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  1. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Chosen 4 pls, Geoffredo Abasette
  2. 2 Shield Bosses

  3. 2 Shield Bosses

    Don't worry, that was the first thing I looked into and decided would be a shit concept. Ill try AA and see if they ever have a sale. I wont need these right away anyway.
  4. 2 Shield Bosses

    Need a pair of smaller shild bosses for a couple of NPC shields I want to throw together. Anybody have a couple that they can part with on the low dollar?
  5. Noodle Strikes

    The thing that makes it less of a problem at KoN is the low cap on HP and Damage at a maximum of 4, with armor granting additional bonus protection points to a max of 4 (5 with fullplate and a helm). Combat generally ends after 2-4 hits are landed on the opponent. It's pretty quick and deadly and you have to learn to dodge hits or fight in teams.
  6. Dart Pockets

    I had Lauren make me a cloth dingus. It's still nailed to the back of my last pc's shield. I used it to hold tag bags, strips and scrolls. It's a popular solution for shield fighters.
  7. Plot Survey

    Least helpful PC reporting in.
  8. eBay finds

    Small/ US Size 4 Butted Chain Hauberk (Blackened) Buy it now @ $100. Not bad. Perfect for any new player of smaller stature like me. Good for the ladies. And for everyone else: Stainless Steel Scale Mail (XL) Buy now @ $400 and look super schweet.
  9. 2015 Feb Feast Handout!

    Well, that certainly makes Plot's job much easier. Wasn't aware we could ret-con.
  10. Buying some armor!

    TBH I'm not digging that review. I wouldn't buy armor from amazon. I'm sure that someone here would love to sell you theirs. That Soul of the Warrior Hamata looks pretty boss, and their Lorica seems to be a better quality than the one from Amazon
  11. Earthkin Questions

    That's when the angle grinder comes in. That is not the name of a sex move. Though it should be.
  12. Earthkin Questions

    Alright. Since we're raising the subject: The double shafted genitals used to be a fact that was odd, yet quaint. As Kevin told it originally, the Earthkin possess a two-pronged member made of living rock, which looks like cut jemstone. Not exactly pleasant for non-Earthkin, assuming an Earthkin male would lower himself to attempt mating outside the race. Furthermore each is unique in shape and fits only one Earthkin female perfectly - they are "made for each other". No other one will do. As a people, Earthkin have a utilitarian attitude about sex. To those outside the race, their years-long patience and insistence upon finding and marrying "the one" makes the otherwise stony and abrasive Earthkin seem to have almost a wistful romantic vein, but this is just fool's gold. Or something like that. I may have taken poetic license as I am oft to do, but the facts are the same.
  13. Best of October 2014

