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    (Responces in turn.) "Narene, thank you for the kind offer but I need a clear head for this game." Alia bows her head and accepts the letter. "I will see it safely to him upon his return." (After Rothgar insults Grog for the first time.) Alia hides a laugh. She puts her hand over Rothgars and smiles. Her head never turning away from the game. She scowls at Malice's last move and loses her Knight. Tilting her head to the side, she smiles again and moves.