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  1. And So We Remember Gaius.

    Laurel turns to go, noticing Dano, she turns to Roland: "See to him, please." Sighing, she slowly paces off.
  2. And So We Remember Gaius.

    Crying softly, Laurel slowly walks and stands between Roland and Dano, and takes their hands.
  3. And So We Remember Gaius.

    Laurel kisses Gaius' hand before letting it go. She steps back to stand near her STQ companions. "Gaius, it is a cruel thing, that you should fall while we remain. To us you were a leader, a friend, a brother and so much more. You made us One and kept us safe and smiling. You extended love and wisdom to your friends and dealt terrible death to your foes. A fierce warrior and a kind servant of the Sept. Like the Elemental you were powerful as well as gentle. Your absence pains us, but what you left with us is abundant with joy. Your memory will be held with laughter and tears. You are gone but never lost. We remain, strong and together. We will remember and honor you. And so Gift-giver, who gave all he could, I say thank you and farewell." She watches on, and lets the tears come.
  4. The terran returns the smile, putting a hand on his arm. "Thank you my friend. Your company and understanding is much appreciated." She rises and goes toward the Bazaar door. "Now if you'll excuse me Ayden, there is still much to do before the sad task ahead. I must return to it."
  5. "I see....." Laurel speaks her next words carefully and gently. "My friend... I suggest that if you have business with the Bazaar, you wait until after we've had the last rites for our Gaius. I don't think Rhaveniel can look to the future right now......"
  6. And So We Remember Gaius.

    Laurel steps forward. She is cleaned up and looking stern but confident. Her green dress is brushed and straightened. Her blades and boots are polished. Her hair is half up in braids, accented by a few yellow flowers. "I will carry him as well, General."
  7. "First, I would suggest that you share your story with Vany'a." Laurel gestures at the flyer that Vany'a had posted. "She is writing a chronicle of Gaius' life and we have been sharing our memories of him with her. I submitted the story of when Gaius welcomed me into STQ after Elder Daizo dismissed me from the HoCB." She sighs and looks away once again. "Strangely though... the memory that keeps surfacing is from the day he died. I had taught him how to speak terran and we were discussing my elvish lessons with Sidhan.... Gaius had said that I was a good teacher... He had just acquired the new tongue and he barely used it...."
  8. Laurel quietly sits by the human. She looks down at first to avoid his gaze, avoiding him seeing her tear strained eyes. "How did you first meet him?"
  9. Being in the front area of the Bazaar, Laurel noticed Ayden outside. Quickly tiding herself up and wiping her eyes, she steps outside and goes to him. "Hello there Ayden..... Have you come to say goodbye to Gaius?"
  10. Pictures!

    Assassin Wedding Cake!
  11. LARGE sept pendant

    I'm interested in a screaming big septagram pendant for this kind of look. Has anyone ever come across something that that??
  12. A man to remember...

    "Very good, thank you." She leads him to her bunk and gives him a smile. Then the whitesmith-battlemage-adventurer takes on the role of housekeeper and hostess. Offering food and drink and words of support to greiving visitors and friends. Strangely the role seems to suit her.
  13. A man to remember...

    Laurel wasn't having it, she scoops Dano up under the arms and leads him to the door. "Oh come along now, lad. You'll be needed later and you should rest up.. Come along, don't make me blunt you, friend."
  14. A man to remember...

    Despite the young terran man's desception, Laurel spotted it. Walking over to him and giving him a gentle nudge she says softly: "Looks like you need some rest too, get to it then, I have things well in hand here. You can use my bunk if you want."
  15. A man to remember...

    Laurel takes a second to say quietly to Dano: "Remember lad, Rhaveniel's having a sleep for a few hours so if anyone asks for her before then, tell them that she needs her rest, ok?" :D ((OOC: this was established by Rhaveniel and I's PM conversation))))