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  1. Masters staff

    If at all possible.
  2. Masters staff

    Looking to buy a restoration master's staff prop. The in game item is being taken care of by Ivan. I am in need of the prop. Message me if this is something you are interested in and capable of doing.
  3. We have had a big influx of new players this year and I just wanted to give a shout out and say that you guys are doing awesome as a whole. It may not mean a ton, but you rock, keep it up, and I hope youre all enjoying game.
  4. Best and Worst of the Crawl

    Best - seeing the barn being used! Wrapping up our ongoing plot. Being prepared for everything thrown at us. Worst - hot up there. Was worth it though. Extra - special thanks to Zach, Christina, katie and whoever else i forgot busting ass, organizing, and making this thing happen
  5. Feb Feast Mace

    Many of you already know I agree with Tony with the 1 time ability to gain levels instead of coin and items upon retirement. But that's for another topic =) Edit - wrong topic. Stupid phone.
  6. +1 While I dont know if I agree with the abilities you have chosen (would need to think about it quite a bit more), I do 100% agree with your point and think the overall idea you propose is pretty legit. I can't exactly think of a downside. Nothing is being taken away from players, only more is given. Perhaps some of the more awesome stuff you could even make "alchemist only" (just an idea). Also to prevent people from stock piling too much awesomeness, you could give them a special item type that only one can be used at a time.
  7. creeping rot buff

    That's not bad JC. Buff to necromany allows you to repel anything you want, but at the cost of extra power. Also I agree abomination should let you ignore unhallow but that's for another thread .
  8. creeping rot buff

    It is probably the least useful spell in game. 1 4-poison tagbag (if I recall) for 2 power? That doesn't do too much. If people like it and want it the same, I'm cool with that, I just feel its very weak in comparison to most other spells. Elven steel which is needed for all sorts of monsters has enchant weapon and wraithbane. Silver has those 2 plus silvershine. Magic has wraithbane enchant weapon and Mage blade. Primal has primal form. Nature has elemental weapon and primal form. Poison has alchemy? It seems odd poison doesn't have a spell. (Although Lauren made a good point every Dr doesn't need a spell) Another point for; alchemy will lose sales of 1 thing potentially, while multiple other poisons become STRONGER. So it would be an overall buff to alchemy.
  9. creeping rot buff

    That's true too. A little extra challenge. Good point
  10. creeping rot buff

    A poison pin without a poison weapon will only get you so far against a bagman or even 2.
  11. creeping rot buff

    They still give you the actual ability such as poison stun or poison pin. And would also give you double charges since applied to a poison weapon.
  12. Wouldnt it be cool if creeping rot was buffed? My proposal would be that it makes a non ES weapon a poison weapon for game day? If game day is too much, make it 10 minutes. Reasoning? Lots of things allow you to swing for other damage types but not poison. The name already is in place, the poison creeps its way along your blade until it is covered. Helps new players who can't obtain damage types. Doesn't hurt veteran players. I understand poisons are meant to do this, but they require a skill to apply and are also slow to apply on the fly. This would also buff poisons allowing you to get double charges from poisons. Also if you like the current creeping rot? Why? I'm not hating, I'm genuinely curious about the upside of it. And the spell could always be made so you can convert a weapon OR make a tag bag. Hope to hear some good points for and against.
  13. More Work at VK

    The 4 from auburn have work gloves btw.
  14. More Work at VK

    Myself, chris, his wife and fred should be there
  15. New guy

    Welcome mike! Always good to hear from a new player Hope to see you in June. Feel free to pm me with any questions. Bill