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  1. Photos Sept 2013

    Best pictures yet!!! It's like Steve is a professional or something. It was a special/weird/cute moment
  2. What is your favorite part of each event?

    seeing a good fight, and maybe being part of it the warm hellos new garb, costumes feeling powerful by "killing" something interesting plot/adventure
  3. Weapons Custom Made and Designed

    wow, i just looked at the pics, i can't believe it's been that many swords, and more in 6 years. sad not to see some of those in game now.
  4. Titles

    servant of The Knight servant of The Mother servant of the order of sword and scale called septon by those who can not stomach servant called beth by Ivan
  5. February Feast 2012

    not drinking (duh and boo) up for lots of games and will kick most of your asses. also not PCing. Can't wait to see yall!
  6. New T-shirts for Feb Feast 2012

    i want one but only if it is a wifebeater/tank top or lower cut girl T-shirt. different design is my vote.
  7. Rocktober!

    "Meeting Deirdre, and seeing her think out loud of the beauty of learning and the world , seeing her tear up and hug Michael for helping her 'share' that experience. <3" at first I was like what? drea wasn't there and then I got it oh you meant me! Hedera Helix, yeah does sound a little like deirdre, weird. i loved actually crying on the spot. glad every one so far put up with me and Jordan's PC's :) had a blast coming up with out there "wise" sayings and being wowed by every leaf tree and happening of nature. "Wooh, did you ever notice how the sun is like a giant ball of burning light coming right at you!?, wooh" mushroom tripping, it was just like a little more out there version of us ;) feeling totally appropriate to give advise to any one I talked to. The finger trap circle with 2 nobles and us hippies, "we are the tunnel! only you can go through the tunnel!" Everyone was so nice to this pregnant girl, yall are really some great peoples. NPC time getting to hang out with gost a lot and watching them in action, especially that old guy ;) nice job with the shed!!!
  8. Rocktober!

    pictures were great! thanks.
  9. June 2011 recaps

    sorry we missed out, we missed yall and missed the fun. We have a wedding july saturday LARP but we will come out for friday shift at least!
  10. Heather's Armor

    oh man! awesome sauce!
  11. Bringing Back the Fear of Death

    I have a fear of death often. if you don't play a safe character, its scary to go out there, knowing that if you go down, which happens, and you are not found, AHHHHHH. also being in awe of revive or any other magic is silly for traveled people. It's a world full of magic and we may be thankful or desperately need magic but wouldn't be surprised by it. not in this game. I'd be all for some magic taking longer, such as revive and reap taking a minute.
  12. December highightsl

    so much more... ie: squirrel tail and gettin some i laughed alot this weekend, yall are funny
  13. December highightsl

    this was the best event for me in a while. I can't believe how much everyone gave during a cold snowy, down on players event. I loved being non stop busy with my PC and NPC. -anne on 3rd shift, "heather you need a break?" never! and i was so happy to go right back out and do roll after roll. It makes me feel awesome to be used -seeing my 4 family members in their garb and NPC rolls, its very cool that I have family who LARP. -this being Servants second event, people knowing her now, feeling a bit more at ease, hearing others call out to her, feeling like I am settling a little into this new character was rewarding. -being included with the oddfellows, cooking some bacon, doing some normal daily stuff in character. -my new kidney belt. HOT STUFF DAVE! thank you sir! -kicking ass with my sword and board against the evil hoards. raor. -being the elven matriarch. after doing Jade so long I can turn on the noble switch fast. Justin/Sidhan i loved every way you responded to her. Ivan you too :) Richter you did the right/only thing to her face but I heard what you did behind her back yous in trouble! -two elves are the worst for truth and truth, we are too polite and one of us is a septon so shes asking questions like a priest at confession. -healing people, carrying Iga, fixing those who i fight along side of, healing a soon to be enemies leg cus he's in pain -grouping with a few of the play boys, micah, and going on patrol, and finding something! i like those roboty metal monster constructs. -turning down 20 coin right away and not longing for it, not looting or looting and then sometimes just handing whatever i got into someone elses hands. money is not a temptation for servant and I will endeavor to keep it that way. -eating nuts for breakfast to get in the elvish/camping/unextravagant swing of things. -GOST is an oiled machine and so together, I am glad I got to be a part of it for a bit. -our friend Dan's reports, so cool to see KON through someones eyes for the fist time. what a trouper NPC 4 shifts in this weather non stop. -rosalias bag of need and her just showing each item, trusting servant with the info of her stash, later that info coming in handy with the light searching for the assassin who had Richters spark. that hunt was cool (frustrating) to keep going and going and going. you don't stop when someones life is on the line. -Servant went to meditate on the inn/land evil/taint and as soon as she comes back and just happen to wonder over to the sentainals cabin to check in, the door is open and a mixed group is assembled ready to take care of it. "We need a septon" bing, and the gods brought one. It was so cool to have everything fall into place. doing the ritual, fighting the undead and then praying as they used my shield as an alter, it was huge for her/me. -the final fight, i am so amazed at everyone involved. PCs wow, each one using their skills to just barely make it though our numbers were not that big. the NPCs coming again and again after 2AM. thank you thank you thank you. - you fine inn chefs/servers. yum and needed. thanks. -"I do not like your hags sir" yeah I may explode but by golly it won't get me down. - how the 3 in the "druids" group work together, so different yet flown' so whens the KON party scheduled for january?
  14. Best of Novemeber 2010

    so i had a long "best of" written in which I mentioned each group and the awesome interaction I had with yall, and then it was gone due to computers suck so this redue is going to be short no rain happy light fea sprite making squealing noises talking of lava rewards hugs getting over my nerves sat morning to bring in new PC meeting new face after new face, receiving hospitality and getting a new sense of what Pindale looks like through Servants eyes, so different and awesome mk and I npc rolls that were very satisfying to be a part of compliments on my new girl and the armor...
  15. Heather's Armor

    i am so very very excited, you rock.