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  1. OH CRAP!!!!

  2. Awkward Items to Loot

    If you are a PC i think it's you're responsibility to cover for the eventuality of said items being looted. Magic boots? you should have some non magic flip flops somewhere in your pack. Magic pants? Wear underwear. or carry some light shorts around in your pack. It seems simple enough to me.
  3. Character Theme Music

    Falco's Theme.
  4. KoN Policy on Press and Photographers

    Uggg. I guess I'm the champion of douche video. I'm going to go die in a fire now. bye.
  5. Pacing outside the Inn

    "The fire is built, a walk would be nice, Haven't had many leisurely walks...well I suppose they all start out that way, let's hope this one stays casual throughout it's entirety." He slowly got up, looking down at himself and his once again "tribal" attire. "Do you think this look works for me?" he said, a bit puzzled as he began to walk away with agatha. "It just doesn't feel right anymore." [[to pm]]
  6. GM's asked for more things

    If you go deep enough there is no need for clenching. Trust me, I'm a fetishist.
  7. Pacing outside the Inn

    "proud, paranoid, and now in possession of a powerful ritual. The night before battle he crept into the elders tent, opening the chest which contained the components. Among the list of components needed was 3 ritual candles. his Idea was simple enough. Swap out one of the enchanted candles for a normal one. He The last day of battle came, the day that his peoplewould use this ritual, defeat this necroamancer and start their bloody campaign against the outer kingdoms. In the contested area, proteced by a sanctuary, they performed ritual. Outsideof the magical barrier stood the elf child, eyes a flame, trying desperately to make them see reason, make them see that they themselves had become corrupted by their own pride, greed, paranoia. His kin would not listen, he offered them one last warning, told them he would not allow them to continue. Upon completing the ritual, they soon realized their folly in not obeying the child's demands. Just as they finished, the child revealed to them that he had replaced their component. Rituals are not things to be dabbled with. if the smallest detail is missed, a word pronounced wrong...a wrong component used, the effects can be deadly. The ritual sprung to life, faster than anyone could react, a cyclone of flame encompassed the sanctuary in which a few of the crazed warriors resided, it consumed them entirely, not even giving them a chance to scream out before they where dust. The child was quick, he cast a ley lines and ended up back at the main camp. A shortdistance away, he could see the flames swirling. He watched the magical inferno encompass everything and everyone, the screams of pain from both necromancer and wood elf blended into one voice, consumed with torment. Then nothing. Silence faded into the forest. The trees had not been affected, not a single plant was singed. But there no one inside that small patch of forest, save the child. Weapons and littered the ground, the only trace that just a few moments prior, there had been a battle. The child looked at the destruction he had caused, justified or not, it was by his hand the outcome of this conflict. He ran." Avelis looked at Agatha. "And that is where the real story truly begins."
  8. Pacing outside the Inn

    " as for the child; it was not as if he asked for aid and was denied it. the chance to request help was never obtained by the time he found out about the plans of his tribe, there was no time to leave and look for aid. action needed to be taken."
  9. Pacing outside the Inn

    "You have to understand, that these elves where not seasoned warriors. They where keepers of peace. Only a handful of hunters, and gaurdians had any real proficiency with a weapon or magic. The rest where foragers, planters, builders, children, elders. Imagine that your task, you life, is to repair parts of the forest by planting new trees and plants, grow crop, and scavenge. One day you are handed a spear, a bow, a sword and told "go defend our forest." You love your home, of course you are going to oblige. the only blood you have ever spilled was that of an animals. You now find yourself crushing the skull of an undead with a rock, impaling men with your sword, the screams of pain on both side meld together into one constant chorus of agony. You hear, see, touch, and smell this every day and every night. You've lost many of your friends. you've lost your mate, you're mother, or your father. Your grief is mixed with longing for what you have lost, that longing turns to hatred, YOU want to be the one to deal your vengeance, if you let the other tribes help, if you let the wildrunners take care of it, what was all your hardship for? After that long and that much loss, sense and logic go out of your head. the pain you deal out is the only thing that makes you forget about your loss, it makes you feel powerful, it's the only control you have. It becomes you. For a seasoned warrior, such acts are common...and such a short time is barely notable; but now tell me, for people not of the sword... Is four years really such a short time for the madness to infect someones mind and heart? how long could you watch your loved ones die before you started to crave blood yourself?" He paused, letting the question sink in. " to the obvious question. ' where were the wild runners...where were the neighboring tribes." Avelis stared again into the fire. "They all offered aid, and where all refused. This 'war' consisted of no more than one hundred elves and almost an equal number of beings of darkness. Aid was offered, time and time again, but like I said, this stubborn tribe...they wanted to prove themselves of being worthy of their love for the forest. THEY wanted to be the ones to end it....all sense had left them.
  10. Pacing outside the Inn

