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  1. LARP Collection

    Not a lot left.... 2 sets of boots Feb Feast Sword 2x Cloaks - 1 Linen and 1 Wool
  2. LARP Collection

    I will certainly do my best to be there. Been swamped with OT lately after work fired like a dozen officers in a few weeks.
  3. LARP Collection

    I'm in the process of moving to Colorado. Looking to sell some of my LARP stuff that I want someone to buy and actually utilize in our wonderful game. Also, this will greatly help me in getting money to actually move out there. I'm will to negotiate prices, I'm also willing to sell reasonably cheap to just try and get as much money as quickly as I can. 1) Sept Star Necklace -- Second Breath 1/gd, Synchronize 1/gd and Enhance Armor 1/gd - Price Negotiable. 2) Multiple belts 3) (10.5 Wide) Real leather Durango Men's Harness boots - $169.99 new... They are on sale on Amazon for $139.99 right now... They were worn for a few events, but are in great condition. $80 4) (Size 11) Leather Medieval Boots - They are a bit worn, but are a perfectly fine boot... Looking for $40 4) Scutum shield custom made by Alex Richmond - New this cost me $135... It was used as an NPC for ONE SHIFT... It's practically brand new and has an amazing duel Skull + Spinal cord paint job. Asking $100. 5) black cloak Standard black linen cloak with a hood -- $25 6) Martial Silver Masterwork Mageblade - No Incant Curse 1/gd and Abomination 1/gd - Price Negotiable Edit: I have tons of small odds and ends that can be used in our game... Mugs...etc... So please reach out with something you may be looking for and I'll see if I have it. I've been LARPing at Novitas for 8 years now, and have a nice collection.
  4. happy birthday, the mead awaits you

  5. NPC weapons

    There's no reason you guys can't come up with some RP reason why the items have been given to another character. There's plenty of times that people have come to an out of game agreement and exchange things before game.
  6. Harvest Fest 2015

    I saw this yesterday and died laughing... This seems fun!
  7. Where to buy a Mid-level Bow

    Be advised, multiple piece bows haven't been allowed at game for a few years now. I was asked to stop using my 3-piece Red-Ash Recurve bow a while back... So make sure you're not looking for a multiple piece bow.
  8. Options for a swung Great Weapon

    The problem isn't length, it's how sturdy it is going to be... If you build a 20 foot spear, you better make sure it's not whipping like a sheet in the wind...etc. Also -- If you're going to make your own weapon, I want to stress that the Great Weapons you see NPCs using is NOT something that we're allowing PCs to use. Dag spears and anything closely resembling them is strictly for NPC use. I want to make sure that this is known, since we've had players spend money on Dag Spears, only to be told that it's NPC only. Please, if you have an idea and are on the fence at all about legality, please speak with MK and/or myself. We can at least agree on the prop you're deciding to use. It'll be up to C&S (JC or Richard) to approve the safety of it once it's made, though.
  9. Changes for plot

    Thank you for all you've done, Dave! Looking forward to the future, Chris!
  10. Mid-season shift balance survey

    Sebastian - Tony Servello I help Chris in Logistics Saturday Morning. As long as I have 1 night shift, I'm happy.
  11. Post Move Sale

    Hey people, So I'm post move and looking to start saving up some money. I'm gonna be selling some things that I just don't use anymore. So please message me on here or on FB if you're interested. I'm on the forums daily, but I'll respond much quicker if I have PM notifications or FB messages. All prices are the average prices I see from eBay. They ARE negotiable, but please keep in mind my prices are not going to cost any shipping..etc. FOR SALE: - Gameboy 3DS - $100 - 3DS Ocarina of Time remastered - $35 - 3DS Pokemon X - $25 Nintendo 64 w/ 1 Controller and Expansion Pak (This works) - $40 - 2x N64 Controllers - $10 each - MANY N64 games - $10 each (Ask me what you want, and I probably have multiples) - Star Wars Edge of the Empire Core Book - $40 - Sons of Fortune expansion - $25 - Edge of the Empire Dice set - $10 - Turtle Beach headset - $40 (Can be used for PC, PS4, XboX...etc) - Randy Moss Authentic Autographed Jersey - $200 I have 2 shields and 2 steel helmets for sale too, if anyone wants to discuss prices and get pictures, PM Me.
  12. Perma Death

    Perma Death happens two ways... 1) You're killed and left in the woods. After the gameday, ifou're not revived, your spark goes onto the well. 2) Someone reaps your spirit, then uses a ritual called Final Rest to ensure you don't come back to life ever. You do not come back from perma death, ever. No one has ever come back from being perm-dead, unless they had a fancy Feb Feast item that allowed them to do so.
  13. Best of May 2015

    - The Violin & Cello - Lots of good RP with Pat and AJ all weekend. The Inquisitor and McFathom will always be two of my favorite characters to RP with. - The Violin & Cello - Fought Chris Blake the entire weekend it seemed. Every encounter I went on with my PC, it seems Chris Blake was able to find me and we had epic fights. - The Violin & Cello - Running Logistics with Chris and Maggie GMing and Rachel as Make-up is always a blast. It's awesome to see how well we all work together. It's like a machine to watch everyone just synchronize and go. - The Violin & Cello - Did I mention the Violin & Cello??? This was my most favorite thing of the entire event. It adds so much, and makes Pinedale feel like an actual town when things like that take place. Also -- my dad used to play the Violin for Dren and I, and I remember just sitting forever listening to him when I was younger. It certainly brought back some awesome memories. I could sit and listen to those two play for an entire event and never grow bored of it. Kudos to the Heller gals!
  14. Armor Value

    It has potential to be Monstrous with the 16g steel, but with aluminum scales, it'd probably just be 3 points like Regulus said.
  15. Rituals!

    For Final Rest, we had a fairly confusing situation, that all parties didn't know how to respond to... It says that you must ring a bell for 10 minutes uninterrupted. If I knock the ritual candle over, or remove components, is that enough to "interrupt" the ritual? Or do we need to stop the bell from ringing? or both? I suppose this could be said about all rituals, but the Final Rest ritual is the situation that came about.