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  1. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Narene emerges from his room in the inn and posts a bill on the common board. Where as the tents of so called "Elftown" are due to be put back up the fine room I have leased for the year in the Jenny is now available for rent on a month by month basis. It contains two bunks, with room for one more if you so wish to provide your own. Serious inquiries only, asking at least 100 copper, room to be rented to the highest offer, sent to me via a missive (PM) . Offers will be closed and awarded on April 30th. I reserve the right to cancel this offer on or before the 30th if for some reason the tents are not available for the gathering. Narene Tvarus, Master of the Sight.
  2. reconnecting

    "Very well thank you, though a bit weary from the road. I haven't traveled this much during the winter in at least 50 years, back and forth to the Great Forest twice! But the reasons were well worth it. As to your other question I do know Riona is well, when we parted Sidhan was his usual self, for most of the others I have not seen them sense the Mid winter gathering or shortly there after. But Riona as not mentioned any ill news received from the trees, so I do not expect to find anything amiss."
  3. reconnecting

    Narene wanders into town, looking tired and worn from travel. Seeing Nalowen he smiles and approaches the fire sits down beside it and nods to her before taking in the warmth himself.
  4. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A note tacked to the board outside the inn written in the Elvish style Take Notice: To all those gifted with the sight, more commonly known as Mediums, Narene Tvarus invites you to gather at his trading blanket in fellowship on the day of the Harvest Festival at the hour of 1PM, so all whom have been given this duty may talk and share what they will. There will be cookies.
  5. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Narene approaches the board, and finding an open spot attaches a bill-post to it. Residence of Pinedale and the surrounding lands, I have come to learn from sources with great reliability and integrity that our peaceful neighbors, the Piscenen peoples of the Lake, have taken the recent political changes in the Freelands and the subsequent actions of those governments as an act of aggression against them. As a consequence of those actions they prepare to make war on the People of Pinedale and the surrounding area with all the strength at their disposal, including it is said great and powerful magics taken from the Great Library of Nalbendel unseen by mortal eyes since the destruction of that great city. I hearby call on the people of Pinedale and the Freelands to renounce the foreign goverments now holding power in our land and, with luck, save us all from a terrible fate. Narene Tvarus
  6. New Ambassador

    Narene, quietly observes the conversation a slight smile on his face has Ambrose speaks before speaking himself. "As far as the fate of sparks and the part of gods, I shall leave that debate to those whom are better versed unto making its arguments." He glances to Olov. "Yogi, you have only done what you thought proper and I will condemn no man for that. I have spent time among your people, and I know you do not think of the undead as the rest of us do and though I do find it unsettling and distasteful. Take no action to aid them, nor give intelligence of our actions and we shall have no quarrel. I am an old soldier, nothing more. I have fought them for over one hundred years. I shall do the only thing I know how to, I will fight them. I will fight them with sword, with spell, with dagger, with fist, with my eye teeth if that is to be my fate. I will fight them not only because of what I have been taught, but because of what I have seen them do. I KNOW what they are capable of, the lengths they undead shall go to accomplish their gains, the savagery they will fight with, the cost to those who underestimate them. I know not of this Al'Cairn, but that matters but little. In the end they are all the same, bringers of pain, sorrow and loss. If innocent blood be shed in Pinedale because of them it will not be because I did not act, it will be because my blood has been spent in defending it. If you wish to stand with me, you will know when you are needed."
  7. New Ambassador

    Narene, overhearing the conversation from a distance approaches, nodding to his brother he speaks. "To my people there is one great difference between these things and natural life. All living things are bound together in the great ark of life. Our sparks are given unto us when we enter this world, we live choosing our own path for good or ill and we die, our spark retuning to the well and then the cycle continues. These undead pervert the great path, their deeds in life being so ill that the dark one can steal their spark before it reaches the well and force it back unto their decaying corpse giving unto it unlife, allowing them to continue their wicked ways. They can claim to want only to live with us but it is a lie. They wish only for us to die, so they can use our bodies as fodder for their armies so as to spread their rule over all of Novitas not leaving one living thing left in this world ending the great dream. They exist only to do the dark one's bidding, enforce his will, carry his sword."
  8. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    Narene settles back into his seat and sips of his wine. He speaks "Of course My Lord" in the common tongue before switching to Elvish in a low enough voice to discourage eavesdropping.
  9. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    As Richter approaches Narene looks up at him and nods. "No, of course not My Lord." He begins to rise from his seat to allow Richter to sit in deference to his status. "Do you require something of me?"
  10. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    Vany'a response draws another smile and nod from Narene, as he raises his cup in her direction. As Falco departs those that care to notice see Narene's eyes follow him out the door, and as Falco exits the door Narene's right hand releases something at his waist and moves casually to his side. As Shang Laio enters he looks to him briefly before taking another sip from his cup, smiling every so briefly at Vany'a comment on Falco's state of mind.
  11. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    "I can take you to his grave, but I shall not linger there once you are convened. It is not far from here at all, let me know when you are ready and we shall depart- though none too soon I think, the lady would take umbrage with me I fear if I were to remove you from her company so soon" he says as he looks to Vany'a.
  12. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    "He does not" you hear from a quite voice in the corner. "He has gone to the well, and his spark may have been yet reborn unto this world already, for all I know, but it shall never walk the world as Neccero again."
  13. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    Narene sits in silence mostly, half listening to the conversations to the inn, sipping at his drink and relaxing from he heat of the day. At the mention of Necero's name you see a pained expression on his face pass briefly by before he recovers his neutral tone. As Richter enters the inn and speaks you see him eye him intently, lost in thought for a moment or to before resuming his relaxed state.
  14. So this one-eyed priest walks into a bar...

    The door to the inn opens, and a tall elf enters into the inn. He swings the pack off of his back, bulging with items and sets it down as he makes his way to the bar, producing a cup from a sack hanging form his side and placing it on the bar. "Water please" he speaks, and after the cup is filled it is soon drained of its contents, and as quickly as it is filed again the water within disappears. Before the cup can be filled again he raised his hand for a moment, produces coin and places it on the bar. "This time wine, if you have any available." His cup soon filled again he looks about briefly and sinks himself into the low char by the bar, arranging the two swords at his side so they do not impede his relaxation. Only then does he look about the inn, taking notice of those who are there, with a nod to Olov and Blagar and a smile a bowed head to Vany'a.
  15. A voice heard at dawn

    In the middle of town, early one morning just as the first light of dawn brings light to Pinedale, and the stars are still visible in the west sky a figure, clad in black, blue hood drawn over his face stands near a patch of freshly turned dirt. He is still for a time, as if deep in thought before beginning to speak softly in the Elvin language. If you listen carefully you hear a softly sung "A distant and familiar sadness calls to us As if carried on the wind, like burning sand Brothers and sisters, away, you endure Stranded on our own land A memory etched into soul and skin Leaves a scar that never heals Our family is strong, but scattered Across the stars and fields We will not abandon you We will not forget you We will return for you"