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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm excited to show you the FebFeast Items for this years auction! But before I do, I have a Rules announcement I need to make. A few rules changes that will be effective in the year 2022: The item power cap is no longer a game rule. Example: You used to only be able to cast up to 20 power from items, now this rule doesn't exist. So use your items! All Items that cast effects or have abilities "X times / game day" are universally changed to "x times / event". Example: A shield that has "Enchant Shield 3/GD" is now "Enchant Shield 3/Event". Rules has a lot more changes coming as well, as the team has been working since game restarted to get the rules updated. We are excited to share the rest of our work at Novitas New Year in January. With that announcement out of the way, here are the Feb Feast 2022 auction items: If you have any questions about these rules changes or the auction items please comment here or feel free to reach out to myself or Jimmy. -Pat Lane Rules Marshal FF2022 AUCTION ITEMS!!!!! Mark of Olsa, Third Daughter of Kharnn Face Tattoo (Must be visible in normal garb) (Head or Accessory Slot) When struck by Nature damage, you don't take damage. Instead, you store up to 20 points of Nature damage that you can send back out via weapon or tag bag. You may combine 4 of these charges to do 1 primal damage instead. Olsa is the third daughter of the legendary Dellin Warlord Kharnn. There is a story among the tribelands of Olsa's Mark appearing on the flesh of those worthy of her blessings. Olsa originally received the Mark by being burned by the fires of an Ignis, which eventually scarred into a black tattoo-like Mark. Faeweave Sash Belt Slot If the character "Dies" (Killing Blow, Kazvak, ooze, reap spirit, final rest), the player may choose instead to leylines immediately to the realm of the Fae. That character may not be played for a year and a day. After the duration, the character may be played again and appears in town with all of the belongings they left with. This belt cannot be looted. Faeweave is an extremely rare fabric, even in the Fae realms. The reason for the scarcity is because Faeweave can only be made with the dreams of Pixies and the true love of a Nymph. Anyone who owns a piece of Faeweave is strongly connected to the Fae realm, perhaps in mysterious ways. Poppet of the Iron Tower Accessory (Stuffed animal) Bearer can understand and speak Black Speech Touching a blade to the doll applies Claw of the Beast 2/ Event Bearer may throw a dart for 4 poison damage 3/ Event with no incant Bearer is under the effect of Terror & Poison Immunity while in possession of the doll (Poison Immunity still counts as game day immunity) The Iron Tower in Vleanoa is the headquarters of the Inquisition, but also functions as a black hole where the enemies of Vlean disappear. There was an Inquisitor so sadistic and vile that he made dolls of each prisoner who perished under his interrogation techniques. The Inquisitor’s name was eventually removed from all records for his abominable acts. Magehall Altar Cloth Encampment item 2/Event allows caster to ignore component costs for one basic ritual Do not need the ritual skills to use this item Basic Rituals are: Harmony, Mirrorball, Valor, Soldier's Luck, Perfect Deceit, Polyglot, Craftsman's Raiment, Disenchant, Breath of Fire, Ironbark, Final Rest, Consecrate, Mortal Jeopardy, Regeneration The Altars of Magehall are well-known for being sites of ancient and powerful rituals. One vital component is the Altar Cloth, which is woven with magical threads that imbue it with power. Mazubara Manto Pin Cloak pin (Accessory) Wearing this pin provided 2 Natural Armor to the wearer (stacks with other natural armor sources) Ignore the first two "slay" Calls Ignore the first two "Pierce" Calls Mazubara Koga, The Juggernaut of One-Thousand Battles, was arguably the greatest Snow Goblin to ever grace the Snow Kingdoms. He was known for smashing vanguards with his indomitable presence on the field and did so during his last battle at Nelbendel. This pin was recently recovered by the Pisceans of Lake Nalbendel and offered as a gift. Titansteel Satchel Slotless Pouch 1/Event no-incant Silence 1/Event no-incant Enfeeble 1/Event no-incant poison Terror spacket 1/Event no-incant poison Silence spacket Unfortunately the Titansteel Clan, a minor household in Terra, has gone nearly bankrupt. The Clan has opened their family vaults for a vault sale! The Titansteel Satchel is among the items being auctioned off. Summer's Fire Butterfly pin or necklace (Owner chooses neck or accessory) 2/Event for ten minutes the wearer's damaging thrown damage MAY strike for Primal Damage instead of their normal. (Tag Bags, Thrown Weapons) A hundred Summer's Fire were created by the Elemental during the Time of the Gods as gifts for her favored mortals. Unfortunately, nearly all of them were lost during the War of the Gods. The magic of the remaining Summer's Fire has faded, as most artifacts do since the gods left Novitas. This is the only remaining Summer's Fire that maintains its power. Barom's Boglurker Skin Belt Belt (Waist slot) 3/Event you may throw a spacket for any of: Poison Curse, Poison Charm, Poison Fear, Poison Pin, Poison Stun, Poison Weaken, Poison Silence, 4 Poison Pierce, 2 Poison Pierce, 4 Acid. Receive restore limb one minute after receiving a limb wound. 