    A great event. I have all of you to thank for it. Where to begin? Shift 1 Showing up early enough to help set up Logistics and fully set up the Temple for viewing. Spending first shift in the Inn was a relaxing throwback. Sad I didn't get to play NPCs but still managed to duel wield when I found there were two spatulas. I was a sammich makin machine. Dealia's songs, and the sexualy charged banter we sharad that wandered through enticing to confusing to amusing and back around again in that order Hangin with my main man Chris behind the counter and makin all that cold hard coin. The inn has come such a long way from even the last time I worked there a year or so ago. Would work there again. Shift 2 All PC shifts are the best kind. Just seeing and interacting with as many other players as possible. Every one of you with whom I got the chance to RP even for a few moments really made putting that makeup on worth the while. Special thanks to GoST, Van'ya, Krod & Lori, Varaya, and everyone else who took the time to visit with me and talk at length. I enjoy talking with you all as Geoffredo more than you can imagine. Being able to perform Geoffredo's sermon Lesson of The Stranger, personal aside, and Commencement of the Harvest in front of such a large and attentive (enraptured, as some said) audience, and realizing for the first time that I'm actually pulling this off. Really, I'm just an actor putting on a show with this character. It's something I put a lot of thought and effort into. It made me so happy that some of my older friends finally came to see what is essentially a play I put on just for them. Sadly not everyone could make it or had characters with reasons to avoid it, but this I understand. There will be plenty more games to come. The not so red wedding. Another performance, this time with other actors. I was so glad to be the one to officiate the ceremony as my character and that it went absolutely swimmingly. I love my job as keeper of the temple. Seeing JC as Sidhan after long absence. Still not knowing anything about Elves, as I am a typical fantasy-world human guy. I pretty sure in-character he's some sort of Elvish Lord. Its difficult to tell. Shift 3 So many people (NPCs) seeking refuge in the temple. Handing out coin to all of them who needed it to help them on their way. Great RP from the NPCs. More awesome RP with Van'ya Krod and Lori and GoST Darkness worshiping butt-stabbers reaped my spark. I knew they were shady the moment they first arrived but, hey, what can you do. Still kicking myself. Always supposed to have grounding up for that reason. Poltergeist out of nowhere. Still not sure why, but damn it was awesome. Peeps being surprised to find out that blunting an old man in the chest still causes him to start dying. Oh, Geoffredo. You so frail. Also, Ritual! Blunting and throwing out some of the lynch mob with the help of others at the temple. Shift 4 GM shift went well. Heard lots of people were happy with general pacing and had a good time overall. Also heard there were problems. They are being addressed. Special thanks to Makeup. You guys rock. Making Pat Lane sad. Sending out a Sedusa Staying up till 5am in logistics chatting with Kat. Also Jamie, Chris, Rachel, Zach and Christina. Can't remember if anyone else was there. It's all kind of fuzzy. In general Great time at Good Gollies Every time someone walks into the temple for the first time since my shrine has been set up. Having all that stuff in my house makes me forget how sweet it looks all together. Sending out ALL the in-character letters. The compliments. So great to feel appreciated. Seeing all my friends again. You guys are the best kind of people.
  14. Harvest Festival 2014

    For ease of scheduling I would like to hold my lesson/service to the stranger immediately following this conference, also nearish to the center of town weather permitting. I would love to gather the whole of the town for this and to officially 'kick off' the festivities immediately following my speech. I will work with GoST to determine when and where the contest over the epic Coat-of-Plates will be held. Any interested parties keep your eyes and ears sharp and look to the members of GoST for details during the festival. Will probably try to do this after the fighters tourney. Just a thought.
  15. Temple Bulletin

    **OOC: A signboard is posted just outside the Temple's newest location (formerly the Pagoda/STQBazaar) just down the path from the Inn** {------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} Notice: The Merchants Bazaar has moved to the former temple location just down the path to the left (<--) at the edge of town which also houses the Templar's Barracks under the watch of Septon Veraya. This new Temple building continues to house the Shrine of The Seven, as well as the Shrine of The Dragon kept by the Lady Van'ya. Geoff~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ {--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} The Shrine of the Seven Schedule of Services: Lessons are conducted at Noon and Six convergences. If you are unable to attend but wish to hear a lesson, the temple can accommodate. Our door is always open. Lessons are to begin promptly after the re-sanctification of the Shrine In the Name of the Sept Calendar of Lessons: July: The Craftsman September: The Mother October: The Stranger November: The Scholar December: The Elemental April: The Elemental May: I will be on sabbatical - no lesson. June: The Soldier August: The Knight September: The Dragon October: Geometry, Magic & The Ley Lines November: Ascension Day Service of Remembrance & Lesson on The God Wars December: The Dark Lord & His Allies April: History of the Race of Man (NL) Other Services: The Temple's supplies of healing magics are available to any in need. Bring to the Temple any who are stricken with illness or who have fallen (so as they can not rise) if you do not possess the power to restore them. Remember that these resources belong to all of the town. Replenish the supply if you are able and please donate healing scrolls or potions when possible. The life you save may one day be your own. The Temple also provides alms to the poor and beds to weary travelers. Thus, our humble Temple graciously accepts any donation or tithing of coin, labour or magics from those more fortunate of the townsfolk. Our coffers depend upon your hard work and generosity. The Elder Septon of the Temple welcomes any who seek his counsel on life, the Sept or any other matter. Geoff~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------