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  1. May Pre-production

    Ferrous Irongall producing: 1 Totem of Resilience (24CP) 100coin with bonus febfeast production: Curtains of Magic Lock (16cp) 100 coin for Totem of Resilience, 60 coin from Curtains owed (80 original -20 master craftstman 'free' production) Total: 160 coin owed
  2. Party and Shift Survey

    Note that the Wardens have updated things as of now.
  3. Party and Shift Survey

    Wardens: 1. Ferrous / Adam del Cano 2. Miria / Rachel Tesoro 3. Baevynn / Maggie Bechtel 4. Valora / Amanda 5. Baldisere / PatLane Maggie needs to be available for the Newbie Speech on Shift 1. Rachel would (mildly) prefer to be on makeup Shift 1. Amanda is an assistant GM. Requesting to PC shifts 3/4.
  4. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Hammered in by Ferrous Irongall, this message reads: "LET IT BE KNOWN THAT In the dark of night the King of Lizardfolk and his translator did visit Pinedale, did provide aid and comfort in midst of bloodshed and strife, to gain our ears. And with this hard-won audience, did say that when the darkness comes, and they said, come it will, using a word I have yet to hear: Tenebrous, then they will stand at our side, in hard-fought battle for what all the living do crave: life. The scaled-ones ask no price. Shed not the blood of your allies, Freelanders."
  5. April preproduction and retirement

    Ferrous Irongall: Minor Wand of Magic Lock I owe you 20 coin for this at sign-in.
  6. 2014 Player Census for Shift Balance

    Adam del Cano, playing Ferrous Irongall. Independent, mild preference towards 1st/4th shift but not strongly so.
  7. 2014 Player Census for Shift Balance

    Suzie Newby Delia (Independent) I would like shifts 1 &4 because I am a sleepy, sleepy lady who goes to bed early. EDIT: Didn't realize this was signed in on Adam, apologies if it causes any confusion.
  8. Hose

    So, in an effort to A) center Ferrous' clothing more firmly in the Early Middle Ages that the Kingdom of Terra leans toward, and B) reduce the amount of time I spend wearing pants, I've started looking into cross-gartered hose (if it was good enough for Charlemagne...). I've found a few ideas and sites, mostly SCA stuff, but I was curious if anyone at Novitas had any experience in the matter?
  9. November 2013 Lost and Found

    My heroes!
  10. November 2013 Lost and Found

    Lost: (Left in the Casino because I'm an idiot and the lights were off):Blue cloak with large heraldic design on the back. I'm going to skip the proper heraldic description, the design is a shield with a black bar on top, there's a sword in the black bar. The lower two thirds are a light blue with yellow saltire and an inescutcheoned red-and-white-cross-shield inside the main shield.
  11. June 2013 Lost and Found

    I managed to leave a cell phone (LG Marquee, has a "Boost Mobile" thing right above the screen) somewhere. If anyone finds it, it would be glorious, but I'm not going to be devastated in the (extremely likely) event that it is a casualty of poor packing/unpacking.
  12. My Pc Garb

    Mandatory "EARTHKIN FOR LIFE!"
  13. Inside the Inn

    As the harvest time approaches, the nights are lengthening, the days are cooling, and the leaves will soon enough be changing. The future may be uncertain, but the town's residents can take solace in knowing that some things, like the Harvest Festival, and Omar's Hammer, will remain. Monsters, bandits, and undead may lurk in the darkness beyond, but here in the firelight and the company of others, people can steal a few moments of respite and ease. The drinks, on the other hand, they have to pay for. Ferrous Irongall, sporting a good deal less glow these days, leans forward against the table, skeptically examining a mostly-empty mug of ale. The closed inkwell and drying pen on top of a few papers covered in Terran characters explain what he's been doing aside from drinking the past few hours. At this point in the evening, writing has fallen to the wayside, though, replaced by more dedicated drinking, and people-watching. Given the recent postings by Azgar all around Pinedale, tonight probably won't be one of one Pinedale's elusive boring nights.
  14. September Pre-production

    Tradesman: 20 coin. One ring of Disengage 1/GD, Ghastly Visage 1/GD (-40 Coin) Gloves of +2 Power (-55 coin) I owe Logistics 75 coin plus a scroll for Disengage and a scroll for Ghastly Visage, unless I learn them at check-in (which is what's probably going to happen when I can't find the scrolls I could swear I had in my scroll pile).
  15. Mask

    As the thread description goes, one of my non-LARPing friends wants to commission a leather (or metal, although I told him that would be slightly less plausible) mask. The description I was given was something along the lines of the guy from Darker than Black (for those of you who don't feel like google image searching an anime, I have and it's basically a blank white leather face mask with eye holes and a mouth line). If anyone's interested, I'll get you in touch with them.