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  1. The timing is unfortunate, but even if you cannot field a team, I am sure any of your warriors who happen to be able to attend will be welcomed by any of the competing Realms. The web sites for the Silver Kingdom Festival and the Woldhaven Invitational have been updated with this year's competitions and rules. Please have a look! www.silverkingdomfestival.com www.thebloodgames.com We look forward to welcoming a great number of competitor for an exciting and lively event. Please pre-register your characters at www.thebloodgames.com/registration.htm
  2. This year, YOC is running the Silver Kingdom Ren Faire (SKRF) Jun 11-12 and 18-19, and we have decided to take it back to its roots - a festival to help promote LARP, and try to recruit new converts to our hobby. We have combined the SKRF with the Blood Games concept of a LARP competition. It's still the overall LARP competition, with mostly the same rules and familiar competitions, although it will have moved from Waxaclajuun to the Silver Kingdom, and is labeled the Woldhaven Invitational. We are throwing in some serious twists, though: - as an integral part of the SKRF (Silver Kingdom Ren Faire) there will be lots of vendors, lots of entertainers, and also a lot of non-LARPers - it will run over two weekends, giving serious time for Skull and similar tournaments, as well as formal group challenges - at night (Sat night) it's just for LARPers - there will be plot deeper than the Ren Faire plot visible to the casual attendee, running over both weekends - the setting and high-level plot is made more accessible to the public - using commonly known fairy tale characters, so let your imagination run wild there : we want to be able to use this event as a recruitment ground for LARP, so come out and shine, even set up a booth!
  3. 2010 Blood Games?

    Nudge, nudge ... Attending LARPs: CRO, Knight Blades, Mythical Journeys, The Realms, End of Seasons, Steam&Cinders, The Fable Reported updates: Jarpaxa and Hybrids running the show, Grand Melee expanded to a large strategic and tactical battle field, Boaconda - a 60' worm - in captivity MIA so far: Novitas - come on, we'll miss you
  4. 2010 Blood Games?

    After all that posturing you guys aren't planning on coming? That'd be weak! CRO is looking for a fight, and Knightblades will be back as well (they missed last year). They're both hard-hitting LARPs that battled it out in year 1. With you there as a hard-fighting third team, it will be a very interesting Games. The majority of people did not want to be tied down Jul 4 - hence the schedule tightening to Fri/Sat. The Games will go late Saturday (i.e. well into Sunday morning), and the Grand Melee will be longer - it will be more of a Grand War, with several melees in different areas. And we do have very bright field lights for the central arena, but some areas will be in the dark. To address your concern about spending $25 to play, but not having the Sunday morning in-game, I have no problem giving you 1 admission free for every 5 attendees. That's very fair considering your long trip to get here. And no, there are no "sneak" skills or the like. If you want to demo and sell your LARP and your style - why not hold an event for that during the Games - we'll gladly schedule it. That's the purpose of the Blood Games: to get other people to see your ideas and learn from each other.
  5. Call-Out to the Blood Games

    That would be great ... perhaps best for next year?
  6. Hello fellow LARPers! The summer time is rapidly approaching, and the Blood Games 2010 are early this year - on July 2 and 3. Once again we are organizing this event to bring together LARPers from all manner of games, to share in competition, story, and battle. High time to build your character, gather your team and come enjoy the companionship and excitement of another fun-filled event of tournaments and challenges! We will again have plenty of activities for those who like to do battle, those who like to solve mental challenges, and those who like to perform! And of course, the biggest challenge faced by each of you will be your opponents - hungry for the same prize and glory. This year - is it your year? To add even more motivation, in 2010 we have the pleasure to be able to offer great prizes sponsored by LARP Distribution, the US distributor of LARP supplier Epic Armoury: 1st Prize: Two Handed War Sword http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-112-two-handed-war-sword.aspx 2nd Prize: Adventurer Sword http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-109-adventurer-larp-sword.aspx 3rd Prize: Ready For Battle Knights Fighter Sword http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-34-larp-knights-fighter-sword.aspx 4th Prize: Three Throwing Knives and a Three Knife Holder http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-201-la....ew-edition.aspx & http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-193-la....r-3-knives.aspx Please check out the details at http://www.thebloodgames.com/, and register! Any questions? Please ask us! Thanks Harald http://www.thebloodgames.com Ye Olde Commons http://www.yeoldecommons.com
  7. Pretty harsh!


    Ye Olde Commons

  8. Fill in your profile or you will be deleted.

  9. Blood Games Registration

    Less than 10 days to the Blood Games! Please send in your character skills or skill updates. Pre-register now to avoid having to do it at check-in! http://www.thebloodgames.com/Registration_Form.html
  10. The Blood Games

    Sounds like you'll bring another enthusiastic and proud team to the Games - that's great! It's the mixing and sharing of experiences and ideas that we really want to encourage and foster. PS - loved that "LARP spectrum" - very good. Regarding registering a Realm - either a KoN director tells us, or 5 players pre-reg and tell us (we've reduced the number from 10 to match the minimum Faction size) - then we'll add your Realm to the list on our website. Just give us the word. Teams last year ranged from a size of 1(!) to somewhere in the 20's. There is no upper limit - it tends to balance itself, and no single team comes anywhere close to dominating. Yes, you could register more than one Realm, but it sounds like you'd be well served with several Factions. Factions are primarily for flavor - to allow you to present your Realm's important groups if you wish. Regarding cost: Yes, the $25 or $40 registration fee is either/or, not additive. Just depends whether you want to tent or sleep in a cabin. Food is also your choice - the 3-meal plan provides you with 3 very hearty meals to keep you going, but you can also bring your own food and cook out. Updated the Blood Games website with a teaser writeup of last year's champions: http://www.thebloodgames.com/uploads/Blood_Games_Bulletin_2009_promo_version.pdf Looking forward to getting to know a new group of LARP enthusiasts! Thanks Harald harald@thebloodgames.com