    "His tribe, a once peaceful, gentile, and just people where now in the middle of a their own private war. He came to find out that soon after he had left a man of the dark magics and raiser of the dead; both clever and cunning, had managed to seep past the wildrunners. He took occupation in the forest, and in the first time in Two centuries, The Alda Rana all stood up at once to protect their love. Sending the youngest of the children away to live with neighboring clans, they waged war with theNecromancer and his ever growing horde. A majority of his kin, never having seen bloodshed on such a massive scale, had gone mad from the non-stop conflict. Many had been lost, many where injured, but all had been driven to insanity. Filled with grief for their losses, they began to blame not just the necromancer they warred against, but all of Novitas, all of the outside kingdoms, for allowing their lands and hearts to be so corrupted by greed and hate, that they would allow such dark beings to exist. The most clever of them had devised away to "purify the outside land". They had devised adark...terrible ritual, one to be used on the necromancer and his minions; but their campaign would not end there. They aimed to spread their roots through all of the outside kingdoms, spreading their influence among them. Those who joined them would be valued allies, pure of spirit and free of corruption. Those who opposed would be considered corrupted and have this terrible ritual turned upon them and be silenced forever. The child who hadreturned- who had grown up to protect and nurture all that was just and good, to understand and keep the natural balance, could not let his kin spread their destruction to the restof the forest and the world beyond. The night before the ritual was to be performed...he acted.
  11. Safety with Masks

    You can mention your plans to primes Tubular 7th! but... it won't get you anywhere since I don't make judgment calls. I like to feel included.
  12. Youtubes!

    Glad to see all those two hour long avengers trailers I saw in the theaters may produce something watchable. :)
  13. Youtubes!

    Ah, I see they went with the typical Michal bay intro. "monologue [buzzaw synth] explosion of chaos. more monologue [buzzsaw synth] city explosion.etc."
  14. Pat Lane's Armor

    How much did that fur cape run you? I needz!!!!
  15. Pacing outside the Inn

    Avelis gave a small nod. "This story reaches back many years, across many different lands in Novitas...Perhaps the beginning would be the best place to start...how to start it... He thought for a brief moment, "perhaps... Once upon a time, deep in the greatforest, there lived a small tribe of wood elves called the Alda Rana. To them the forest was more than just their home; it was what provided them shelter and provided them food to eat. It blocked the harsh winds in the winter and proved them comfortable shade in the summer months. It was their life, it was their spirit, it was their love, and they would do anything to maintain the serenity it provided. These elves, loving the forest so much,devoted themselves to taking care of the parts that had fallen thefarthest. If corruption and outsiders with mal intent where able to slip past the wildrunners which patrolled the borders, the Alda Rana would be there to try to bring peace to whatever areas fell victim to such hardship. Luckily, conflicts of a large proportion where few and far between, for the Wild runner's effectiveness was known not just throughout the forest, but all of Novitas. The Alda Rana spent most of their days in relative peace, only physically defending themselves the land if no other option was given. But, as in most stories, there was one child who did not share the same love of the forest as his kin did. As this young elf grew, so did his yearnings to see lands beyond the borders of the trees. To experience the cultures that he had only known through stories, to see creatures both gentile and graceful,and terrifying and beautiful. He lived his life alongside his peaceful kin until the day he was old enough to leave his home, and he did just that. Bidding farewell to the trees, he set out beyond their embrace to have new experiences and adventures that he had only been able to fantasize about as a boy. Four years later,having come back from the north, The child of the trees came back; excited for the stories he had to tell the loved ones he left behind. He was disheartened at the sights hiseyes looked upon." Aveli's gaze extended into the fire, His stare glazing over as he watched the flames dance in front of his face.