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  1. If you do write a check it will come home to me and I'll set it aside with the cash to take with me to the event. Your check can act as your receipt.
  2. Brooch Advice.

    If you are only using them in wool, they should still work ok if you dull them a bit. You can wiggle them through the weave.
  3. Brooch Advice.

    Or use those clear, rubbery earring backs. Those might stand out a bit less.
  4. Feb Feast 2014 Auction Items!

    Sorry, I was away for a week immediately after Feb Feast and haven't been able to get out to the bank to make the deposit. I plan to do it tomorrow morning.
  5. So folks with various dietary needs can pack accordingly this morning - VK will have a few gluten free and vegetarian meals available for dinner tonight.
  6. True statements: 1. Feb Fest dinner has previously been out of character and "discreetly damp" 2. Novitas standing rule is no drinking at game 3. This year the dinner at Feb Feast will be "in game" So, should we not drink at dinner this year since it is "in game", or does the previous "discreetly damp" rule apply since it will be so low key. I feel like I need to dig up my logic stuff from high school math, but I just can't do it.
  7. MP&O Banner

    oooh - I like the first one. The blue one is kind of plain, and the one with the mountains looks like it should be matched with some Christian inspirational message.
  8. RPness Inn Stuff

    I won't be available past about 5:00 pm on Saturday. I need to leave to get Ivan and take him home.
  9. Ragnarok 28 (2013) Pre-reg list!

    We rank up based on years at Rag. No need for other rank designation, and no need for any special honorific, but I appreciate the thought. :)
  10. Regarding dinner: * Continue to offer an appetizer before dinner because it took a while to get food to everyone. I'm not sure what the feedback was on the spinach artichoke dip in particular. * Allow pre-reg for group seating at dinner. Mark tables with units/chapters, etc. and make a chart. Then we help others find seating at any unassigned seat. We fill open seats at tables with Legion members. * Assign servers to certain tables, then switch halfway through so we can eat. This should help to avoid the confusion over who had been served firsts, seconds, etc.
  11. Harvest Festival 2012

    I'll come as early as I can Saturday to be available for the Inn and to participate in the festivities. Maybe not promptly at 10, but before noon, I'm certain.
  12. Fighter Practice Food Sign-up

    I'll bring macaroni and potato salad.
  13. Vendor List

    For the Cairnhold Legion Succubi - this is where to get all the period bling.
  14. succubus' sinful soiree 2012

    Also plates, serving platters and bowls of various sizes, little forks, serving spoons, tongs, etc.
  15. Rides to Ragnarok

    6 AM Saturday morning, yes?