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  1. April Pre-Production

    Even moar scrolls FF: 20PP 5 Spellburst 1 Shadowskin April: 20PP 5 Dispel Magic -Brian
  2. Elementals...

    Elemental tag bags have been reflected in the past to good effect as I recall. -Brian
  3. New T-shirts for Feb Feast 2012

    1 XL please -Brian
  4. February Feast 2012

    I am coming. -Brian
  5. February Feast 2012

    I'm up for drafting. -Brian
  6. Merry Christmas

    Indeed! Merry Christmas everybody! -Brian
  7. New Coppers

    I can also throw somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 to $50 at this. -Brian
  8. Happy Birthday Hive!

    You'll probably be happier eating more of the cake and less of the shit thought. ;) Happy Birthday, Dave. -Brian
  9. April 2011 Inn Bunk request

    Drew can have my spot as I likely won't be needing it. -Brian
  10. April 2011 Inn Bunk request

    I would like a bunk in the Inn please. -Brian
  11. RP skill advancement

    RP skills only have the possibility to advance twice a year from now on. These times will be February Feast and June, the beginning and midpoint of a season respectively. Should you wish to advance your RP skill you will submit a request to plot of your intention to work towards it at one of those points and we will then watch you for half a season. If we find what you've done satisfactory you will then advance. If you are not found to be performing your RP skill unsatisfactorily then you will be denied and will have to try again and wait another half season. Do not Nag us about advancing your RP skill as this will result in automatic denial. So for example if you wanted to raise from Ordained 1 to Ordained 2 you would submit your intention to Plot and we would then watch your RP for half a season, so 4 events. If you do a good job with your RP, actively engage in your role as a Septon, seek out Septon plot, and improve your garb during that time you will be approved at the end of the watch period and will be Ordained 2. You must still pay the required skill points at the end of this period. This wait period applies to gaining the first level of an RP skill as well. Characters with backgrounds submitted by Players who have attended at least 6 full KoN events are the only ones who may begin play with an RP skill and even then only at level 1. Should something absolutely amazing come out through a plot or through RP then a character MAY gain a spontaneous raise in the middle of a season. This is subject to Plot's discretion and would require something truly fantastic to occur. Should this occur again you must still pay the requisite skill points to purchase the skill. The reason for this is to limit Plot's work load every month as well as to insure that no one is skyrocketing through the RP skills as this wasn't the intention when they where made. This should also help give characters clearer goals which helps drive story. It also aids the GMs in creating plot as they will know what Players are looking to accomplish for their characters and can prepare accordingly. Plot will also give suggestions on what is needed for advancement or just how to be better at your RP skill if you have questions. There is now a Plot watcher for every RP skill. They are: Druid- Dan Meerschaert (Atticus) Status- Drew Urbanek (Lord Iga Shinzen) Ordained- Rich Hewitt (Lord Giovonni Villaterra) Medium- Brian Swenszkowski (Me) :) Tradesman- Justin Capen (Sidhan Celebery) They can answer any questions about the particular RP skill they are watching. Tradesman while not an RP skill like the others in the list still requires RP to maintain like the RP skills and so is being watched from now on to insure this is occurring. You will receive only one warning should you fail to maintain your RP skill or your Tradesman. After that if things do not improve the skill will cease to function until things do improve. It is possible if things never improve for your RP skill or Tradesman to never function again. You must improve or it will NOT work again. Should this occur you will NOT be refunded your Skill Points used to purchase the Skill. If there are any questions please feel free to send them my way. -Brian
  12. Hey

    They're all holding it in for Feb Feast. :P -Brian
  13. Bringing Back the Fear of Death

    I think Bob's suggestion is the easiest to put in. Make it cost about 1 coin/level to raise someone from the dead. We can add more things like making it take longer and even putting a toll on the person coming back as well. Perhaps making them come back with no power or body and be Weakened for a game day. I also don't think the game needs to be a meat grinder in order to be fun. However as things stand it is quite difficult to kill a PC which needs to change. Making Revive more costly is the easiest way to address this. -Brian
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a good day today. -Brian