2/Event may no incant dissipate while standing in water (the Lake, a Large Puddle, etc) No one even knows if Barom really ever existed or if he is just a story, but he is a legend among the Great Forest elves. Barom was a veteran of Civen, who retired into the wilds of Fionn A'ilean. It was said that he would come to tribes of elves and exchange pelts for whatever it was he needed. The story that made him legend was when a group of Wildrunners discovered a slaughter. They came across three platoons of dead Snow Goblins, all slain by various traps or a single slice across their throat. At the center of all of it, they found Barom carving a new knife from the femur of the Goblin general. Great Sword of Quintus, the Merciless Great Weapon +1 Master's Strike Regardless of skill Acts as a Master's Staff, may change school at Feb Feast Casts 1 spell per Event, may change spell at Feb Feast Choose 1 spell, it costs 1 power less (minimum of 1 power), may change at Feb Feast The famous gladiator, Quintus of Haphis Ridges, was named The Merciless by the citizens of Civen after he cleaved three men in half at the same time with his massive Great Sword in a single swing. Quintus was as powerful of a mage as he was a lethal warrior, which made him nigh unbeatable in the arenas of Civen. Quintus became legend when he died one of the most glorious deaths in the history of Civen! In 1221 NL, Quintus battled with two minotaurs and was able to slay the first one, but was gored through the chest by the horn of the second. Quintus let out a mighty death howl, snapped the horn from his chest and buried it so deeply into the skull of the offending minotaur that it burst from its throat. Aegis of Starlight Shield (Dave H will make this shield prop, and work with you for a custom Shield!) At Convergence, this item gains Base Paste & Enchant Shield Cast Synchronize 2/Event The Aegis of Starlight was crafted over the course of seven lunar cycles in Tirion by seven craftsmen of Evenandra. Powerful and experimental alchemy was used on the shield as well, and by the end of the process they discovered that the shield was able to store starlight and convert it to Base Paste throughout the following day. Scroll of 48 points make a magic item nerds The Scholar's Letter Opener and The Soldier's Tooth Pick Longsword (Martial): Casts any Compulsion spell 2/Event ignores the first compulsion effect each Event 1/Event User can cast the Polyglot ritual at no cost Short Sword (non Martial): Casts Any Aegis Spell 2/Event Ignores the first pierce call each Event 1/Event under can cast the Soldier's Luck ritual at no cost. The origin of these items is unknown. There are many stories that surround them. A few of those stories are that The Soldier's Tooth Pick was used in battle by the great hero, Vlean. Another story is that the Scholar's Letter Opener was the weapon of Permenedes, the Wraith Lord, when he was mortal in Nalbendel. Another rumor is that both were used in harmony by Knight Ophellian of Evenandra, who would wield both blades with such dexterity that she could cut stone without damaging the weapons. Blue Bag- You know the drill.... The Tombs of Vargainen A personal plot directly involving the new content! Vargainen is an ancient and shattered continent where the wilds are rife with threats. Mummies walk the sands and attack from their hidden tombs, just as they do on Novitas. Is there a connection? Learn ancient history and lore! Who or what is responsible? Face ancient evils! This plot will end in a non-FF Epic item for the player. Chance Auction Items: (Ticket Raffle!!!) Carpet of the Archon Tinkering item 8/Event you may step both feet on this carpet and dissipate. This dissipate lasts for the game day and you gain Panacea. 8/Event you may be dissipated while unconscious and gains Revive This item only works once on each party Member. Crown of Torvin Circlet (head slot) 2/Event you may either: a: teach another player the ability to cast a spell you know using their own power for the event b: learn a spell from another player such that you may cast it using your own power for the event Scroll of Amnesty - Reset your character sheet Cup of Companionship Pouring an ingested alchemical item or potion into this allows two different players to then drink it to gain the effects Perfect Instinct Goggles/Viel/Glasses (Slotless) (pass props approval) You can keep your eyes open during time stops. You may not share information gained this way with any other player. Scroll of Feb Feast! Turns magic item into "Feb Feast" item Box of loot Box full of stuff $$$$$$$$$$$ Prismatic Wand Wand 10/year casts any first, second, or third level spell
  2. September Preproduction

