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  1. Changes for plot

    Thank you for all your hard work, Dave. I know you're going to have a blast being "just" a player again.
  2. Mid-season shift balance survey

    Neecy Character name: Ciara Independent by choice/ design Preference: 3/4 due to real life
  3. Dart Pockets

    Mind you - tag bags and blue strips are NOT lootable items - but having a pouch to contain them means that the pouch itself can be rifled through - you would just tell the person searching that they find nothing but spell components.
  4. Lost and Found June 2015

    I seem to be missing a black belt with a pewter celtic iron cross on it and one black suede ankle height boot. Also, we have your hat and gray tunic, Prime.
  5. Lost and Found June 2015

    Yeah. We didn't know it was a players and thought that previous campers had just left it there. Sorry, Maggie. VK is getting ready for their summer campers to start in about a week and a half, so I'd call them this week.
  6. Best of November

    The best part of this event was seeing everyone again and getting all those hugs. It's been a really long emotional week and I was so very glad to see everyone. Also, my new elf ears are fabulous and I will enjoy NPCing in them when necessary. NPC: Water elementals want this bridge gone - lets drop PC's by getting them "wet". (Sorry again Kat for the tag bags to the face) Getting searched by a PC as a stinging nettle - PC - "I search your leaves." Me - "You find thorns. They probably sting and hurt your hands as you dig through them." PC: Rhaveniel's final chapter is complete. RPing in the Inn with JC was fucking amazing and so intense. "Tell me the most dangerous thing you know about Miles Castigus". . . Rhaveniel doesn't hesitate to share things that only she and Miles know. Random person wanders over to make sandwich and says they will deafen their ears. Rhaveniel is pointedly silent until they leave.This man, this stranger who holds her lover's location in his hands, he may know, but none other because that is more than even she cares to risk. JC's NPC wanted her to convince him why he should take her to Miles, but I don't think he was prepared for me to have spend the night before reviewing all of the conversations that Miles and Rhaveniel had throughout the years to put myself in the right mindset. Even I didn't know what was coming, how it would end. I can't say thank you enough. I may blog about it at some point. Send some letters via Crimson Courier to those who were not at game who she did not get messages to. If you're curious, the merchants guild and the Bazaar were deeded to Dano as the only surviving member of Sy' Tel Quessir interested. Vany'a will be getting a care package in December as there are some belongings of Gaius' that I want her to have.
  7. November 2013 Lost and Found

    I left my leather mantle on AJ because it looked good on Vincent. I may or may not want it back in the future.
  8. Rhaveniel is an enchantment master, but I generally only cast shadow skin when I know I'll be out numbered. However, that doesn't mean that an NPC can't get the drop on me. A year ago, an NPC that I helped by loaning him a wraithbaned weapon got the jump on me while I was alone in the bazaar.
  9. The professional thief, and YOU.

    A few things: 1) some of the locks in game pre-date the leather tags and have the number etched on the lock itself so it may not be easy for you to tell in the dimly lit cabin if the lock is marked. 2) It is perfectly legal to put a physical lock on a magical item, such as a magic lock box or to cast magic lock on a physically locked box. If a box is designated with blue and If you want to pick the lock, that's fine, but the box itself is still magically locked unless you're casting dispel or using magic lock picks (also a magic item) or if convergence has just hit. 3) If people are entering a magically locked cabin for any reason OOC, can they please be careful not to disturb the magic lock flag/ light and conversely, if you are breaking a magic lock and not re-casting it, can we please signify that some how? Removing the flag, turning off the glowing light, etc.
  10. CoK V Logistics

    I believe Marcia was looking for a cabin with electricity too - to set up the DVD player for the kids. If that's the case, she can always use the Bazaar/ Pagoda.
  11. Stuff.

    The bazaar has a carpet of dissipate. I can sell it to you IC before I retire Rhaveniel.
  12. Lost and Found from...last June?

    Rich - the cloak belonged to Catrias - she no longer comes to game. No idea how to contact her outside of game as I haven't seen her since Sept/ Oct of last year.
  13. Photos Sept 2013

    Awesome! I can't believe how frizzy my hair got after our morning encounter in the rain. I like it though, because it makes Rhaveniel more real.
  14. I'm excited about tent city. I think there are many good places in town for tents, including the clearing between the Terrace and GoST. Tents should be treated like regular structures, we should be RPing greeting the people whose tents have cropped up, new or old, helping pitch tents ICly even. I think it addes to the realism and it shouldn't matter where they place their tent when an encounter comes to town. A few years back the trails were flooded, we had barricades blocking passage. NPC's didn't move the safety barricades so they could get to the PC's. They chose another way or went around them. Don't attack the tents just because they're there.
  15. RP Skill Advancement Summer 2013

    Dave M. can I get a link to the new advancement requirements for the Merchant tree? I spent the spring really trying to push the merchant aspect and have a bunch of photos of June event to show how the Bazaar has progressed and got some new recruits into the guild in June too.