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  1. September shift change

    Dave, thank you for the clarification. I'd asked when it looked like we were getting close to the 6 +1 (since we do have several brand new people) if there was a limit to how many people could be in a group total and was told several times there was no cap. That being said, we've already started discussing plans on how to fix this. ^_^
  2. Quill and ink Penner

    That looks like leather with leather to me. You may want to look up hardening/forming technique for the bottle part to help protect it. I'd be worried about landing on it and crushing your container of ink.
  3. Farewell, good friends

    You will be missed. We'll look forward to any event you can squeeze into your busy schedule in the future.
  4. May 2014 Lost & Found

    I'm missing my NPC weapon. I mistakenly left it in the make-up area last event. It's a mace, wooden shaft with a small band like head and tiny points.
  5. New Coffeepot Acquired

    I wish I'd known there were so many issues with it. That larger pot was one I'd brought and if there were issues I might have been able to fix them. I know the filters weren't the right size and that was contributing to the grounds getting everywhere. I still don't know where the soap came from.
  6. I miss Rynil. Veria use to start every event with her hello chat with Rynil.
  7. Worldbook falling apart

    Are there any books left for sale out of curiosity?
  8. The Big Combined Thread About BOOTS! (Outdated)

    Some of these may work too. Woman Within Boots
  9. Hello All

    Dallas I <3 you! I'm looking forward to hanging out with you both IC and OOC.
  10. Set Up/Clean Up

    I only helped with cleaning up the spray guns and folding the errant garb I found laying around at the end of 4th. By the time I got to logistics Sunday morning they were almost done. Edit: Sarah Merchant
  11. Best of April 2014

    ~~As always, seeing people again is always tops my list. ~~ New makeup set up. <3 <3 <3 ~~ My cousin is back! So much fun seeing Aquilla again. ~~ New men + old friends == New group. Wheeeee! ~~ Snosband plot with Amanda. It's a good plot when I get that emotionally invested. I'm really glad that had a good outcome. Works out well when the Mother gives you inspiration. ~~ Husband and wife to-be fighting over what kind of ceremony to have. Short but still interesting. ~~ The Rabbit of Death! ~~ AWESOME RP with Al in the Temple. It is going to be a lot of fun RPing with this character. Bonus, he provides the old guy wisdom we need. Group sitting and talking about a thing and not being able to come to a decision. Then from the back of the Temple comes the elderly Septon's dose of logic leaving us all looking at each other going "Yeah. That. We like that." ~~Cool moment where some NPC Septon's came to the Temple to chill with Al's character, and walk into a full Temple in the middle of a discussion about the Sept and what each god means to us. ~~ Gift from Vincent. Very appreciated. ~~ Black Lavender. Not Veria's cup of tea, but hilarious all the same. NPC ~~Poisoning about everything I could get my hands on in the inn and only effecting the inn keeper. ~~ First event in a long time I got home and had a non-voluntary nap.
  12. If you have Allergies or food restrictions!

    I already responded on Facebook, but so you have everything in one place. Allergic to walnuts, seafood, and blue dye. Severity: With seafood it depends but certainly something I avoid. Walnuts and the dye aren't going to kill me, but I also shouldn't eat them. I'll be there for April. Edit: I also can't have grapefruit. I'm not actually allergic but according to the warning label on one of my meds it can cause conflicts.
  13. Aloha All!

    Woot for STG! Looking forward to Arcon in a month or so and seeing you at game!
  14. Custom-Made Shields

    Does this mean my cousin is coming back cause I miss him.
  15. Hello and well met!

    Hi Ben. I'm Sarah, a member of Props and Atmosphere. I thought you might find the World Book useful as you folks put together your backgrounds. There's a PDF you can download that can be found here. Usually I would link the rules too, but I'm not sure which version has the most recent changes in it. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Look forward to meeting you at game!