    Baldisere's production: 3 Spell Store scrolls 2 Dispel Scolls
  3. Rules Update!

  4. Rules Update!

    Hey everyone! We have some changes coming in the new year. Rules have been busy during the down time due to Covid and have a lot in store starting next year! However, we do have one update that will be starting this August game. Starting in August Epic items, Master Crafted Items and rods that a player owns will be Attuned to that player at sign in. Items that are Attuned cannot be used by another player for the entire event. The exception to this is weapons can be used by another player for combat, but cannot use any of the weapon’s magical effects. An example would be someone else using the weapon could swing for the damage type but not spells in it. Rules also wanted to put forth a clarification to an existing rule regarding the casting of spells and having an empty hand to do so. In order to cast ANY spell, you MUST have one empty hand. If you are casting a spell from an item, you must either be wearing that item, or you must be holding that item in your 'free hand'. Your 'Free Hand' AND arm MUST be have unrestricted movement. You must be able to fully raise your hand, for example. Holding anything between your arm or your body counts as restricted. The only exception is passive buckers. A 'Mageblade' or a sword with a mageblade effect will count as your 'free hand' for this purpose as long as you are casting INTO the mageblade, as per mageblade rules. If you have questions please post below. Jimmy and I will try and answer them for you. If you have more questions, see us at game and we can discuss it in person.
  5. Zoombilee Auction

    Hello everyone, 2020 Zoombilee Auction Items are up! Just as in previous years, we auction items off in order to fund our Larp and make it bigger and better. As always, these items are subject to change, as there are often clarifications and other stuff that can/will be addressed as the needs arise. We're only having a Traditional Auction (item goes to the highest bidder) at Zoombilee. Please ask any and all questions about the items in the comments below. Items are not listed in the order they’ll be auctioned off. Archmage's Belt: Twice per game day you get a Prismatic level 5 spell Bangle of Preservation: -Bracelet - Every 10 minutes you receive: Improved Magic Armor, Enhance Armor, Mend Armor. Incant is needed. Self only. Loremaster's Tome: Phonebook - Accessory Slot. One level three Prismatic spell 1/GD. You can use: ID Magic, Estimate Value, Herbalism without the skill. Pedagogical title of your choice (Plot Approval Pending). Blossoming Coin: Exotic Coin - gain 1 free Exotic coin every game at sign in. (slotless) The Ring of Godly Intercession: **UPDATED** Ring - The purchaser of this ring will receive a personal RP arc, written and managed by plot. Tread carefully mortal…the gods have noticed you. Scutum Annihilator: Hammer - Casts Enchant Weapon, Elemental Weapon, Silver Shine, and Creeping Rot 1/GD. The weapon can always swing for Acid damage. If swung for Acid damage, you must swing for 2 damage. (Blue Paint) Gift of the Dragon: Sword - Speak Draconic, Mageblade, Breathing Fire ritual 1/GD (self only), Elemental Immunity. Cast Primal Form 1/GD. “Breath of Draconus” Whenever you receive a torso wound and the moon is visible in the sky, you receive the effects of Second Breath. 1/GD. Blue bag: Invisible bag that only the owner can see, cannot be looted
  6. February Rules Update

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to go over a few things you may have missed during the feast. Auction part 2 - We will be doing the second half of the auction at Junebuliee. Same format 6 auction and 12 chinese auction items. Keep an eye out for the announcement on what will be at the auction. Fighter practices - Our focus is on safety this year. We will be holding fighter practices starting this spring. Just because you don’t fight as a PC, you do as an NPC. Having a better understanding of how the game works keeps us all safe. Location will likely be in Syracuse, but more on this closer to spring. We will create events for each of them. You will get XP for actively participating. Garb standards - There will be an incentive for wearing garb. Passing NPC garb is acceptable. Don’t expect the incentive if you have on a flannel and work boots. We will have a few different people help go over safe fighting styles, combat calls, spell casting, etc. If there is something you want to go over in a safe environment this is the time for it. We are looking for people to join our safety team. Who we are looking for - People who are good fighters or have a very good understanding of our rules system. No, you will not be pulled from NPC’ing / PC’ing. There will be an incident report to fill out after your encounter for us to track patterns with locations, combat practices, safety, etc. If you are interested please reach out to myself or James Vertucci.
  7. February Preproduction

    5 scrolls of synchronize
  8. October Preproduction

    5 scrolls of syncronize
  9. Dungeon Crawl Preproduction

    5 scrolls of synchronize
  10. June Preproduction

    5 scrolls of syncronize
  11. March Preproduction

    Scribe Scroll: 5 scrolls of Dispel.
  12. February Preproduction

    1 Scroll Battle Mastery, 1 Scroll Primal Form, 1 Scroll Ruin, 2 scrolls Slaying swarm
  13. December Preproduction

    Scrolls of :3 x synchronize, 1 x sanctuary, 1 x aura of reflection
  14. Does this count as dual-wielding?

    Hi. I'm Pat, rules second. That is a good question. It won't count as dual wielding. The only things that can legal block attacks are legal weapons and shields/bucklers. You can still hold it for aesthetics, but it becomes a safety issue to swing or block with it. Also, if you get hit there while holding it, you would take the hit like you would if you got hit anywhere else.
  15. November Preproduction

    For production this month 2 Anti-magic aura, 1 triage, 1 command nature, and 1 dispel magic